Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 1

Pre-show, my favorite team is the Goth girls.

I don't think that I have been so excited to see The Amazing Race on TV since Season 8. I really thought that it would be canceled, and that I would miss out on all of the fun I have doing this column, and going to the TARflies lunch. Thank you, CBS.

Pre-show, my favorite team is the Goth girls. They both look so weird, but yet so cool at the same time.

I can't believe Christina thinks that her Dad doesn't have much time left and he isn't even 60. Don't Asians live a really long time, to like, 90 or something?

WAIT!!!!! I thought that Kynt and Vyxsin were both gay Goth girls. Well, I still like them, even if Kynt has to be a boy.

The goofy grandpa/grandson team looks like they will be fun to watch, too. I was hoping that the grandpa was going to push the grandson in the water, though, when they were joking around. That would have been really funny.

Nathan and Jennifer - BORING!!!! They always have a dating couple trying to solve their problems on the race. It is so boring already, and they have only been on my TV for a few seconds.

It is so freaky weird that ministers can get married, and then be ladies, too....That's like my Grandma Judy getting married to my Grandma Sandy.

Azaria and Hendekea look like they are going to fight a lot. I can just tell. My brother and I would kill each other if we ever raced together by ourselves.

Lorena and Jason are another boring couple.

Kate and Pat are married ministers? Oh, my God!!!! It is so freaky weird that ministers can get married, and then be ladies, too. This couple scares me. That's like my Grandma Judy getting married to my Grandma Sandy.

Ari sounds like a girl. I really hope that he is the first one out. Staella can stick around, though. This guy tells us that he is a b&*ch and proud of it. Please, electro-shock hair guy, get off my TV already.

Shana and Jennifer want to use their beauty to win. I think that they are right up there with the boring dating couples in the teams that I want out, first.

TK and Rachel look like they might be okay. Plus, I really like hippies.

I like how the grandson went really slowly getting out of the driveway. If I were another team, though, I would have just driven through the bushes or over the big lawn to get out and away from the castle.

Where are the Goth people???? I don't care about the other stupid dating couples making the first flight. Phil, show me some Goth already!!!

It is a good idea to make alliances early on in the race, because it is important to have as many friends as possible later on. I really like that the brother and sister are working with the father and daughter.

That wasn't nice when the electro-shock hair took the other team's taxi. They should really give penalties for stuff like that.

Jennifer needs to stop complaining about Nathan and just start running. If these guys can't even spend a few days together without fighting, how are they going to spend the rest of their lives together?

The Goths handled their chain breaking on their bike so well. They didn't throw it on the ground and start crying like some of the other teams might have. They just picked it up and kept going. More love for the Goths.

Why don't the teams just count out 15 blocks before they put them in the basket? Now, watch one of the teams get sent back because they don't have enough blocks.

I bet that donkey could tell Ari was a meanie. If I were that donkey, I would have kicked him into the water for telling me that he was going to eat me. 

Those donkeys look pretty small. If I were Nathan, I would have just picked mine up and started carrying it.

The Dad was funny when he said, "Not so bad for an old fart." Too bad his daughter thinks that his time is almost up, and she needs to spend as much time with him now as possible. My Mom was actually crying after the Dad said he was doing it for his daughter.

I'm so happy that my favorite team came in second place, even if Kynt ended up being a boy.

"In your face", spikey head boy. Maybe you should have been a little nicer to your donkey. Not that I really want to see any team eliminated, but if someone had to go, I'm glad that it was him.