Racer Reports

Elimination Report Dustin & Kandice

Dustin & Kandice met while rooming together at the Miss America pageant. Rivals at first, they quickly bonded and have been best friends ever since. That friendship was tested during The Amazing Race All-Star season and has survived. They earned the Runner's Up spot.

The Beauty Queens traveled through South America, Africa, Poland, Asia, Guam, Hawaii and then to their final destination in San Francisco. One of the episode titles was attributed to them, Episode 10: "Good Doing Business With You" - Dustin. Another one was about them, Episode 8: "With the Way You Look, Yeah" - A Local to Kandice.

They were one of two teams to race in Back-to-Back seasons, along with David & Mary from TAR 10.

Dustin & Kandice have become the most successful all female team in the history of the show, arriving at the Final Mat within minutes of the All-Star winners, Eric & Danielle. They were one of two teams to race in Back-to-Back seasons, along with David & Mary from TAR 10.

What was their strategy pre-Race?

  1. To accept help when given, but to run their own race.
  2. When they make mistakes, to not panic.
  3. To try to treat each other nicely.

They succeeded in running their own race. They partnered briefly with Rob and Amber, but were otherwise pretty independent. They came in 1st on 4 legs this season, and were usually near the front of the pack. They split the roadblocks evenly.

They did avoid panicking after mistakes, including one where they didn't read the clue. They also were able to complete tasks they had to do more than once, like the noodle making, without switching to another detour out of fear.

The one time that they didn't treat each other nicely was after the kayak challenge in the final leg. Kandice vented her frustrations on Dustin, and Dustin bit back tears and avoided lashing out. Kandice cheered Dustin on during the scary cliff diving Roadblock, which we didn't see, as Dustin conquered her fears. Overall, they were very supportive of each other.

Dustin is married and lives in Seattle, where she is a graduate student. Kandice recently got engaged and is a New Yorker who is going to graduate soon from NYU.