Bart's How-to Guide Episode 10

How to make a deal: Deals work best when both teams have a need that the other team can fill. Danny and Oswald have a need for money. Dustin and Kandice have money, and have a need not to be yielded. Danny and Oswald can use their yield. Both parties kept their word, the transaction occurred, and it met the needs of both teams. But then, Danny and Oswald kept on feeling guilt and remorse over having done a deal - while the Beauty Queens just accepted it as a part of the game and kept on racing. So, the real winners in the deal were Dustin and Kandice. Not only because they made a better deal, but also because they didn't let the deal affect their racing.

How to not make logical sense: Say things that don't make logical sense. Mirna claims that the use of the yield doesn't make logical sense, saying, "Why would you ever yield a team in the beginning of a leg knowing that they're not that far behind and they can catch up and pass you at any moment?" If another team was not that far behind, and is a strong enough team to pass you, wouldn't you try to use all tools at your disposal to try to gain as much of an advantage on them as you possibly could? Wouldn't using your yield be the most logical thing to do?

So, you've been walking around the race looking much older than your actual age due to your rapidly receding hairline.

How to get your show featured on "Best Week Ever": Set up a task that is oozing with sexual innuendo, but describe it to the teams as something that would have no innuendo at all - like making noodles. Make the teams have to flatten the dough by riding on a long wooden pole. Set up a situation where hot beauty queens will make comments like "Ride the pony." and "Bounce, bounce, bounce.", while having expressions on their faces that reinforce the vibe of sexual innuendo. That's how you get a clip from your reality show featured on "Best Week Ever."

How to finally make a realization: So, you've been walking around the race looking much older than your actual age due to your rapidly receding hairline. You are faced with a yield that stresses you out. Afterwards, you finally make a realization, saying, "The rest of my hair's going to fall out. I'm going to need double Propecia." Well, maybe you've been needing double Propecia for a while. But Propecia isn't offered for the treatment of hair loss in any strength other than regular strength. It is offered at five times the strength. Not for hair loss, but for the treatment of enlarged prostates. Other options for Eric include the Hair Club, or he could just shave his head.

How to finish last on this leg of "The Amazing Race": Get lost. After the task at the Macau tower, Danny and Oswald lost the leg by burning time at the detour. A detour which focused on their ability to find locations. A detour which emphasized a sudden, glaring weakness. When your task involves going from point A to point B, your cabbie takes you to point B, and then takes you to point A, and you are unable to reverse your route back to B to finish the task? You are not having a good direction day. Danny and Oswald have been known for their strong racing skills throughout the race but those skills failed them this time and caused them to become marked for elimination.