Bart's How-to Guide Episode 9

How to choose detour options N. O. W.: Do what you can only do where you are. Dustin and Kandice's explanation for why they chose the Kung Fu Fighting detour option - They are in Hong Kong, this may be their one chance to do some cool Kung Fu stuff, so they have to choose Kung Fu Fighting - sounds like it could have been lifted from Phil Keoghan's book, "No Opportunity Wasted". And in my mind, that's a very good thing. Dustin and Kandice are racing the race as I would like to think that I would race it - focusing on what they can control, having fun, taking full advantage of the Yield but not being personal or petty about it, and just generally being kick-ass. They would be worthy first-time female winners of The Amazing Race.

You don't need to go to China or to Hong Kong as a part of Travelocity's Most stunning! giveaway! ever!

How to increase your chances of surviving an accident: Wear your seat belt. Before going on Danny and Oswald's wild ride, they were strapped in to their vehicle via a five point harness used in racing cars. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration says nineteen lives would be saved every day if every vehicle occupant wore a seat belt. Seat Belts work by applying the force required to slow from the vehicle's former speed to the vehicle's new speed across a wide area over parts of the body that can take the force. Without wearing a seat belt, other parts of the car (like the windshield) would apply the same force on parts of the body not designed to take that force (like your forehead). Seat belt use is highest in the West (90%), and lowest in the Northeast (74%). Seat belts save lives.

How to experience Chinese New Year: You don't need to go to China or to Hong Kong as a part of Travelocity's Most stunning! giveaway! ever! Just Chinatown in New York City. TARCON6 took place on the eve of Chinese New Year - with DimSumCon taking place the day of Chinese New Year. (And if you don't know when that is, well, just look and see when the Empire State Building is Yellow and Red. DimSumCon is the traditional post-TARCON luncheon at Jing Fong restaurant in Chinatown, organized by the amazing pseudostudent. On Chinese New Year, they have large dragons that roam the restaurant, accompanied by drummers. For those dealing with a post-TARCON hangover, the constant BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM may not be the best cure. But for celebrating a traditional holiday, it is amazing.

How to come in last on the ninth episode of The Amazing Race: Get a bad flight out of Kuala Lumpur. Once again, flights were the only reason why teams ended up in the position that they did. Granted, the Beauty Queens outraced Charla and Mirna to end up in second, but most of the episode was determined in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Eric and Danielle will have to pray for favorable flight karma if they hope to stay in The Amazing Race.