Bart's How-to Guide Episode 8

How to re-create your own Amazing Yellow Line: Missing the Amazing Yellow Line? Recreate it yourself. The Great Circle Mapper is a tool at that allows you to create maps showing the path between any group of airports in the world. Need to show one team going from Krakow to Warsaw to Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, another team going Krakow to Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur, three other teams going Krakow to Paris to Kuala Lumpur? Not a problem.

How to find train and bus routes to the Batu Caves: Take advantage of the excellent internet resources provided by RapidKL, the mass transit system in Kuala Lumpur. This page shows the way to get from the Kuala Lumpur airport to KL Sentral Station, and from KL Sentral to Terminal Putra. This page shows the bus routes from Terminal Putra to Pinggiran - BT Caves. (It is easier to read this map by clicking on it, which launches the .pdf file of the map). Armed with this information, the teams could find a way to get to the Batu Caves from the KL airport - thanks to the internet.
Running the race in a location where folks know the racers can build publicity for the show in that country - but can also cause the race to be spoiled.

How to have a leg of the amazing race become spoiled: Run the race through a country that loves "The Amazing Race". The AXN network shows The Amazing Race in Malaysia - within a day of its being shown in North America. AXN also shows The Amazing Race around the world, including Budapest - HUNGARY! With the race running through Malaysia, it was easy for folks who know the racers to spot them. Over on Survivor Sucks, izad posted links to pictures of teams one , two, three, and four upon their arrival at the Batu Caves. These pictures were posted late on December 10th, 2006 - the evening of TARCON X. (Links to pictures of race events that have already occurred - there are no additional spoilers in the links). Running the race in a location where folks know the racers can build publicity for the show in that country - but can also cause the race to be spoiled. Caveat Emptor.

How to estimate the amount of time a large task will take: Estimate the amount of time each small step of the large task will take, and multiply by the number of times you have to do each small step, ending up with an estimate of what the large task will take. For example, let's say you wanted to estimate how long it will take two people, working independently, to search through 600 boxes of cookies. If each box of cookies have 20 cookies, and it takes about five seconds to bite in to each cookie, then you have 100 seconds worth of time to check all of the cookies in one box. Add an additional 20 seconds to open each box, and you have two minutes per box. If each person checks the same number of boxes, then the amount of time for one person to check all of the boxes is 600 minutes, or 10 hours. Maybe the teams could have done it faster, but armed with this rough estimate, it is obvious that the Batik detour option was the right choice.


How to dress like a Dirty Pirate Hooker: Wear a T-Shirt from the TARflies store on Spreadshirt. OK, so you really want to dress like a real pirate? There's a whole web site devoted to pirate costumes - This website even has a whole collection of Sexy Pirate costumes. Other websites offer pirate costumes like this female captain hook costume. Other places that offer pirate costumes for both men and women include and Armed with the right clothes you can be turning dirty pirate tricks in no time. Arrrrrrr!

How to finish last on the eighth episode of The Amazing Race: Miss your connection in Frankfurt. With the connection missed, there was no way Uchenna and Joyce could not finish last in this leg. They gambled with a short connection, and they lost. At least they already have a million dollars from their first victory to fall back on.