The Second Time Around

Tribefan: I know we've recently done an interview with Drew but I don't think we have ever done a talking interview with you Kevin.

Kevin: miri, please, please remind Tribefan that I was THE first interview.

Tribefan: Yes you were but wasn't it a written one?

miri: It was an e-mail one.

Kevin: Nonetheless, it was an interview.

miri: Oh, definitely.

Kevin: Let's not sell me short here.

Tribefan: Ok. Now, obviously, they talked about doing an All-Star race for a long time - or maybe it was the fans mostly talking about doing it. When did you get the feeling that this was really going to happen?

Kevin: We got our first call in July.

Drew: We actually thought before that that it would happen.

Kevin: There was all speculation. I mean, you know, you take yourself through the history of this whole All-Star speculation thing - the girl, "Watch with Kristen," has been reporting for years through her boyfriend, Reichen, that they have been talking to him about doing an All-Star. That's all bullshit. And, you know what? For what it's worth, none of it meant a hill of beans to me - all the innuendo and rumor - until we actually got the call from Lynn. That was it.

miri: Right, because it seemed like production - the impression we got is they were kind of reluctant to do an All-Stars so I think everyone was a little cynical about it happening.

Tribefan: And Phil, every time we mentioned it to him he would be like "Oh, no, no, have the new teams and all that."

Drew: As it turns out, it did suck, so he's right.


Tribefan: Well, I guess it's a matter of opinion but, yeah, the way it wound up for you guys did suck.

Drew: No, I think the whole season sucked. I think the first three episodes were just....the first two were a total and complete bore and...

Kevin: Hold on, hold on, you know, I think you are being a little strong here.

Drew: I'm not. Going forward...

Kevin: I'm not talking about going forward in violation of our CBS contract. We cannot discuss it.

Drew: In going forward it seems to me it doesn't get much better.

Kevin: Well, he doesn't know, and that has nothing to do here or there.

Drew: I do know because I spoke to the teams who were ahead of us.

miri: How about this Drew, at the end of the season you can come back and tell us your opinion of the whole season.

Drew: I will.

miri: So that way we are not violating any contracts or anything.

Kevin: Because everybody is dying to hear what Drew thinks.


Drew: So far, I think the first three episodes were a total and utter complete bore.

Kevin: You know what? I disagree.

Drew: Fine.

Kevin: But I will be a little more diplomatic in stating that in the first two episodes that we had in season one, we went from Central Park and Victoria Falls to a Safari in Zambia, not Namibia, Jackass, and then we ended up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Right? And in the first two episodes of the race, of the All-Star race, we went to a mountain in Ecuador where we clipped the horse's toenails and then we went to a mine in Chile where we put nuts on a big tractor wheel.

Ok, so, like any good politician, it took you 400 words to say what I said in 5 words.

Drew: Ok, so, like any good politician, it took you 400 words to say what I said in 5 words.


Kevin: I disagree that it sucked.

Drew: But it's the exact same thing I said. It's just that it took you 400 words to do it.

Kevin: No, you said it sucked because you are a Neanderthal who can't express himself properly.

Drew: No, I said...did I not add that it was an utter and complete bore?

Kevin: I don't know, your words were a little strong. I don't think it sucked, I think there was still a lot of good stuff there but, you know what? It wasn't the same. It was completely different.

Tribefan: Visually it obviously wasn't the same as it was your first season.

Kevin: You know what? I would have killed to have gone and done that white water rafting. I mean that looked awesome. Like the fact that we missed out on that. Well, you know.

Drew: How many times could you do white water rafting? I mean, you know?

Kevin: What do you mean "How many times?"

Drew: Come on, white water rafting - they've done it every season. It's gettin' old.

Kevin: They've done it every season? Ok. All right, next question. I can see Drew is going to be of little help in this interview.

Drew: They haven't done white water rafting just about every season?

Kevin: Listen, I don't know.

Tribefan: I don't think I've done a tally of white water rafting tasks.

Kevin: You always tell everybody you don't watch.

Drew: What do you mean I tell everyone I don't watch?

Kevin: When somebody asks you say "Ah, you know, I don't watch."

Drew: I don't, but I know what happens.

Kevin: OK, you are here to report that there was white water rafting. If someone comes and tells you every season "Hey, there was white water rafting, Drew", the streak continues.

Drew: No, they show it on the promo.

Kevin: I see. On the promos.

Drew: It's about the only thing they have to show on the promos.

Kevin: I got it. All right.

Tribefan: Makes for a good commercial, I guess. I don't know.

Kevin: Hey, I don't know.

Tribefan: As far as the fans were concerned, we never had any doubt that if they did do an All-Stars, that you two would be included. That was pretty much a given as far as we were concerned. You said that you felt pretty much the same way - pretty confident that they would ask you. Was there any doubt that you would agree to participate?

Drew: Oh no, there was no doubt that we were going to go at all.

Kevin: You know what, I'll address something that's been somewhat of a recurring theme, which is somehow related to Drew and his various ailments, that you know, that we should have allowed another team to go. Are they out of their fucking minds? There was no way - if we had to go on one leg each, we would have gone. There was no "let somebody else go."

Drew: Like we were going to back out and say "Why don't you take Jonathan and Victoria instead of us."

Kevin: They are so much more healthy than us and they are so much more in shape. I mean come on! People must be kidding themselves.

Tribefan: If you are using Jonathan and Victoria as an example, yeah.

Drew: Anybody. You know? Who are they going to use, Rob & Brennan who were a total bore on their season, our season also?

Kevin: The thing is people just keep saying "I wish they would have sat out and let somebody who could have been more competitive" or - I mean come on, who are we kidding here, you know?

miri: Who is going to turn down that opportunity?

Kevin: Exactly! It's ludicrous to even think that - I mean, you know. It's not "are you being selfish" or being, you know, you want to be considerate of the fans. It's just a matter of.....look, this is another opportunity to do this amazing thing and even if we only go one leg, it's still worth it. And you know, look at John Vito & Jill. Did anybody think that they were not healthy or that they were out of shape? No. They are both physical marvels. And yet they were the first team out. Should they have anticipated they were going to be the first team out and let someone else go who might have gone past that? Of course not.

Tribefan: No. You can't judge how that's all going to play out.

Kevin: Never, never.

miri: So much of it is luck so you can't anticipate that.

Drew: Exactly.

Tribefan: Touching on Drew's pre-existing injury, did you think going in that this would be a huge strain on you? I know you had the back surgery and you have the pain you are living with. Did you think that this was going to be a huge problem or did that fall and the other circumstances just make it unbearable.

Drew: Well, I never actually had back surgery. I had procedures done but it was not official back surgery. I thought my back would hamper us just a little bit...

Tribefan: Right.

Drew: ...but once I fell and got that altitude sickness and, you know, we had to wake up the next morning and just leave that pit stop with altitude sickness still in you, and it doesn't leave until you drive for about four hours south. Even then you're still at 10,000 or 8,000 feet above sea level. So, it never completely went away. I don't know why I was affected more than other people. I really don't, but it was really bad for me.

Tribefan: Not everybody is hit with it ever. Some people get it really badly and, obviously, you did.

Drew: Right.

miri: But you weren't the only one...

Drew: Ozzie had it, and for some reason they gave him an injection, and he said he felt like a million bucks. They didn't give me any injection. I don't know why, but I never got to question anyone on it. But they never gave me an injection. They let me puke all night and they gave me oxygen all night long. And I had a headache like, forget it. Like nobody's business, that felt like your head was in a vise.

miri: Do you think maybe it was because of the other medications you were on or something, they didn't give you a shot sounds weird.

Drew: Maybe. That's actually possible. That's entirely possible. You're right I went into the race on several medications so that might be - I actually never thought of that. That was actually very good.

Tribefan: There might have been, just been some concern that there would be some interaction. They either weren't sure or didn't want to take the chance.

miri: Yeah, they don't want to be responsible for you keeling over because of that.

Drew: Yeah.

Tribefan: You know, we're not just going to pick on Drew here. You know, Kevin, going into this, why didn't you learn to drive stick?

Kevin: You know what? Here's the thing. We said right from the outset of the first race that regardless of what the circumstance is, when it came to two things, Drew would always be the guy who does it.

Drew: Three things.

Kevin: Well, I'll tell you the two and then you can tell them the fake third one. The first one was eating. Drew eats like a gavone, and there has been no question - I have a fear of choking on food - to the point where I chew my food very deliberately and it takes me twice as long as anyone else to finish whatever it is they are eating. He was definitely going to eat. The second thing was driving. Drew drives very aggressively given his training in various law enforcement disciplines and so, therefore, he would always be the guy who would do the driving.

Drew: The third thing is pretty much anything in water or swimming.

Did it occur to me to drive a stick? Yes. I was actually going to go and learn with my wife who drove stick all her life but we just never got to it.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, he is a better swimmer than me, too. But, you know what though? Did it occur to me to drive a stick? Yes. I was actually going to go and learn with my wife who drove stick all her life but we just never got to it. But, it never occurred to me that it would be that big a problem.

Drew: I didn't think it would be a problem either, really.

Kevin: If you remember, in the first race too, all of us almost never drove. We all had people who drove for us.

Drew: Right.

Kevin: And, you know, you watch it as the seasons went on and, clearly, there was a lot more driving and things like that, but we even discussed it ahead of time. We said "you know, we are going to have to do a lot more driving", and Drew's not really - self-admittedly, he'll tell you he is not good with maps because he doesn't have the patience to sit there and look at it.

Drew: Right.

Kevin: And I'm more patient in that regard. I'll sit there and try to figure out where we are and where we were going.

Drew: Kevin can navigate much better than I can.

Kevin: It played to our strengths. Nothing would have changed that.

Tribefan: Ok, well, obviously you know each other well enough to know this is what you're good at, this is what he's good at.

Drew: Yeah, if I had only known to go faster, you know?


Tribefan: If only!

Drew: Yeah. I think we would still be racing now.

Tribefan: You probably would be. Because really, when you think about it, with all of the problems you were having and how poorly you were feeling, it came down to not driving fast enough.

Drew: We were right with the rest of the pack. We weren't behind, you know? And weren't very far behind the leaders that pulled into first place at that second pit stop. So, you know, we were right there in the thick of things.

miri: Ya'll did the bolt task pretty quickly, it looked like. I mean, comparatively. Ya'll may have all been there for hours, I don't know, but it looked like it went pretty well for you guys.

Drew: It did and it didn't. There was a lot of stuff they edited out. If your bolt got stuck, they could come over with the impact wrench. You know that "bzzzzzzzzz" thing? They could come over with that and help you out, but it always seemed that they were at Charla and Mirna's tire and not our tire. The guy was always around when Charla and Mirna needed him, but he wasn't around when we needed him.

Kevin: The way they set it up, and I think now, hindsight obviously is 20/20, but, the fact that there was only one guy there.....there was one foreman who was giving everybody their clues, and, you know, they had all these tractors around. But where people went and did their thing, it wasn't like we were all lined up one after the other. There was a tractor here, and right directly across from us were Teri & Ian doing their tractor, and on the other side of our tractor was Beauty Queens and Charla and Mirna. And, so, this one guy had to keep running back and forth with the gun every time, so we'd be, everybody would be yelling "Hefe! Hefe! Hefe!". And, like, the guy was doing the gun over there. If he was all the way over at the Beauty Queens, and he would hit Charla and Mirna, and then came Drew, and then do a Teri and Ian, and then go back again. So, it was frustrating to actually get all the nuts on there. Everybody was in the same boat with that one. And everybody had the same complaints, you know? It was like "I couldn't get the guy to come over." It was really difficult to get the guy to come over. Everybody had the same complaints. In retrospect, what we should have done...

Drew: The tractor, yeah.

Kevin: ...was do the friggen tractor. Of course it's the only vehicle that's automatic on the whole damn show!

Tribefan: So you assumed it would be a stick shift?

Drew: We were worried.

Kevin: There was like a hundred levers and pedals and those things. I mean, who the hell would have known that all you had to do was get in it, put it in gear, go and hit the lever for the thing to go down. Who would have thought it?


Tribefan: That's true. I would expect it to be manual transmission on a construction vehicle.

Drew: Right. And a lotta, lotta levers and things like that. There weren't. It was a simple backhoe. That's it.

Tribefan: Oh well, live and learn.

Drew: Yeah.

Tribefan: At the beginning of the race, to backtrack a little bit, when you started the race and you are at the starting line, when you look around, were there teams that you were surprised weren't there? We all talk about the casting a lot, and we were wondering if you were surprised at maybe the omission of some teams.

Drew: You know what, when they cast this show they just couldn't say, "Ok, we're going to take them because they were the funniest and take them because they were funny, we're going to take them because they are pretty, them because they are pretty" - they had to take into account how each team would interact with all the other teams. So, it's not like they said "Ok, we'll take Jon and Kris because they are both good looking and they are nice people." They can't just say that because, OK, what would the interaction be like with Jon and Kris vs. so and so. Also, is there going to be any drama there? So they had to pick people where they would anticipate a lot of drama within teams.

miri: You need a balance of different personality types.

Drew: Right. They couldn't just think "Who was pretty? Who was funny?" and go like that.

Tribefan: I know when we run down our favorite teams, I know when I did my own list, most of my top teams were all men. We knew they wouldn't use my list because it was all boys!

Drew: You know who I was surprised that was there, were Dave and Mary. I love the two of them. I was very surprised to see them there though because, you know, they had just gotten off.

Kevin: Right, to have two teams off the one that just got off, I thought, good or bad, it was a surprise. There were other teams that we would have expected to see, but at the end of the day, there are only 11 spots. And so, you can't have everybody. I think there is a lot of other teams that people would have loved to have seen. I think people would have loved to have seen Al and Jon. I know people would have loved to have seen Kenny and Gerard. Kris and Jon is a team we already talked about. I don't know how, but Colin has somehow become, as much as people hated him, they want him back on. But, you know, I mean there is a...

Drew: I think Colin wanted himself back on so badly - supposedly he made a demand of $50,000 or something.

Tribefan: Oh, wow!

Kevin: I mean at the end of the day, regardless of whether he did or he didn't, his wife or his girlfriend or fiancé, whatever she is, is pregnant, right?

Tribefan & miri: Yes.

Kevin: So, I mean, you know, they couldn't do it.

Tribefan: I had heard that they were talking to other people about more hybrid teams. You know, they have Eric and Danielle, and everybody is kind of like, "huh?" But, from what I hear, they were talking to other people about doing the same thing so, perhaps they considered the same thing with Colin. I don't know.

Kevin: I don't know.

You know the Danielle thing also threw me for a loop. I didn’t quite get that because Eric is kind of like Brennan, he doesn’t say much at all.

Drew: You know the Danielle thing also threw me for a loop. I didn't quite get that because Eric is kind of like Brennan, he doesn't say much at all.


Drew: And Danielle, to be honest with you, I missed pretty much their whole season, I don't know how long Danielle and Dani lasted...

Tribefan: Not very long, they were out like 3rd or 4th.

Drew: OK, so, I was shocked at that selection and mixing the two of them together.

Tribefan: I think that a lot of people would agree.


Kevin: Of course we're here talking about it and they're still running the race.

Tribefan: Yeah, I know. We can still say what we think though.

Drew: Yeah.


Tribefan: People were commenting on the size of your backpacks compared to some other teams. But there's a video on where Uchenna kind of decided that Drew's pack wasn't heavier than his own but it just looked bigger, so I think everybody looked and said, "My god, look at the size of those backpacks, no wonder you can't run."

Drew: Yeah, you know what, they did look bigger, and they were, I think, in line with Uchenna's and Joyce's but he's in much, much better shape than I am. And let me tell you, even if it's 25 pounds, when you're trying to put it on your back and run at the same time, which is exactly what happened when Charla passed me, not like the backpack was completely on, and I was fumbling with it to try and get it on. So, I slowed down to basically a crawl, and of course Charla passed me. So, I said I'm gonna never ever, ever, ever, ever going to be able to live that down at my job.

Kevin: Listen, don't start any more controversy. Another soliloquy.

miri: So, you guys saw that extra footage, huh? [Editor's note: there's extra footage on the CBS site in which Charla and Mirna say that they were offended by Drew's comments that he was embarrassed that Charla out ran him.]

Kevin: Yeah, that was kind of silly.

Tribefan & miri: Yeah

Kevin: There was obviously, there was nothing at all wrong with.....I mean, she even made a big deal of beating Drew, so, you know, I was really.....I thought that was a little much. But, you know what, see, they were in the hot sun for 6 hours, I think, when they did that one (interview) because we had the big blow up about all the speeding that went on and the reckless driving, so everybody had to sit out there and wait until we were done until they officially told us, OK, regardless of what occurred and what time penalties and everything else, that we were out. But, so, maybe that's what got to her and all of a sudden it was a big deal. It didn't seem to be a big deal at the time, and I don't see why it's a big deal. Um, the fact that every time they get on a plane and Mirna points at her and says "doctoro, doctoro," I have more of a problem with that than Drew saying you know what, I'm a 200 lb. 6' guy who is a court officer and got beat out by a little person in a foot race. He should be getting shit all day about that. And you know what, there's nothing wrong in saying it. And it was funny. And you know what...and I don't know why she took such offense to it.

Tribefan: Well, she said that you guys came up to them and said that I'm going to take such crap at work over this and obviously, you mentioned it being funny and was it said with humor?

Drew: I mean, how did she get offended? I must be missing something.

Kevin: There was like a 5 minute thing on the extra footage about how she thought it was, um...

Tribefan: It was disrespectful.

Kevin: It was disrespectful and inappropriate for you to say that and why it was such a big deal - that you told, I forgot who you told, I don't know if you told me or telling someone else how you had said that you were gonna get a lot of shit from the guys at work about that.

Drew: Oh, and she thought that was disrespectful?

Tribefan: Because of how it makes them feel. That's what she said. "How does that make us feel?" It's like......she's a drama queen.

Drew: I'm surprised. Did that come from Charla's mouth or from Mirna's mouth?

Tribefan: Both of them.

Drew: I would imagine it coming from Mirna's mouth but Charla, even when it happened, Charla looked like she was laughing about the whole thing, you know? Almost like she knows that I would get shit when I got home.

Tribefan: I know in the first episode she seemed surprised that she beat you. You know, it's probably the first time she ever beat anybody.

Drew: Right.

Tribefan: After leg one, you get to the mat and you're not eliminated. There is some extra footage, in the Mat Chat stuff that they always put online, where Drew, you said something along the lines of "I shouldn't have even been here." Was that just the pain talking at that point, that you're just miserable?

Drew: Yeah, I was in total pain, total misery, my mouth was dry, I could barely swallow. They didn't tell the viewing audience that that's the driest place in the world bar none, even the Sahara Desert. They get .077mm of rain a year. So, on top of everything that was bothering me, we had to be driving 4-4½ hours in the driest place in the world. So, I was just fed up with everything. I was fed up about, you know, the way the penalties were and were not administered. You know? So I just said I just shouldn't have been here at all.

Tribefan: Let's talk about the penalties. You mentioned in passing a couple of minutes ago that it was more than speeding, that there was reckless driving involved. What was going on besides what you perceived to be speeding?

Kevin: I'll tell you. In that last scene where we pulled out in front of Mirna & Schmirna and Dave & Mary, in that last sort of run, and she was saying "oh, you're driving like a girl" - whatever, you know, just her normal nonsense - the road we were on was a double yellow line and there was a stop sign probably about half a mile up, and when they went - I don't even know, you can rewind it and see - but when David and Mary went and passed us, he did that and went straight through a stop sign.

Drew: The beauty queens did. The beauty queens did. Remember how they blew through that stop sign?

Kevin: I thought it was Dave and Mary right at the end there.

Drew: It was the beauty queens.

Kevin: Whoever it was, there were 2 teams that passed us. Maybe it was Teri and Ian and the beauty queens, but either way, they went on the other side of a double yellow line and they went through a stop sign all in the same motion, and while they were going past us at more than 40 km. So, we were still under the impression that it was 40 km and then we were like, well, wait a minute, what about the going through the stop sign and the double yellow line? You know, where is this whole thing about the reckless driving - the lasso around, or the curbing of the reckless driving that contributed to Brian and Greg turning their jeep over? Where is all the.....everybody kept yelling about and screaming at us for speeding and telling us that we were going to get a time penalty. You know, it was just, I think it was just a little over done, and we should have just figured that, well, you know what? If everybody else is going to do it, well, then we'll all have time penalties together. It's just a matter of beating everybody else to the mat. But, you know what? It is what it is.
A producer, who shall remain nameless, had the balls to tell me, when I complained about it, he had the balls to tell me, “Oh, well, sometimes speeding and reckless driving makes for good television.”

Drew: A producer, who shall remain nameless, had the balls to tell me, when I complained about it, he had the balls to tell me, "Oh, well, sometimes speeding and reckless driving makes for good television."

Tribefan: That's not good. Especially when you're yelling at other teams about speeding.

miri: It seems like, you guys were on the very first season where production was learning how to make this and you'd never seen the race before...

Tribefan: Everybody's learning on the job that first season

Drew: Oh, yeah.

miri: Was it really different feeling this time, the feeling you got from production and how they went about, you know, doing their jobs, very different?

Drew: They were very different.

Kevin: It's much, much different. First of all, the guy, the executive producer who is in charge of the field production, he didn't do the first one. So, we didn't even know him. The guy who did the first one's name is Brady Connell and the guy who's doing it now has done it for the last 10 seasons now. His name is Screech Washington, and we didn't know him, and he didn't know us, and I don't know if that had anything to do with it. The Guidos got along just fine with him, but I guess we just didn't hit it off and it always seemed that he was yelling at us. Whether it be...

Drew: He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Kevin: I don't know if one thing had anything to do with the other, to be honest with you but, I mean, we don't want to sound like sour grapes, you know? It is what it is. We lost and that's it, but it just seemed like there was a lot of....that we were always getting yelled at by this guy. You know, like I said, Bill and Joe seemed to do just fine with him, but, I don't know, maybe he just doesn't like bald guys.

miri: Maybe it was just a basic personality conflict. That happens sometimes.

Kevin: Who knows, but it had nothing to do with why we were eliminated. It had nothing at all to do with it.

Tribefan: We were just wondering, considering the first time that you guys went out, nobody really knew what they were doing and now they're old pros at we just wondered if even just the feeling you were getting, not even the individuals, but the whole sense of it was different?

Drew: Oh, yeah, they have everything down pat now, you know? It's odd because it would seem everything should go much more smoothly, yet I didn't get the feeling that anything did go much more smoothly. When we got to that stupid copper mine there were - they had asked for our foot size, and our head size and our jacket size and all that way before the race, and obviously that meant they were going to be providing us with some type of clothing along the way. Well, the type of clothing was the boots and the safety gear for the copper mine. Why we needed it, I don't even know because all we did was drive to the copper mine, looked at it, and then drove away like Chevy Chase did in Vacation.

Tribefan: Oh yeah, when they go see the Grand Canyon?

Drew: Yeah, that's what we did. That's exactly what we did.

Drew: But nobody had the right boots, everybody was grabbing any boots they could. My boots were, like, 3 sizes too big. No matter what I did, I couldn't run in them, I couldn't do anything in them. That's why I was yelling at Kevin that I had to put my own boots on to drive the truck because I couldn't even drive with their boots on. And nobody had the right helmet; nobody had the right this...

Kevin: That was really disorganized. In fact, we were in first place going into that little set up there.

Drew: Right.

Kevin: We had to put everything on and...

Drew: Then we wind up in the last van.

Kevin: You know what? It was a mad house. You got there and everyone's running around grabbing shit and just throwing it on and you had to wait for your camera team to get their stuff on and it was really disorganized. It gave other people a chance to move around so that was just bad luck. I mean everybody had the same problem.

Tribefan: And in the end, you really didn't need that equipment.

Kevin: Right.

Drew: You can thank Screech for that.

Tribefan: [laughs] OK. The penalty that you mentioned - they didn't show it on air, but the penalty that you got at the beginning of the second leg - we were wondering, first of all....we didn't quite get what even happened...

Drew: No, they never told you guys.

Tribefan: No. I guess they thought it didn't make good TV. I don't know. But why would they apply that at the beginning of the next leg? It's good that they did because it kept you in another leg, but why wouldn't they apply that at the end of the first leg?

Drew: No clue. No clue. I don't know.

Tribefan: Yeah, like I said, I'm sure penalties happen all the time that we don't see because maybe they don't add anything to the story, but I think that you mentioned, in one of your interviews, that this actually did play a role because it got you out so much later then you would have gone otherwise.

Kevin: Yeah, I mean, you know what? I guess - I don't know how to explain it. You see, in my mind we should have just been able to go, "OK, John Vito and Jill, you guys have been eliminated, could we have the keys to your truck?" and then just jump in their truck. But they told us that we had to go down and make a good solid attempt to get the car going, which we knew it wouldn't. They had somebody, as a matter of fact, if you go back and you look at where our car is positioned, right, it's in the same position. Well, you'll see there are 2 really deep tire marks going toward the front of our car. They brought in a tow truck at night and lifted the car up to see if it would go, decided that it wouldn't go, put it back down, it sunk into the mud and it froze. So, there was no way that we were going to get that out.

Tribefan: They already knew that that car wasn't going anywhere.

Kevin: They knew, yeah, you're right. They knew that even if we did get it out, that it wasn't going anywhere because the front end was just destroyed. And so, they were sort of giving us - they didn't, I mean, not yelling at us again - but they were telling us, like, "Guys, did it ever occur to you to get out and change the tire?" No, because we didn't want to be eliminated. "Well, you probably destroyed the car." Our reaction was oh, geez, what a shame. What a shame, who cares? That is a fraction of a percent of the money that CBS is paying you to put this on the air.

Tribefan: And your job is to get to the pit stop.

Kevin: Exactly. So, we were like yeah, you know, whatever. And so, we went down there, what would you say Drew? 15-20 minutes we tried getting the car out?

Drew: Yeah, roughly.

Kevin: You saw me get into the car, I give my shot at trying to rock it out, Drew tried to rock it out, we both tried pushing it out. It just wouldn't go.

Drew: It just went further down into the ground.

Kevin: We put the sign underneath the tires to see if that would go, we went nowhere with it. So, it was just one of those things. So, they said , and I don't know where this magic formula came from, but they said, "OK, now you're done. Now you have to wait 15 minutes for the production vehicle to get here."

Drew: Meanwhile, it was parked right there.

Tribefan: Right, it was John Vito and Jill's former vehicle.

Kevin: Yeah, and you can see it off camera. You can see it right there. I don't know if in the episode if you can see it sitting there, but definitely when they gave the additional clue, you can see it right over our shoulder. That was the car we took. So, it was sitting right there. So, someone came up with this brilliant idea that we had to wait 15 minutes.

Tribefan: Did it feel like they made it up on the fly?

Kevin: You know, I don't know. I'm sure somebody talked about it and they decided that was going to be our punishment. So, that put us another half an hour behind everybody. It had absolutely no bearing on the outcome because we still got on the same flight as everybody else. If we would have gotten there half an hour earlier, it would have made no difference. We would have still been on the same flight, so it really had no bearing. And that's probably why, at the end of the day, they didn't put it in because it had no bearing.

Tribefan: It had no bearing and probably didn't add much drama.

Kevin: No, just frustration, that's all.

Tribefan: Right. And they've shared some of that with us on the extra videos, so we did see some of that.

Kevin: Yeah, I don't know if it makes sense, but, whatever.

Tribefan: You guys weren't on long but you provided some laughs - Kevin flying through the air after you towed the other vehicle out....

Kevin: Yeah, I look pretty agile there.

Tribefan: Yeah, when they showed it in slow motion, I think when you were on the Finish Line, I was just laughing.

Drew: I've never seen him jump so high and so far to avoid landing in that mud puddle.

Tribefan: That was funny. That was good and another favorite, in the first episode when Drew said Peru was nice and...

Drew: I don't know what I was thinking.

Tribefan: It was so classic Kevin and Drew, we're like, is this a set up or does Drew really not know where he is?

Kevin: He was already thinking of where we were going next, I think at that point.

Drew: Yeah.

But, you know, I wish I would have just thrown in “jackass” for old times sake.

Kevin: But, you know, I wish I would have just thrown in "jackass" for old times sake.

Drew: You know what was funny? I actually have a frat buddy of mine that I play poker with and his name is Paulie Peru. I don't know if I was thinking of that at the time, I don't know what I was thinking.

Tribefan: They are in the same general vicinity. But, you did provide some laughs and I would just like to think that if you stayed in a little longer and maybe had a chance to feel better, you would have added more humor to the show, ‘cause that's what we were really looking forward to.

Drew: Yeah, nobody wishes more than me that I would have felt better. Nobody, believe me.

Tribefan: Oh, I'm sure. To get this, as you said in the pre-race interview, you know, to have an opportunity of a life time twice and to not really be able to enjoy it. Did you come out of it enjoying any part of it, considering how you felt?

Drew: You know what? I got to see two new places in the world that I haven't been to. I'd never been to that continent. So, that's another plus. And, uh, that's great. A little after, soon after the race, very soon after, I wasn't happy at all that I was a part of it but, you know, now I am. I'm glad we were there and we saw what we did see.

Tribefan: That's good. That's good. You did show some competitive fire in the shot of you taking David and Mary's bags out of the 1st class. That was good. They made a big drama about it but I think...

Drew: And then we were like best friends, like 5 minutes later.

Tribefan: Right. Well, it's funny, though, because I don't know if you - you probably didn't, because it was on during the day - but when David and Mary were on the Finish Line yesterday, they said that when they were eliminated and headed to meet you guys at Sequesterville, Mary said she was afraid of you.

Drew: Really?

Tribefan: Yeah, she said that she was afraid of you and once she got there and you hugged her and everything, everything was fine.

Drew: I didn't watch that, yet. I'll have to watch that.

Tribefan: Yeah, I think it's on there now but, yeah, she said she was afraid of you. So, we wondered if maybe you didn't make amends until you were at the "Elimination Station."

Drew: No, I did, we did. I talked to her like right after. We did.

Tribefan: It was an odd thing for her to say, I don't know.

Drew: Why is everybody afraid of me? Nobody at my job, none of the murderers are afraid of me.

Kevin: I don't think it's everybody, I think it's just Bill & Joe and Mary. I wouldn't get crazy about it.

Drew: Yeah.

Tribefan: Don't let it go to your head now. Speaking of Bill & Joe, I mean, they were the only other team from your season, and we didn't see any interaction, really, on the show between the two of you, but was there any kinship because you've been through this together before?

Drew: I mean, we got along with them great, we just weren't racing in the same group as them in the final round. They were always a bit ahead of us. They didn't get a chance to interact with us.

Tribefan: That's too bad, because that could've been interesting.

Drew: We talked at the pit stop and everything. They were concerned about my injury and stuff like that.

Tribefan: We saw a bit of a video of Rob & Amber and Danny & Oswald when they were at that airport by themselves, and they were sitting and chatting about your injuries. Apparently, everybody was concerned about you.

Drew: Is that on the computer, too?

Tribefan: Yeah, it is. So, clearly, everyone was concerned for you.

Kevin: Yeah, everyone's concerned for him; I wanted to kick him in the nuts.

Tribefan: Well, he needs someone to keep him grounded, I suppose. During that roadblock at that copper mine company, the editors made it look like you were eavesdropping on Mary, and David makes a comment that you're eavesdropping. What was going on there? There wasn't really eavesdropping going on there, was there?

Kevin: No, no, you know, first of all, the way it appeared, it sounded a little bit like she got there and yelled it out. She really didn't yell it out. It was pretty quiet, and you go up to that guy and just show him the thing. The fact that she was the only one that actually said what she was doing, hey listen, that's just her mistake. But, I was right behind her and you can go back and actually look at this in the episode, but you'll see I got to a point - and turns out I was way off - but at that point I didn't care. The letters, all the letters that were going around there, the only word that I could spell was Sorana and Sorana is mountain in Spanish. And so I'm figuring, and I'm trying to think of what mountain is around there, and I look and you see all those pictures on the wall, and of course what I don't know is that those aren't pictures of mountains. Those are pictures of mines or where mines are at. So, what I did was, I went and started going down the wall and she started at the other end and she got to that Chuquicamata before I did. And so, when I was standing behind her I hear something at the end of what she tells the other guy, "mata." Ok, now let me go back and find this mountain or whatever because I saw that she was doing the same thing; that she was on the wall as well. But, you know what I mean. I would have gotten it eventually. Did she help me get out of there quicker? Absolutely.

miri: And you would have been stupid not to be trying to listen to what she was saying!

Kevin: Exactly, she came out and she told, what's her name, Charla. Charla's asking me, did she get it, did she get it, did she get it? Like all of a sudden I have to be the referee and tell her what's going on. I said, "Yeah, she got it."

Tribefan: We thought it was silly because, seriously, even if she did yell it out, you know, then shut your mouth! If you don't want people to know what you are doing, shut your mouth.

Kevin: Who the hell knows what's on her mind. Yeah, nonetheless, that was sounds like she yelled, but she really didn't yell it out. I mean, she got to the guy, and she, I think that she was sort of whispering it to him. I was far back, you know, you're not gonna really hear, except for the fact that it was just so quiet there. It really was. Everybody was standing in the hallway there. I kept running past Drew, and every time I ran past him he was like "Kev, come on, come on" as if we were fooling around and not really taking the whole thing serious.

Tribefan: It was funny how some people just didn't get it at all. You would think that you would notice people looking at walls and writing words down.

Kevin: You know, my thought about that is that, if the clue...I mean everybody immediately thought the same thing, that.....

Drew: Everyone thought that the place was going to be closed.

Kevin: Everybody thought the same thing; that the letters would add up to something. And they just never did. They didn't add up to anything. It was like, yeah, there's a Q there so therefore you can assume that because there's only one place that there's a Q on the wall. For me, I was thinking more logically or on the lines of, you know what, this is sort of like the Jumble that I'm supposed to go and I'm supposed to figure out that there's a message here. And that's why everybody was so careful about picking up all the letters; on the cuffs, on the hankies, the ties, on the pads. I mean, everything was engraved, and you know, you probably would have gotten 20 of the 26 letters and some over and over again.

Drew: And nobody even knows that it was like 98° in there, right?

Kevin: Oh, it was brutally hot.

miri: How many hours had you guys been awake by then, because this is still all that one day, right?

Kevin: Yeah, we were going on 24 hours, I guess, at that point. Because we went, no, you know what, hold on, let me think. When we left, it was the morning and we got to the airport, we flew to Chile, we got the first thing out of Chile was... So I would say that's probably 14, 16 hours after.

miri: Wow.

Kevin: From there we went to the Calama airport and we sat there until the sun came up. And then we got on the plane and we flew that for a couple of, I don't know if that was an hour or two hours. We got off the plane and went to the coal mine, and then we did the stupid coal mine, and then everybody made the run for, that was a long leg,

Drew: I don't even remember a coal mine.

Kevin: That's the thing where we got dressed up. It's not really the coal mine, I'm sorry, it's just The Mine where we went and stood around.

Drew: Oh, oh.

Kevin: So, yeah, that was a long time. I remember that day was Thanksgiving, the day that we were eliminated. That was Thanksgiving Day because everybody - had we made it to the finish line and not been last, we would have had Thanksgiving dinner with everybody else, with all the cast and crew.

Tribefan: Oh, really?

Kevin: Yeah, they had a little Thanksgiving dinner. But it got seriously delayed because we were there talking to the producers. I mean, they had people on satellite phone back in LA trying to sort this out and, um, everybody, I guess eventually got their Thanksgiving.

Tribefan: They just want their damn turkey!

miri: It's just like a regular Thanksgiving at home. Everybody sitting around waiting for the darn turkey to be ready.

Kevin: Exactly.

Tribefan: Although there usually aren't penalties involved.

Kevin: Right. No penalties, no eliminations, and just straight up.

Tribefan: You got a second shot at this great adventure, and you guys have this long standing relationship. Did this enhance your relationship any further, or was it just a great chance to hang out together now that you're both married?

Kevin: It was a great chance.

Drew: For me and Kevin to be me and Kevin on our own, you know, have a little fun. You know, what could we do to enhance our relationship? Maybe go to the movies together, I don't know.

Kevin: Yeah, that will be another time, I'm sure.

Tribefan: Maybe down the road a bit. Was there anything that actually happened on the race that didn't make it to air that you wish we could have seen?

Kevin: I finally figured it out, remember I was telling you Drew, that we were sitting there in, uh, oh no, I did tell you. There was something, I don't know that I wish you would have seen it but when we left Pim's Restaurant, right?

Tribefan & miri: Right.

Kevin: They gave you the impression that you had to go and find a car then you had to....well, the way that we went and found the car was that the clue leaving Pim's Restaurant was that we had to go down, into like, the center of town during morning rush hour. And, we had to find a woman who sits in like a little, little outside booth, like a little stand there? And you have to make a phone call from the phones; you know how they charge people to use the phones. And, the message telling you how to get to that garage was in Spanish. So, you had to convert the Spanish to English and then figure out how to get to, you know, where the car was. It wasn't just here's a clue, go to this garage and get your car. We all took taxis out of Pim's and went down, got the Spanish message and figured it out, translated it, and then had to walk around. We walked around looking for that garage, I forget why, because there were....I don't know, at any rate, that's what we had to do. We were there with David and Mary again and he beat us to the one car. But, yeah, that was one thing that you didn't see on TV.

miri: And that's what we've been complaining for years that we want more clues and not more spoon-fed type things, that sounds like it's perfect.

Tribefan: Yeah, it's like go here, go there. In fact, they made you figure it out.

Kevin: Yeah, they did.

Tribefan: So, we were wondering - someone had asked us to ask you - if your appearance in All-Stars and your inclusion in All-Stars, if it had any effect on your relationship with maybe teams who weren't selected? You know, there were some people that were not happy.

Kevin: You know what, I was sad that Emily and Nancy didn't get to go. That was...

Drew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. You know, that would have been great. No, no effect on any relationship. I mean, you know, I had a lot of fun with some of the other teams because they acted like a bunch of knuckleheads. They didn't go and they should have gone. How can they do it without, I mean, come know, that's ridiculous.
They could have done that show without anyone, including Kevin and I.

Drew: They could have done that show without anyone, including Kevin and I. So.....

Tribefan: Well, we had always felt, I know for me, I had always felt that if there was one team for sure that they would have included it would have been you two.

Drew: I thought so too but, nonetheless, nobody is indispensable. You know?

Tribefan: Right. But, I think that you're also in a good position where I don't think anyone begrudges you guys being selected because you were popular and you are the originals and all that. But there are some teams I'm sure that they would feel less favorable towards.

Drew: Well, some teams might have felt sore just because, you know, their background. You know, male/female, you know what I'm saying? There are so many things that come into play when chosen as a team, that they could have been eliminated because one part of their team was a female instead of a male.

miri: Right - that they had too many guys or too many couple teams. It plus it's hard because both of the teammates have to be willing and able to do it and able to work out with work and family and all that stuff. So it can be complicated.

Drew: Some teams actually couldn't go, so.

Kevin: Eh.

Tribefan: Eh, who needs ‘em?

Kevin: Easy come, easy go.

Tribefan: That is true. So, how is the lovely Rose, someone wanted to know.

Drew: She's doing excellent.

Tribefan: That's good.

Drew: She took care of me as a patient.

Drew: She's doing great. Thank you. Whoever asked, thank you.

Tribefan: And, well this is Shari's first time around with you as a big TV star, Kevin,'s she doing?

Kevin: She loves it. She got her little cameo there in the first episode.

Kevin: Her and Rose.

Drew: That's right.

Kevin: Had that short little cameo. That was great. We had a roomful of people here when actually it was really funny. They're going through all the introductions and all the crap and didn't get nothing. Everybody was sitting there watching intently, and as soon as they showed us walking out of the house with Shari, the whole house like went "yeaaaahhhhh." I'm like, wait a minute, where was the yay for Kevin & Drew? We're the ones who actually did it.

Drew: Did you even remember that we filmed that here at my house? I didn't even remember that.

Kevin: Yes, of course.

Drew: I didn't even remember that.

Kevin: Well, you're an idiot.

Tribefan: Does your house have a stoop? I didn't notice.

Kevin: No, he doesn't have a stoop.

Drew: My house does not have a stoop.

Tribefan: Doesn't have a stoop, OK. We enjoyed the stoop debate as well.

Kevin: In fact, it might even be worth while for me to drive up to Staten Island and take a picture of what's in front his parents' house...

Tribefan: That would settle it once and for all.

Kevin: ...because it really is not a stoop at all.

Drew: Oh, alright.


Drew: Move along


Tribefan: No, we are not getting back into The Great Stoop Debate! Since we know you are not big on preparation for things, Kevin, are you doing anything to prepare for these little babies that are coming?


Kevin: Yes, we will be very well prepared. In fact, in a move that's again playing to one's strengths and weaknesses, my wife is in charge of getting everything ready. So, the babies' room is moving along. We are buying the cribs, we are buying the furniture, everything is moving right along.

Tribefan: It's a good thing you've got Shari then, because we couldn't leave this to you, obviously.

Kevin: Well, you know, I couldn't say that I have any experience with this, so that's one thing where I couldn't say "it worked for me in the past not to do anything when I was expecting kids."

Tribefan: That is true!

Kevin: We're actually thrilled and so excited.

Tribefan: We're excited for you. When I heard triplets, I was like "you gotta be kidding!"

Kevin: Very, very exciting.

miri: This is kind of a personal question, we don't have to put it in or you don't have to answer or whatever, but do multiples run in Shari's family?

Kevin: Uh, multiples, they run in both our families now! Now they do. I don't even know what kind of statistics there are about multiple births, how many are twins, how many are triplets, how many are quads. Our doctor, in the 20 years that she has been practicing, has delivered four sets of quads and delivered "lots and lots of triplets," but she then went on to say that it's only about 4 or 5 a year. So, that's maybe a hundred sets of triplets in a 20 year career.

Drew: That sounds like enough.


Tribefan: I would think most OBGYN's don't see that in their whole career.

Kevin: So I don't know if that makes it a lot or, you know, she said "twins - forget about it," she always has twins coming.


Tribefan: She certainly specializes in multiple births.

Kevin: I guess so. It's a rare thing and we're blessed. It's an awesome, awesome thing and I can't wait for the three kids to get here.

Tribefan: I hope you have a lot of help lined up.

Kevin: It's so funny, everybody keeps saying that. My dad lives here in the house with us, so that's pretty good. And my in-laws just bought a house about 15 minutes away from us, so they'll be here. Our neighbors are fantastic, so they all keep saying they can't wait to help, and we have like three or four teenage girls in our cul du sac and they are ready to baby-sit. It's really great.

Tribefan: You have a great support system.

Kevin: I do indeed.

miri: I remember reading years ago when you guys were first on the race and interviewed afterwards that Drew had said that you, Kevin, were not allowed in his house because he likes to keep things nice and neat and clean. So, I want to know, are the kids going to be allowed into his house?

Kevin: You know what?

Drew: HELL NO!


Kevin: Let me explain to you...

Drew: If Kevin takes the kids shoes off, they will be allowed in the house.


Kevin: You know what? You hear Drew talk and you would think that he lives in the Taj Mahal, the way he tells it. Listen, this was back, of course, when he was a bachelor. You would think like, I don't know, like there was some kind of well-kept....

Drew: It was neat compared to most people's apartments.

Kevin: It was a disaster, dude! And he's complaining about us? Complaining about me and my other friend coming over to his house and not taking off our shoes? I mean come on!

Drew: That happens to be a pet peeve of mine. I have this thing about people walking in the street in dog urine or whatever, pigeon shit, and then walking in the house. You would be dragging everything that's in the street into your house. It's just a pet peeve of mine.

Tribefan: Well, when you put it that way, it does sound really unappealing.

Kevin: I was just going to say, cue to every reader now thinking "boy-oh-boy, Staten Island is full of dog piss and bird shit."

miri: Maybe that's why there are so many stoops.

Exactly. So everybody can stand and watch the urine and bird shit pass by, float by.

Kevin: Exactly. So everybody can stand and watch the urine and bird shit pass by, float by.

Tribefan: There are just rivers of it.

Kevin: Exactly, exactly.

Drew: It's a pet peeve of mine, that's all.

Kevin: He‘s really an idiot.

Tribefan: Well, the kids can't wear shoes then, that's cool.

Drew: The kids come barefoot. No shirt, no shoes, no service.


Kevin: He's really out of his mind. He's out of his mind.

Tribefan: Well, Drew, we hear you auditioned for a Court TV program. Any updates on that?

Drew: Actually, we're just waiting patiently. I think it's between myself and a very good friend of mine, that I also work with. We haven't heard anything back from them. They did request to see Kevin & Drew Unleashed show. I made it clear to them that that show is available because it was Sony Pictures right, who I met with, Sony Pictures Television Group, and I did make it clear to them that that show is not dead in the water. It can be easily revived under another name. It's such a broad subject that the show is based on. The premises of that show was based on this broad thing so, I don't know, maybe they'll get an idea from what I sent them.

Tribefan: That would be great. I mean, obviously, the two of you have a chemistry and it comes across on screen and, obviously, Discovery Channel did not handle that show very well.

Drew: No, not at all. I'd rather them look at the Kevin & Drew Unleashed tape and come up with some kind of show for me and Kevin. But, obviously, if that doesn't happen, I still hope to get the regular Court TV job. It's for a wisecracking... It's a typical Court TV show like Judge So and So . The Judge is this guy from Florida. He is a little wacky, and they want the court officer to be a bit more involved than he is in all the other judge shows. They want someone who is going to wisecrack back and forth with the judge and everything, so I think I fit that well.

Tribefan: Oh, I think so. When they were talking about it on one of the threads on TARflies, people were piping up that there could be a role for Kevin too.

Drew: Right, right.

Kevin: I can stand there and be the pretend lawyer.


Tribefan: Well, you know lawyers.

Kevin: I work with quite a few of them so I might be able to finagle something.

Tribefan: You never know. You have to be sure to keep us updated on that.

Drew: I most certainly will.

[Snip of some chatting about friendships and how this show has helped bring so many fun people together.]

Drew: You know what? Kevin and I think that it's such a phenomenal thing. The people are out there and you guys have become friends with them, we've become friends with them. I mean, it's not like any other show on television.

Tribefan: We joke about, oh my God, if the show ends, we are going to have find a life somewhere. But, I know that there are people that I'll be friends with forever. And we have people like you to thank for that.

Drew: No, we have you guys to thank also.

Kevin: It works out for everybody.

Tribefan: It really does.

Kevin: Glad we could be of service.


miri: Who would have thought, you know, that first small little TARCon that it would be like, 10 TARCons later and it's still going strong with a big community of people. It's really a lot of fun.

Drew: I am absolutely going to do my absolute best to be there. I don't know what Kevin's deal is, that gets pretty close to uh...

Tribefan: If Shari doesn't deliver early.

Drew & Kevin: Yeah!

Drew: You know, they may have to do something earlier so...

Kevin: Then it's going to be a tough one.

Tribefan: So, we hope you both can make it to TARCon and we also just want to let you guys know how much we really do, we love you as individuals and as a team, and we were thrilled to have you back on the show.

Drew: Thanks very much. We really appreciate everything.

Tribefan: I was excited to see you back on my TV.

miri: Yeah, very much so.

Kevin: I wish we could have stuck around a little longer but it is what it is.

miri: That's right. You did your best and then you went and had, hopefully, a little bit of fun in Sequesterville.

Drew: Oh, we did. Keep watching Elimination Station.

miri: I saw some massaging going on. That looked pretty good.

Drew: Keep watching. There's going to be a lot more fun there.

[More snipage of random chatting and spoilers that came out during the Race.]

miri: Did you guys get recognized a lot during your legs on the Race? I mean were people coming up to you or anything while you were racing?

Kevin: The only place that we were recognized as being part of Amazing Race, the only place we got recognized as Kevin and Drew was in the Miami airport that morning. People were running up with their cell phones and cameras.

Tribefan: I was laughing because I was watching one of the clips the other night, and there is a woman hovering in the background, and you just know she is looking at everybody like she knows who everybody is. She's clearly not with production.

Kevin: Right.

miri: And then it cracks me up that Chip was there from season 4. Did you all see him?

Kevin: Actually in the airport?

miri: Yeah. From Reichen and Chip.

Tribefan: That's what he said on the blog on CBS.

miri: And he is in some of the extra footage. Yeah, he was in the airport and ran into some of the teams.

Kevin: No kidding? How funny is that?

Tribefan: What are the fricken odds of that?

Drew: I didn't know about that.

Kevin: Oh, that's funny. You know what? That's actually something we can address here.

miri: What?

Kevin: Although I'm sure Drew hasn't seen anything. Who is the gay couple, the little chubby guy, I think they were on Boston Rob's first...

miri and Tribefan: Lynn and Alex.

Kevin: You know, let me tell you something. I don't know what the hell his problem is, but people have been writing e-mails and stuff on our website saying "what is this guy's problem, he said that you guys suck and that you guys did this and you guys that" and I am thinking to myself, "He sounds like a bitter little bitch! He is just so angry that he didn't get picked to go that he's got to bad mouth everybody?"

Drew: You know, I totally forgot about those two. They were real bitches on the show!

miri: They host like some reality little cable show or something. I'm not sure what it is.

Kevin: Oh, for God's sake. You know, whoever's the little chubby one who wears the little bippy tops, he's the one who is doing all of the talking.

Tribefan: I think you mean Lynn, the lighter haired one.

Drew: Like they belong, over the Guidos or Danny & Oswald.

Kevin: Those two guys, they really, they are a little much. They are a bit much and they should just shut their holes.

miri: They were bitter enough on their own season, they don't need to be bitter over another season too.

Kevin: Where did those guys finish? Didn't they go out like...

Tribefan: They went out right after Brian & Greg, the guys that flipped the vehicle. I think Lynn & Alex went out like in 5th place or something.

Kevin: I got you. I didn't really pay attention to them. It means they were royally forgettable. I just remember them being really pissy on the show. To hear them complaining about Drew and I, or anybody else - what is this guy, kidding?

miri: Especially in the forums and stuff and a lot of the message boards it must have been really different for you this season. First season you guys are very beloved and it was all positive. And there was a mixture of response this time. Was that weird to go though that or to see that?
One guy called Drew a “constipated dick” and it was just so funny because Drew had like a 10 day bout of constipation when we were in Acapulco.

Kevin: Actually, the day that we were doing the press tour, we were sitting there going through the episode forum and we were laughing at most of the stuff because in a lot of cases it was true. One guy called Drew a "constipated dick" and it was just so funny because Drew had like a 10 day bout of constipation when we were in Acapulco. So, the two of us were cracking up laughing about it.

Drew: How did he know this?


Kevin: Exactly, how the hell did he know this?

Tribefan: Yeah, really. Is that some extra footage I haven't seen yet?


Kevin: I don't think that they have footage of that. Drew?

Drew: No, I don't think so.

miri: Thank goodness.

Kevin: You don't need that kind of footage. Everything you said was right. We never had to deal with people giving us shit for anything outside of that first recap when the team Shower Fresh joke went over like a fart in church.


Kevin: Outside of that one, you really never really had anything. And this time around, you know, a lot of people were on Drew for not beating Charla, for having various aliments and maybe he shouldn't have gone, for being a constipated dick, for me not telling him to speed up at the 50 kilometer sign...

Tribefan: Which, you know, was up 900 times. I don't know why you didn't see it.

Kevin: Right, we passed so many of those signs.

miri: They must have been like every foot along the side of the road.

Kevin: People have the right to call us on that stuff, but it's really no big deal. Most of the stuff, again, still most of the stuff was positive and very flattering. Therefore, who cares about the people who just started watching with season 8 or season 9 or whenever they started watching and didn't see the first season and are questioning why other people enjoyed watching us in the first season. You want to be an idiot and carry on, well then, that's your prerogative. You want to actually have an informed opinion, then go to Target, spend the $25, and watch the first season. Anyone can do it, it's pretty easy.

miri: Because if more people buy it too, we may get other seasons on DVD.

Kevin: I was over at CBS and somebody said that this one would definitely be on DVD, and I told them that if they didn't put it on DVD, we wouldn't be terribly upset.

Tribefan: Well, tell them to trade it for season 3 then, because we want the early seasons.

[More random chatting about bad copies of shows for sale on eBay.]

miri: Yeah. Listen, I really want to thank you guys. It was so great to talk to you.

Drew: No problem.

Tribefan: It's always good to talk to you.

Kevin: It was our pleasure. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys at the finale.

Tribefan: Hope to see you then. Hope everything goes well on the baby front and on the Court TV front.

Drew: Thank you very much.

Tribefan: Please keep us informed.

Drew: We will.

Tribefan: And you know Kevin, we are requesting the exclusive first shot of you with three little babies.

Kevin: I think we should make that happen in light of my egregious oversight on The Finish Line.

Tribefan: That's correct. We'll make you pay for that for a while.

Kevin: I think that that's only fair and we will definitely make that happen.