Bart's How-to Guide Episode 4

How to stop snoring like a Beauty Queen: The Mayo Clinic recommends five things to stop snoring: lose weight (obviously not Kandice's issue), sleep on your side, nasal strips, treat nasal congestion, and limit alcohol or sedatives before sleeping. But serious snoring could be the sign of a more serious condition, Sleep Apnea. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, sleep apnea causes sufferers to stop breathing while they sleep. Sleep apnea can cause physical illnesses, but because it interferes with the sleep of those with the condition, it can indirectly cause vehicle crashes. A CPAP machine provides a constant positive air pressure, which prevents sleep apnea.

How to pick the fastest detour: Keep it simple. Thus far in the race, the simpler detour option (clipping horse's hooves, moving gravel, white water rafting) seems to be the faster detour. So when presented between the choice of creating a sign that fits a narrow set of rules (spelling, order, etc.), or a task that involves finding your way to two points in Punta Arenas using a compass, chose the simpler task - the compass. Teams that did found their way on the first charter flight. Teams that did not, did not.
The first guy to go around the world, right? Well, not actually.
How to pay your respects to Ferdinand Magellan: The first guy to go around the world, right? Well, not actually. While some from his expedition did make it all around the world, Magellan was killed in a battle in the Philippines. P H I L I P P I N E S. There is a monument in Lapu-Lapu City on the island of Cebu in the Philippines that marks the site where he was killed. To get from Boston to Cebu, you'll have to leave at 6 AM, taking an Air Canada flight to Toronto, changing to the Air Canada flight to Hong Kong, and then transferring to the Cathay Pacific flight to Cebu. The way back is on Philippine Airways to Tokyo Narita, transferring to an Air Canada flight back to Toronto and then to Boston. For a flight this May, this journey, which takes 24 hours one-way, costs around $2,000 round trip in economy.

How to party in Punta Arenas: Stuck in Punta Arenas on a 24 hour layover and trying to figure out where you're gonna party, Ian? has a review for La Luna/O'Solo Mio, two restaurants owned by the same owner, and possibly the only place to get Microbrews in Punta Arenas. lists several bars and clubs in Punta Arenas. One, Santino, even has a website in English. South America Port Reviews also recommends Sotitos as a great dining experience - especially when accompanied by a Chilean wine.

How to get over a grudge: Forgive. We can choose to live our lives still holding on to things that others had done to us months, even years ago. And while we may not see the folks that "wronged" us on a daily basis, that hatred still can come back whenever we see them, whenever we think of them, whenever we have to communicate with them, even if it is by a letter sent to the end of the world. There are multiple sites with advice on how to let go a grudge or forgive. All of these focus on the fact that if we have a grudge, if we chose not to forgive, we're not hurting the other person, we're hurting ourselves.

How to come in last in the fourth leg of The Amazing Race: All Stars: Don't burn your kharma on useless info. Rob and Amber could have chosen the right detour option and ended up on the first charter flight into Ushuaia, which would have gotten them in the top three. They could have gotten one of the first three taxis, but that would have gotten them at most a twenty minute faster boat ride to the island. But if they had gotten better luck in finding a letter, they could have not finished in last. Rob gloated about intercepting directions from Uchenna and Joyce, directions that proved to be meaningless, directions which proved to actually hamper Rob and Amber in finding the submarine place. He was rewarded by not being able to find his letter - and by having the letter be filled with vile from Patrick. Rob and Amber were good racers, but they temped fate - and fate bit them in the end.