Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 2

Potholes that big should be illegal! Not that I wanted Kevin to get hurt, but I thought it was really funny when Drew kept driving while Kevin still had the tow rope on.
That wasn't right for Drew to throw Dave and Mary's backpack on the ground. What does he think he is, the suitcase police?
That wasn't right for Drew to throw Dave and Mary's backpack on the ground. What does he think he is, the suitcase police? If I was Dave, I would have put my stuff right back up there and taken Drew on if I had to.

Rob looked very surprised when the ticket lady didn't let him on the plane. I guess she didn't recognize the famous reality stars - Rob and Amber.

Dustin was really smart to look around the room first to help her figure out the clue. I'm glad the Beauty Queens are back because they are such good racers.

Mary needed to use her inside voice when she was telling the man at the desk the answer to the roadblock. I'm surprised that the rest of the racers in the board room didn't hear her.

When Amber told Eric that there was an H on the pen, he looked like she'd just told him his dog died or something really bad. I wonder how long it took him before he actually believed she would help him for real.

I would have loved to have done the machine detour, but I bet Chile has a driving age, too.

Danny must be a big sissy boy because he keeps mentioning that his nails are going to get ruined.

I can't figure out why anybody would pick putting bolts on a wheel over driving a big machine.

I thought Dave and Mary would have been one of the first teams out of the detour since he is used to hard work in the coal mine. Maybe he is just a manager or has one of those jobs where you just tell people what to do and he doesn't have to do any work anymore.

What is wrong with Charla and Mirna? It looks like the Beauty Queens were just trying to work with them. What a crazy lady Mirna is. I really don't remember her being that looney last time.

Mirna was so funny when she was freaking out on the taxi driver. I like how she wanted to give him her last 20 dollars for food, like she was going to starve on the way to the pit stop. I wish he had taken her bag because then she would have really freaked out.

I can't figure out why Phil likes Charla or Mirna. I don't think either one of them is nice at all.

Wow, Rob and Amber are first again. They didn't seem snotty this episode and in fact I kind of liked them again.

This has to be the most bizarre pit stop behavior I have ever seen. Did Drew think if he didn't let Phil say those magic words he wouldn't get eliminated?

I thought this episode was better than the first one and my new top three teams are: The Beauty Queens, Danny and Oswald, and Uchenna and Joyce.