Bart's How-to Guide Episode 2

How to avoid and treat altitude sickness: Altitude sickness can occur when traveling to elevations of over 2500 m. Quito is at 2,850m, and Cotopaxi National Park is around 4,000 m in elevation. People who live close to sea level, such as Drew, are more prone to altitude sickness than people who live at higher elevations. suggests two ways to help prevent altitude sickness: taking your time adjusting to higher altitudes and sleeping at a lower altitude than where you are during the day. Those suggestions are not always possible on The Amazing Race. While there are many ways to treat Altitude Illness, the High Altitude Medicine Guide suggests rest plus two medicines (Acetazolamide and Dexamethasone), to treat Acute Mountain Sickness, the most typical form of Altitude Illness. The site also notes that treatment with Oxygen, the way Drew was treated, should resolve symptoms within two hours.

How to go gay four wheelin': The Guidos seem to find novelty out of their off-road travel, which they call gay four wheelin'. There are a number of 4X4 enthusiasts who are a part of the gay community. There is an online forum, 4x4gayoffroad, for gay 4X4 enthusiasts to connect. There's also a similar British group, Not The Marrying Kind Landrover and 4X4 Club. If you're not an enthusiast, just a gay person looking to do a little off roading, Gay Luxury Adventure Vacation offers a self-drive 4X4 adventure in Western Canada based out of Vancouver.

How to scramble and unscramble letters for fun: So, let's say that you have a group of letters that spell the word Chuquicamata. What phrases could you make with those letters? has an engine that lists all of the possible anagrams of a word, even Chuquicamata. Some of the possibilities include "Aqua Cacti Hum". It shows all of the words, but not all of the possible orders of words. Andy's anagram server lists all of the possible combinations of words. This can make the results rather massive, but it allows you to catch possibilities like "I act much aqua".
The Guidos and Amber proved that you don't have to have a background in construction to operate a backhoe loader to complete a detour. But what do you do if you want to operate one for a construction job?
How to safely operate a backhoe loader: The Guidos and Amber proved that you don't have to have a background in construction to operate a backhoe loader to complete a detour. But what do you do if you want to operate one for a construction job? First, figure out how they work. has a good description. Second, make sure you know how to operate them safely. The National Ag Safety Database has a few tips on safe operation of backhoe loaders. Whatever you do, do not use the loader bucket as a work platform. This report details an incident where a carpenter using the bucket of a backhoe loader as a work platform, was crushed in between the building he was working in and the backhoe loader. The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools is a collection of schools that offer training in how to operate construction equipment such as a backhoe loader - training that could help you make a career out of this detour choice.

How to care for men's fingernails without getting a manicure: So, maybe your manicurist is going to kill you for getting your nails exposed to all sorts of dust. You don't necessarily need to get a manicure to care for your nails if you're a guy. CareFair suggests daily cleaning with a nail brush, combined with weekly trimming. MensFlair also suggests weekly exfoliation, followed by a moisturizer, to help with skin appearance. CyberParent recommends that if don't have time for a manicure, stick your fingernails in half a lemon, twist, and finish with scrubbing.

How to enjoy the moment: For many of us, life moves so fast and is filled with so many demands, that we can lose perspective on where we are. For others, like Oswald & Danny, taking a second to enjoy the moment, such as really taking in the Valley of the Moon, can lead us to tears of joy. Leslie Gail offers some advice to mothers on how to enjoy the moment. It basically boils down to slowing down and paying attention to what is important. As a wise man, Ferris Bueller, once said "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

How to finish in last place in the second leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars: Quit paying attention. Kevin & Drew didn't pay attention to the clue's specifics on when they could up their speed to 50 km/h. They didn't pay attention to the sign on the side on the road that gave the 50 km/h speed limit. They didn't pay attention to the first racer that was going in the other direction, not turning around until after they had seen the Beauty Queens and Teri & Ian going the other way. It was this lack of attention that cost them the leg and their second chance at one million dollars.