Bart's How-to Guide Episode 1

How to make a Kiwi Martini: Trying to get ready for the Amazing Race? Screw cardio, drinking Martinis is more fun. And if you're drinking Martinis to get ready for a race hosted by a New Zealander, why not get ready by drinking Kiwi Martinis? has a simple recipe for a kiwi martini: Mash together (muddle) a kiwi with sugar syrup, add vodka and ice, shake, strain, and enjoy. Next thing you know, you'll be ready for a race around the world.

How to add five minutes on to your trip to the Miami Airport: Take the route Eric and Danielle probably took. It appears that all of the teams were south of Miami, going north on Dixie Highway. Almost all of the teams took the exit onto SR 826, the Palmetto Expressway. From 104th Street & Dixie Highway, according to Google Maps, it's about fifteen minutes to MIA using SR 826 (the Palmetto Expressway) to SR 836 (the Dolphin Expressway) to SR 953 (LeJeune Road). But Eric and Danielle stayed on US-1. There are no shots to show which route Eric and Danielle took, but one way they could have gone would be to stay on US-1, turn left onto SR 953, and take that right in to the airport. This way is about five minutes longer, according to Google Maps. However, if the traffic on the Palmetto and Dolphin expressways would have been bad, Eric and Danielle's route could have been quicker. Given that Eric and Danielle were one of the last teams to arrive at MIA, their alternate route was not a good choice.
Armed with this information, one could quickly discern that the American Airlines flight was very likely to be a non-stop, while the Copa flight would require a connection in Panama City, making it the less preferred option.
How to easily tell which one of your two first-leg airline options is a better choice: Learn about world airlines and their major hub locations before going on the race. American Airlines has major hubs at Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O'Hare, Miami, Saint Louis, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Copa Airlines has one hub, Tacumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama. Copa bills their airport as the Hub of the Americas. Armed with this information, one could quickly discern that the American Airlines flight was very likely to be a non-stop, while the Copa flight would require a connection in Panama City, making it the less preferred option.

How to tell your Spanish speaking cab driver to get to your destination quickly without yelling "Rapido".

Go Faster: Vaya más rápidamente.

Step on it: Paso en él.

Get in front of them: Consiga delante de ellos.

Take the route that will get us there in the least amount of time: Tome la ruta que nos conseguirá allí en la menos cantidad de tiempo.

Don't slow down: No retrase.

Do your best Juan Pablo Montoya impression: Haga su mejor impresión de Juan Pablo Montoya.

I feel the need for speed: Siento la necesidad de la velocidad.

How to trim a barefoot horse's hooves: It's surprisingly more controversial and complicated than you would think, and there are many different opinions as to the shape of the horse's hoof post-trimming. There is an entire movement that promotes barefoot horses or horses that do not have horseshoes installed on their hooves. This approach is also used as an alternative treatment for laminitis. 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, suffered from complications of laminitis prior to his euthanization. This article outlines some of the major barefoot hoof care methods. Many of these methods have very complicated instructions, so it may make sense to hire a farrier, that is an expert in a particular method, to trim and care for the hooves of your horse.

How to change a tire: So you're out in the mountains of Ecuador and you get a flat tire. But you aren't on the race, so you have time to change your flat tire. It's a relatively simple task. Move your car to a safe place to jack up, loosen the lug nuts, jack up the car, remove the lug nuts, remove the old tire, put on the new tire, tighten the lug nuts, put the jack down, re-tighten the lug nuts and away you go. For more details, e-How has a step by step guide.

How to finish in last place in the first leg of The Amazing Race: All Stars: Fail to be specific with your questions to locals and get bad directions. Jill and John Vito told the first local they interacted with that that they wanted to go to Cotopaxi National Park. They did not ask to go to the North Entrance of Cotopaxi National Park, the entrance the teams were advised to use. When they figured out that the first local had given them bad directions, they again asked for directions to Cotopaxi National Park, rather than asking for directions to the north entrance of Cotopaxi National Park. They ended up at the south entrance, adding another hour to their drive. If they had been more specific with the first local, would they have avoided Philimination? If they had been more specific at the gas station, would they have avoided Philimination? Possibly, but they would have had a much better chance had they been more specific. Of course, they could have asked both times for the North Entrance and it wasn't shown either time. In which case, never mind.