Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All Episode 11

I'm sorry, I don't have much to say but this was a boring episode. All of the airport stuff makes me want to go to bed early.
Rob has more problems with his cars. Maybe his anger is destroying them.

Rob has more problems with his cars. Maybe his anger is destroying them.

The necklaces reminded me of the Travelocity Gnome they had to carry around. At least they are a lot lighter. I wonder what kind of cool prize they will win if they have the right one.

When the gate opens up at the studio, they better all just run in. I hate when they wait in the order they arrive. We had to do that in Panama.

Bama wanted to yield the Beauty Queens so bad but, as soon as they got Yielded, they felt that the Beauty Queens were worse than evil demons.

I can't believe one of the Bamas just gave the Beauty Queens the finger. That is just wrong. Too bad they won't let you fight with the other racers because I bet the Beauty Queens could take the Bama girls any day.

I would have loved to have done the chariot roadblock. It looks like so much fun speeding along the track. It is too bad they didn't make the racers have to drive their own chariots. Now that would have been funny.

I like how the Bama girls feel it is the power of the Lord that is keeping them in the race. Give me a break. God has better things to do than to let you guys stay in the race.

The “Grind It” detour looks easier so I would do that one. I tried to make a pot in art class and it was really hard. One mistake and the whole thing falls apart.

Since there are eight beds I bet this is going to be a non-elimination leg. They should have only had 6 beds. That would have made the racers really nervous I bet.

This episode stinks because the team I like is at the bottom again. If the Beauty Queens go next week, I don't think I will have anyone to root for during the finale.