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Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Morocco

A warning about Moroccan cuisine: The Zzard and I recently went to a new restaurant where he had a common Moroccan dish, tagine, for the first time. Ever since then, he has been noting the locations of Moroccan restaurants and wanting to eat more Moroccan food. Tagines are often prepared with lamb, but The Zzard’s dinner was vegan. The seductive Moroccan tagine can take in anyone, in other words.

Moroccan food doesn’t stop there, however. It’s a very versatile cuisine, and Sally’s Place has a lot of info about Morocco and its cuisine, as well as a few recipes from the embassy in Washington. If you want to invite friends over, here’s how to serve a Moroccan dinner, plus recipes for a typical meal.


We’ll start with carrot soup, then move on to orange salad -- as in the color orange -- and tomato and green pepper salad.

Meat and Fish Entrees

Let’s start with a couple of tagines, such as lamb and pear tagine and chicken and date tagine. I know we just used pears with the first tagine, but the recipe for chicken tagine with honeyed pears is too good to pass up.

Meanwhile, what to do with all those olives? Maybe make chicken and olives? Then again, pastilla with chicken and veggies looks like an awfully good chicken recipe.

Other options are lamb couscous and Moroccan snapper.

Vegetarian Entrees

Tagines are easily made in vegetarian varieties, as shown by this vegetable tagine and a recipe for lentil tagine.

Other tasty vegetarian options include chickpeas with raisins, Moroccan eggplant, veggie stew, spiced veggie pie, , and braised squash and winter veggies (change the chicken broth to something vegetarian, of course).


Yes, we can get a good sugar buzz at the end of a Moroccan dinner. There's winter fruit couscous and peaches and rosewater for those who want fruit. If you just want something sticky and sweet, on the other hand, there are options such as baklava-ish pastry triangles and honey and fig pastry.


There are lots of options if you want to find more Moroccan recipes. You might try recipes4us, the food network, Sue’s recipe server, and magic Morocco. The mega-sites have lots of option, too, so check out recipeland, recipezaar,, and food down under. Enjoy!