Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All Episode 9

I can't believe the Chos told Bama about their flight. Guys, you are in a race! Wake up already!

The Beauty Queens are nice and smiley and people want to help them. The Bamas on the other hand have a disadvantage not because of their looks, but because they have a sour puss on their faces most of the time.

If the Bamas miss their kids so much then why did they leave them to go on the race in the first place? I am sure any of the racers who have been eliminated so far would be happy to take their place.

I feel bad for the Chos being stuck in the taxi line because it is not in their nature to be rude and cut in line.
If the Chos go tonight I don't know if I can watch anymore. They need to start getting a little more competitive.
If the Chos go tonight I don't know if I can watch anymore. They need to start getting a little more competitive.

I would do Swamp That for my detour because it looks muddier. Obstacle courses are always more fun in the mud. If I lived near there I would want to do that everyday.

I really liked when Tyler and James jumped right in the mud. I don't know why they are taking their Amazing Fanny Pack with them though. They look kind of silly with it.

I liked the lady taxi driver. They never have them on the race. In fact I don't think I have ever had a lady taxi driver in my life.

Bunching up to get on the train is boring. I liked it when the teams just make it up on the platform and then the train leaves. It's like they can almost touch it but then it is gone.

My favorite quote was "Just let me have my moment." That was so funny.

How long is it going to take my Chos to realize that Bama is out for themselves? They need to hook up with the Beauty Queens again so they can kick some sense into them.

I would love to do this roadblock. One of my favorite books is Journey to the Center of the Earth. I would pretend that I was Harry.

The producers must really like stadiums, especially Olympic ones. I think they have them in almost every season.

Those look like my Grandma's glasses that Tyler is wearing. I thought he was supposed to be a model.

I like the way the Beauty Queens are racing. They look like they are having fun, they're nice to the locals, and they know to put the Race first.

Where do they find all of these Racers that are afraid of heights? I think every season half of them are. If I was filling out an application I would definitely put down I was afraid of heights.