Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All Episode 8

I'm excited they get to go to Madagascar. I wonder if they will run into the movie animals on their cruise ship.
How many big angels do you think this place has sitting out in a lake? Don't you think it might be worth a look?
The racers drive by this huge white angel out in the middle of a lake and don't think it is the one they are looking for. How many big angels do you think this place has sitting out in a lake? Don't you think it might be worth a look?

That is funny how the Beauty Queens have to wait now at the intersection. I bet they wished they had paid their taxi driver more so they weren't held up now.

I would do this fast forward but I might have to close my eyes because those teeth and whiskers on the lips look scary.

I would do the long sleep detour because that paper one is kind of for sissies.

The Cho brothers and the Beauty Queens are working already as a team while Dave and Mary and the Bama girls are working as two separate teams putting on their covers. I can't wait to see how they are going to do this.

During the food challenges they always show the locals looking at the racers like they don't know what tastes good. I am waiting for one of them to shout out "Why don't you like it? It's the best thing ever."

Why are Dave and Mary and the Bama girls carrying all the mattresses at once? How in the world are they going to navigate down narrow streets like that?

They shouldn't just leave their mattresses like that. Someone should stay back to watch them. They are lucky no one came by and took one into their house thinking they liked the cover or something.

Now if the Chos wait around for Dave and Mary, they have really lost their mind. I am already worried for them.

This roadblock looks kind of boring. All they have to do is run up a path and get stamps. It needs more stuff in it.

How long does it really take to eat cow lips? I don't know why they just don't pretend it is beef jerky. I think they showed Kim eating the same hairy lip for half the show.

I want the Bama girls out. I hope their car explodes into a million pieces on the way to the pit stop so Mary and Dave don't have to be eliminated.

I'm sad Dave and Mary got eliminated but I'm happy they got to see the world outside of Kentucky. I don't think they would have been too happy if they ended up on our season.

Now my favorite teams are the Cho brothers, Beauty Queens, and Tyler and James.