Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All Episode 7

I like how David and Mary said booketing. Is that even a real word?
That was mean what Lyn and Karlyn said about not putting themselves out there for other teams; they are happy to take anyone's help along the way. That is very selfish if you ask me.
That ticket guy must have had a big headache after Lyn and Karlyn's complaining. They should have been nicer about the whole thing and then maybe he would have wanted to help them first.
I'm starting to really like Tyler. He was so funny when he was making fun of Karlyn. She thought she was the boss of him and then he just dissed her right to her face.
It was a good idea for the Beauty Queens to go check out other flights because the route they gave them was just crazy, having them go all the way to London.
Good thing they wore their bathing suits under their clothes. They probably wouldn't want people to see their underwear on TV.
It would be fun to swim to the ship. Good thing they wore their bathing suits under their clothes. They probably wouldn't want people to see their underwear on TV.
I'm not sure if the Chos have a good strategy staying with the weaker teams. I can see staying with Dave and Mary but the Lyns can never be trusted.
Rob was being a jerk not trying to get the car in gear while everyone is behind him. He needs to be more patient and just ask for help.
I still can't believe the Beauty Queens hit a bus and still made it to the clue first. I think these girls could actually be the first female winners.
I would do the salt detour because it is closer and two people can do it. That reminded me of the coffee beans. I just wish that had been a detour on our season so I could have helped my Mom so we wouldn't have had to be there for sooooooooo long.
I like when Rob and Kim kept telling each other they were freaking out. I wonder what they were thinking watching this last night on TV.
That is cool that they put pepper in the salt shakers. I bet that really frustrated the racers because they thought they found the clue and out comes pepper. Phil is getting really, tricky this season.
It's funny how everyone wanted to switch their detour. I would have stuck with it a little longer especially since Dave and Mary's pile was almost flat.
It was funny how they put a trap in front of the sails. I can't figure out why they did it but it was still funny. I bet the camera men were having so much fun hiding in the bushes just waiting for the teams to fall in.
I'm sure Mrs. Phil didn't think it was all that funny that the Beauty Queens wanted to take Phil on their scooter and have him be their boyfriend.
I'm happy Dave and Mary were saved but it doesn't look good for them next week. If I was them, I would beg Phil to just take my stuff instead.