The ATC Report

"In Control" - Vol. X, No. 7

Over the years, we've posted quite a few photos and maps with our column. We get them from various sources - sometimes from other racers, sometimes from disgruntled WRP employees, and sometimes we've even taken the pictures ourselves. The only problem that we run into is the sheer volume of photos and maps we receive. We guess there are a lot more unhappy WRP employees than people care to admit.

Anyhow, most of the pictures that don't show up in a column get tossed, but every so often we get a picture or map that we can't throw away - still it just doesn't make the cut for the column we're writing at the time. That's what this column is about. Today we are going to present some of those ‘oddball' pictures and maps that we can't justify throwing away, and (until now) couldn't justify printing.

We can't remember where we got this one or whom we got it from. There's absolutely no hidden meaning in the picture. We just think it's cute. Really.

Dave really likes this next picture, Steve not so much. We call it "Roller Disco Steve". In Steve's defense, those ‘home-town interview' producers had us doing some really oddball stuff.

We think this picture was taken immediately after a reporter asked Brennan about why he hadn't been called for Amazing Race All-Stars. Seems Brennan is a little touchy about the subject.

We've always been a bit leery of the next map's authenticity. We can't name our source, but they tell us that this is supposedly a map of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana. They claim that it was used during a Detour that was never shown in TAR:FE.

And this is our "Lance Bass" section. We guess that Mr. Bass really wanted to become an Amazing Race contestant. And to think, we didn't even know who he was, until now.

Here's Lance and Ray...

Lance and Clown Jon...

Lance and Jonathan...

Lance and Wil...

And (holding true to his sexuality), Lance and Mrs. Weaver.

And finally, this last picture is just wrong on so many levels.