Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains it All - Episode 12, Part 2 & TARflies Lunch

If BJ and Tyler are supposed to be so nice than why are they telling the hotel people to pretend they don't speak English and have the Internet? I think they got put on a later flight because they lied.
I don't know who Janet Jackson is but I thought it was funny that those Tokyo guys thought Yolanda was her. My Mom told me she was Michael Jackson's sister. I wonder if they thought Ray was Michael without his makeup.
Even though I like to fly I would do Drill It for my detour. Once you have drilled your holes it looks pretty easy to slide the house over the snow. They should have made them catch a fish too - now that would have been funny.
I didn't think it was a good strategy for BJ and Tyler to lie to Eric and Jeremy that they had drilled more holes than they did because that would only make Eric and Jeremy work harder and faster to catch up.
I bet Eric and Jeremy pushed the pink shack because it reminded them of their girlfriends Dani and Danielle.
Even when Ray and Yolanda leave at the same time as the other teams they always seem to get lost. I bet if they never had a chance to catch up they would probably be a few episodes behind.
Even when Ray and Yolanda leave at the same time as the other teams they always seem to get lost. I bet if they never had a chance to catch up they would probably be a few episodes behind.
I can't believe BJ and Tyler are acting like Fran and Barry where they don't see the snowshoes and keep walking past them. If I was their camera man I would have a hard time not laughing.
I wonder why BJ and Tyler didn't just follow Eric and Jeremy's footprints. Maybe they walked backwards or in circles after they found the clue to trick them.
It is really nice they get to finish the Race at the same place they started because it will bring back so many nice memories for them.
I would do the Flag Roadblock because I have a very good memory and I like flags.
Ray and Yolanda must be having a hard time finding that last clue. It's a good thing the chickens didn't poop on it or tear it up because that would have been disturbing.
Eric and Jeremy should have won because BJ and Tyler were mostly followers the whole race and not the great thinkers they were supposed to be until the last roadblock.
I don't think Eric and Jeremy should have looked so sad to have come in second. I think any one of the other teams besides BJ and Tyler would love to be in their shoes right now, plus they won so many cool prizes.
I wonder how long the other teams had to wait in the cold. I remember we had to wait for hours and they kept making us practice our clapping like we would forget to do it when the teams came in.
TARflies Lunch
I loved the lunch, it was awesome. Now I know who people like Mama Tiger, Tribefan, and miri are. The food was really good and this year we got to choose what we wanted so I picked pizza and pasta. I sat across from lastminutemark and loftyideas. He is a funny guy even though he spilled water on me. Leew and The Australian, who came all the way from Australia just for the lunch, also sat at my table. I finally got to meet AirSteve who is even funnier in person. He splattered a pie in Jon the Clown's face. I tried to get him to buy me a pie so I could get Jon too, since it looked like so much fun. I gave AirSteve an autographed picture of me from Littlebean for his birthday and he said he would put it in his office. One of my favorite things was Yikes' camera. She let Kelley and me take a lot of funny pictures. I couldn't believe it but I think the goodie bags were even better than last year and Auntie Tribefan even let us have the left over ones to share. I can't wait to go to the lunch again in December. I think it is even better than TARCon.