From Long-Distance to Long-Term

Ray and Yolanda chat with us about the fun they had on the Race, the effect it had on their relationship and what they are up to now.

Tribefan: Let's start from the very beginning. You guys met while you were both still in school, correct?

Yolanda: Um, actually, well, yes -

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: I was in undergraduate school and Ray was in law school.
Ray & Yolanda enjoying the Race and each other
Ray & Yolanda enjoying the Race and each other
Tribefan: Was this a long time ago and you've been dating ever since?

Yolanda: Oh, god, it seems so long ago. We actually met in '98 -

Tribefan: Oh, wow.

Yolanda: We didn't start dating until 2000.

Ray: 2000, yeah.

Yolanda: So it's been a long time. Seems like forever.


Tribefan: How soon after that did Ray move to Chicago?

Yolanda: Ray didn't move -

Ray: I didn't move there ‘til 2000 and - four.

Yolanda: Four.

Tribefan: Oh, ok.

Ray: Yeah.

Tribefan: So you weren't always a long distance relationship, then.

Yolanda: Well, we were actually always a long distance relationship. When we met, I was living in Gainesville, Florida and he was living in Miami.

Tribefan: Ah, ok.

Yolanda: And that's four or five hours away. And then, I eventually moved, but I was living in Miami and he was living in West Palm. And then, I was in Miami and he was in Jacksonville, and then finally from Jacksonville he went to Chicago but I was still in Fort Lauderdale. So, yes, we've always been long distance.

Tribefan: Now the two of you became interstate.

Yolanda: Right!

miri: Were you worried about that going onto the Race? I know that it was mentioned a few times that you hadn't really spent that much time around each other on a day to day basis. Were you worried about what that would do for your relationship?

Well, I feel like no one should ever go on the Race hoping to confirm their relationship or not.
Yolanda: Well, I feel like no one should ever go on the Race hoping to confirm their relationship or not. I was just like, I felt I had enough - I knew enough about him, and just from our conversations on the phone, and us spending time together. We had spent time together but it wasn't like - it wasn't two weeks at a time.

Ray: The thing was to find a working relationship. You can be - you can date forever, but if you've never worked on accomplishing a task together, you don't know until you're in that situation, and then you add that you're under a time crunch.

Yolanda: Who ever hangs out together and decides how to build a statue, or some kind of task. That's not natural, so -

Tribefan: Were you fans of the show before you applied?

Yolanda: Yes. I was a major - I was the fan. I was the fan out of our couple. And, I was the person who - I cried when Chip and Kim won, and I was like, "This person, Chip, is so cool, and so nice!" I mean, I was really into it! I think I started watching, um, Chip and Reichen's season.

Tribefan: Ok, so, yeah, Season 4, ok.

Yolanda: Yeah, so I was a fan for a while. And then, of course, when it came on GSN I was all into it. And I had wanted to apply with someone but I didn't know who to apply with. And I had been bugging Ray about it all last year, since the beginning of the year. And I was like, "Please watch this show, please watch this show!" I said, "I want you to do this show with me." And then, he finally said yes. ‘Cause he caught it when he was working out watching it on GSN. So he was like, "Yeah, I'll do it."

Tribefan: They caught him.

Yolanda: Because of him we actually went through the process because he's all about deadlines. He was like, "Listen, there are - you know, we need to get this taken care of. We made sure we followed all the rules to get in.

Tribefan: Oh, that's good.

Yolanda: Yeah, or I'd just be like, "Yeah, I wanna do it!" And then never apply.

Tribefan: Right. So he was the focused one.

Yolanda: Exactly.

Tribefan: Did you have favorite Racers from other seasons, since you'd watched for a few years? Were there other teams you really liked, and you wanted to maybe emulate?

Yolanda: I really liked Chip and Kim. Honestly, Chip and Kim and Joyce and Uchenna. Something about Chip really struck a chord with me because he was just so damn nice! And he just really seemed to be enjoying every single part of his experience and he was helpful to others, and - Yeah, I just - I really liked his attitude. He made me feel like he was experiencing something so wonderful. I was like, "Yeah, I gotta do that."

Tribefan: Well, that's good. It was infectious. Was it the first time you applied that you got on? They took you the first time?

Yolanda: Yeah.

Ray: Yeah.

Tribefan: Oh, great!

Yolanda: I felt like when we did it, when we sent in our tape, I was like, "You know what? We're gonna make it. So, we should probably start preparing." But the funny thing about it is, we didn't prepare at all!

Ray: In a way, you can't prepare for the Race.

miri: Right.

Tribefan: So there wasn't anything special you did. I mean, obviously you guys work out, because you're in great shape, but there wasn't anything special you were doing?

Yolanda: Well, I wanted to do special things. I mean, I wanted to do map review, and follow the countries of the world, etcetera. But we never got a chance because right before the Race, I moved from South Florida to Chicago. And Ray was trying to wrap stuff up at work, so he can leave, and I had just quit my job, and it was like, we did not have any time to prepare whatsoever. The day before we left, we purchased our bags.

Tribefan: Oh, wow!

Yolanda: And we just stuck everything in them. Like, literally, the day before we bought all of our clothes and then purchased our bags.

Tribefan: So you didn't, like, put a whole lot of thought into the wardrobe or anything?

Yolanda: We honestly - no. Because, like, when I looked at what I was wearing, I was like, "Damn, I wish I had taken a second to figure out what I was going to look like!


Tribefan: Were there things, while you were racing, that you thought, "Oh, damn, I wish I had brought this!"

Yolanda: It was just terrible. I'm like, "What do I wear today? Damn! These damn black pants!"


Ray: Actually, it was more like, "I wish I wouldn't have brought this."

Yolanda: Oh, yeah, that's true. We got rid of so much stuff.

Tribefan: So you did the overpacking thing that so many Racers do.

RayYo: Yeah.

Ray: ‘Cause, after, like, by the third week, you, like, you don't care about but two outfits. One for warm and one for cold.

Yolanda: Exactly. My bag was thirty pounds.

Tribefan: Oh, wow.

Yolanda: Yeah. Ray's was 28. And so I think that it was about the first leg we realized to go ahead and chuck some stuff. I kind of regret throwing away my favorite jeans I had, but, oh well. It was like, "I have to give away my pants. These are my favorite jeans. I've had them for five years." I'm like, "You can do it, baby!"
I think you are whatever Racer you are based on just who you are in life.
Ray: One thing, back to the preparation aspect. I think you are whatever Racer you are based on just who you are in life.

Yolanda: That's true.

Ray: And how you make decisions.

Yolanda: That's true, too. I mean, you are - you're not going to magically be reformed or changed before you get on the Race. Like, your personality is gonna come through no matter what.

Ray: Yeah.

Tribefan: Right. Well, that's true, although there are those who will argue that some of it is editing, and, you know, some people get good edits, some, not so good. How did you feel about your edit overall?

Yolanda: I think our edit was a hundred percent us, but there is another side that's also one hundred percent us. I mean, because we're really kind of lighthearted and we joke a lot. We're always laughing. We always dig at each other, and we're always giggling about things. And we were like, "Oh, man, I thought that was funny. I'm surprised that didn't make it into the show! We probably - I probably think I'm funnier than I actually am, but, you know -


Tribefan: But, I think you came across as very serious. And I think your personality started to come out a little bit later on -

Yolanda: Well, I definitely think that we had our really lighthearted and funny moments in the beginning, too, that didn't make the cut. We were in Germany, and we were always laughing. We had to go to Bad Tolz, and I was like, "Oh wow, I didn't know we were taking a trip to your feet!" Stuff like that. Like, we always had jokes, all the time, but it didn't make it. And that's not a problem at all. I'm not upset by the way we were portrayed.

Tribefan: They just didn't portray all of you - just a portion of who you are.

Yolanda: Yeah. That's true for everybody, I think.

miri: Right. It's impossible to really get to know you as you are in your day-to-day life through a TV show. You just can't.

Yolanda: Exactly.

Tribefan: So, even though you didn't prepare much for the Race, did you make any quick decisions before hand, like who would handle what kinds of Roadblocks or anything? How you would divide them up?

Yolanda: I'll let Ray answer.

Ray: Well, I think, before the Race, Yolanda had come from Miami, so we said, "Ok, Yolanda'll do the driving - "

Yolanda: The driving. Yeah, ‘cause I'm a crazy driver!

Ray: She's a good driver. She drives fast. I never drive in Chicago.

Tribefan: Well, I can understand why.

Yolanda: Right.

Ray: But then on the Race, you go back and forth with different decisions. Like, you're trying out different things to see what's gonna work best.

Yolanda: We were probably the most experimental, because I think we were questioned a lot - a couple of times, by other Racers, how come we kept switching out the driving duty. And it was because we wanted to make sure we found a fit, just in case. We're not afraid of trying anything. And actually, we had agreed, with the Roadblocks, that, ok, we'll just alternate.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: So Ray did the very first one. And I had it in my head that no matter what, I was gonna do the second Roadblock. So even though - I thought this was really funny - even though we were coming up to the Roadblock, and I could smell pool, you know, smell the chlorine. I could feel the heat from, like, the pool. It said, "Take a Plunge," and I was like, "Ok, yeah, yeah, yeah, me!" And then I was like, "Wait, wait, no!" And then, Ray had already ripped the seal, so -

Tribefan: Too late!

Yolanda: Too late. So I was like, "Whatever, I'll do it." I wish I had that whole moment on video. Me, just standing up on that - I stood up there for a full two minutes, screaming and crying. And it was just - really, I surprised myself how scared I was.

Tribefan: But you did it.

Yolanda: I did it. Yeah, I had to. I saw Ray staring at me from the bottom.

Tribefan: It's like, "You're gonna do this!"

Yolanda: Exactly.

miri: So you just - you just don't swim. Don't enjoy it, don't -

Yolanda: I'm actually - I won't drown within the first thirty minutes, but when I have to jump into water, it's very hard for me. I usually - I don't float as well as other people because I'm muscular. I have very little body fat, and it's always been a problem for me. Even as a little kid, like, I would never jump into water. But I have no problem with swimming in the water. Standing thirty-three feet above the water, I'm like, "Oh, my god, I have to jump into that?" And who knows - you know, you can see on tape, when I come out of the water, I'm like halfway out of the water because I'm so scared of not resurfacing.

miri: Yeah, you just really popped right back up. It was rather impressive!


Yolanda: Yeah, I was so freaked out!

Tribefan: How was the interview process? Were you feeling pretty confident throughout that it was going well for you?
Yolanda & Ray on The Early Show
Yolanda & Ray on The Early Show
Ray: Yeah, we did. Once you get to the different stages, you see the different characters and you're like, "Ok, well, I'm not competing with him."

Yolanda: That's true. You identify your spot. You know, you say, "We filled this spot, and we think, according to the spot we filled, that we will be - that we will make it."

Ray: We were a dynamic couple. Like, we're both athletic. Yolanda's a track star, she's very smart. I think I'm smart, too.

Yolanda: You are. You're smart.


Ray: And we thought we would be a good couple, a good team, depending on what they were looking for.

Yolanda: That's true, too.

Ray: That doesn't mean - you could be a great team, but...

Yolanda: You never make it.

Ray: They may not want you that season.

miri: It may go with the combo that they've got going with the other Racers.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: I thought the interesting thing through the application process, when we were in L.A., is that everyone would say that the other teams were talking abut us. They would keep asking for our impressions of the other teams, and we were like, "Oh, I mean, they seem great!" We didn't have much to say, and we kept hearing, "Oh they keep saying this about you. Yeah, they keep talking - saying these things about you." I'm like, "Wow! So we must be the two to beat!"

Tribefan: They singled you out right away.

Ray: We always thought the Frat Boys would make it, from the early days when we first saw them.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah. We saw the Frat Boys in Miami, actually.

Ray: And we were like, "Oh -

RayYo: "They're definitely going to make it!"


Ray: They were characters there! They were playing with girls at the - the receptionists, and -

Yolanda: And I was like, "Yeah, these dudes are going to definitely make the show."

Tribefan: Some people just stand out right away.

Ray: Oh, and the Hippies!

Yolanda: And the Hippies.

Ray: We saw the Hippies and we were like, "Whoa, look at these dudes! Are they like country hippies? I don't know!"

Tribefan: I was watching one of the videos today and I was laughing because you kept calling them hillbillies in this one little clip.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah! Ray called them hillbillies! I said, "they're hippies!"

Ray: They had, like, cowboy hats on before we started the Race. They wore cowboy hats and these, like, reflective shades.

Tribefan: Are there any Detours that you wished you'd picked the other one? If you could do it all over again, would you have picked different tasks?

Ray: Well, one. When we had to pull those branches. That was SO hard.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah, it was hard. But there was no way I could have dived. There was no way. And so, for the most part, I think we picked all the right Detours.

Tribefan: Well, that's good.

Yolanda: Yeah, we picked all the right Detours. I think the only thing - I usually don't like to have regrets, but that first Roadblock, it would have been cool if I had done that one - the thirty-three flights up the stairs. I would have liked that.

Tribefan: Why did Ray do that one over you, since you're the runner?

Yolanda: Yeah, I don't know! We just - for some reason, I just deferred to him. I was like, "You want to do it?" He was like, "Yeah!" And I was like, "Ok!" I should have done it, though. I think it would have been fun.


Yolanda: I like stuff like that! That's the kind of stuff I like. It's fun!

miri: And then, if you were still alternating, you wouldn't have had to do the dive!

Yolanda: Exactly!

Tribefan: You know, we pay attention to that kind of stuff as the Race is going along, and everybody's like, "Ray seems to be doing most of the Roadblocks," and we wondered if, at some point, that would hurt you. But you're obviously very strong, so -

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: Yeah, I still think I shook Ray's confidence in me a little bit after the pool Roadblock. I mean, I know he believes in me. I know he thinks I can get things done, but I had a feeling - anything that had to do with heights, he was like, "Ok, I'm doing it!" There's no choice, and no question about it!


Tribefan: Yeah, we're not doing that again!

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly. I had a feeling that's what it was!

miri: Did it shake your confidence in yourself?
I knew I had a problem with jumping into water. I don’t do that. And I knew that I wasn’t as comfortable in water as I am on land, but I had no idea I was that afraid.
Yolanda: A little bit, I'm not gonna lie. Because it was kind of like, getting up there - I knew I had a problem with jumping into water. I don't do that. And I knew that I wasn't as comfortable in water as I am on land, but I had no idea I was that afraid.

miri: Right.

Yolanda: I was literally, like, shaking my hands and crying. I was like, "I can't believe it!" I didn't feel like myself in that moment. Plus, I had Ray yelling at me, talking about, "What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing up there? Why are you waiting?" And, like, I had Eric up on the other side, he was yelling at me to go. And I heard Michelle - she was like, "Lake, not that way! You don't do it that way!" Because he was yelling at me, "You need to go ahead and jump." It was a really weird experience.

Tribefan: A little bit of out of body going on.

Yolanda: Yeah, and then they said, "Yolanda, your time is up." And then, I just jumped. So, it was the weirdest thing.

miri: So, you had a set time, and then if you didn't do it, then another...

Yolanda: Right. Then I would have had to step down and get all the way to the back of the line...

Tribefan/miri: Ohhhhhhh!

Yolanda: By that point, I think, five teams had come in behind us.

Tribefan: Oh, that would really put you behind, then.

Yolanda: Yeah. It was our turn to jump, so I was like, "I have to do it, no matter what."

miri: Exactly, but it's like - that's what it took...

Yolanda: Exactly!

miri: You ought to leave no choice!

Tribefan: We were talking about the Roadblock you did where you were digging in the sand in Oman. How long did it take to do that?

Yolanda: Ooooh, I don't know...

Ray: She was out there about...thirty minutes.

Yolanda: I want to say thirty minutes.

Tribefan: It must have been brutal in that heat.

Yolanda: It was pretty hard. I think I was spurred on, definitely, because BJ was still out there. There's a moment before that, when we had to go do that Detour, and I was telling Ray, "Ray, we're last." He's like, "No, we're not last." I was like, "Ray, we're last." He's like, "Yolanda, I've never been last in my life."


Yolanda: And I'm like, "Ray! We're last!" And so, when we finally got there, and we knew that - we saw that we were last, but BJ was still out there, I was like, "I have to do this! No matter what, I'm gonna keep going." And they kept trying to encourage me to stop and take water breaks - the production staff - but I was like, "There's no way I'm stopping, because this is my one chance to get back into the game."

Tribefan: That was a risk.

Yolanda: Yes, definitely, definitely. But poor BJ.

Ray: Rich BJ!


Tribefan: Not feeling so sorry for BJ, now!

Yolanda: He was so tired.

Tribefan: What about the Fast Forward you guys went after and then decided not to do?

Yolanda: Oh, yeah!

Tribefan: Did you think for one minute that you could eat that bowl of crickets?

Yolanda: How about this! Ray and I both thought we were gonna eat those crickets!

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: When we saw the bowl, we had to watch them sauté them up. We were like, "Oh, yeah, we're gonna eat them. Not a problem!"

Ray: When we left for the Fast Forward, had MoJo been there when we left, we probably wouldn't have left.

Yolanda: Exactly.

Ray: But at that point, it was only us, the Frat Boys and the Hippies. The Frat Boys couldn't take the Fast Forward, so it would have basically been giving the Hippies the Fast Forward.

Yolanda: So we figured it was worth a shot.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: And we knew that MoJo hadn't gotten to the first - the Roadblock. We figured there was a chance, and we can just skip it and then go back.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: It was so funny, because I was sitting there, trying to break the legs off my crickets. I was eating the legs, and I was like, "Well, I'll get to those eyes in a minute."

Tribefan: Ewwww!

Yolanda: And then Ray looks over, and he's like, "Can you do this?" And I was like, "Ummmmm...Ray, you're not eating the crickets?" I realized he wasn't even eating the crickets.


Tribefan: More like, "Ray, can you do this?"

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly.
You don’t want to get halfway through the bowl and then you’re like, “Aw, man, I can’t eat this.”
Ray: You don't want to get halfway through the bowl and then you're like, "Aw, man, I can't eat this."

Yolanda: Exactly.

Ray: And then you're out of the Race for good.

Yolanda: That's right. That's right. I think we made a wise decision.

Tribefan: I think so, too, just because - yeah, you're right. You don't want to spend all that time and effort and pain to get through half a bowl, and then go, "I can't finish this."

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm! Especially when they wouldn't give you any more water. We only had, like, six ounces of water -

Tribefan: Oh!

Yolanda: And you couldn't get any more. And I was like, "Um. Hell no."

miri: Yeah!

Tribefan: You need a gallon jug to get those down!

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly.

Ray: I liked the episode. I was like, "I think BJ's throwing up right now." And then they cut to the clip where BJ's throwing up!


Yolanda: They had some clever editing, I think, in that episode.

Tribefan: Yeah, it was kind of clever, in that way, but yet you wonder how much of it was actually in real time.

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm.

Ray: Yeah.

miri: Besides, if you had done the Fast Forward, you wouldn't have gotten to have so much fun with those monkeys!

Yolanda: Oh, I know!

Tribefan: The monkeys were the best!

Yolanda: Those monkeys!


Yolanda: It was so funny. I'm like, "These monkeys are really damn greedy!" I'm like, "I'm getting your food ready, monkeys." And they were all, like, pulling the food off of the carts. It was really unusual, but it was awesome, because we saw the monkeys travel over from their hideouts in the apartments across from the temple. And then they just came over in droves, like little monkey gangs. They were just tearing shit up, and it was like, "Yeah, I own this place," and, you know, like, snatching food from people. We made it over to the temple, and I guess they knew what was happening. They were like, "Yeah, we got to get our eat on."


Tribefan: Well, I guess when you're a sacred monkey, you develop an attitude.

Yolanda: Exactly! You're right.

Tribefan: They must have been frustrating, but monkeys make great TV.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah, they do. They're so cute!

Tribefan: They are!

Yolanda: I think camels make good TV, also.

miri: Oh, yes! We like camels.

Yolanda: I like camels.

Tribefan: Camels are always good. Comedy gold, every time. We love them.

Of course, you're famous, Yolanda, for, "Your mama's got a pattern going."

Yolanda: Oh, yes.

Tribefan: Actually, a lot of people believe that should have been the title of the episode.

Yolanda: Yeah, we never got an episode named after one of our quotes.

Tribefan: That's right. I don't think anybody kept track of that for us this season!

miri: Ray, did you hear her say that when you were actually there?

Ray: I couldn't hear her because we were so far away from each other.

Yolanda: He was at least a hundred meters away from me.

Ray: She told me she said it, though.

Yolanda: Yeah, I did tell him. At the pit stop. "Just in case, Ray, I did say..." Because we kind of agreed not to say any your mama jokes, because we do that all the time. We slap at each other. And that was kind of our rule for the Race. Then I was like, "Listen, I let one fly. I'm sorry."

Tribefan: It was a good one! You guys won a couple of great prizes along the way, too. Did you get your Mercedes yet?

Ray: Not yet. We're still waiting. We should have it, like, in the next couple of weeks, though.

Tribefan: Oh, that'll be fun!

Yolanda: Yeah!

miri: And how about they throw in some gasoline, too!

Yolanda: That'd be good! If they could throw in the gasoline, that would be an amazing gift.

Tribefan: I know. Last season when they gave away the gas for life...

Yolanda: Whoa! Whoa! BP for life!

Tribefan: Uh huh! I'd take it!

Yolanda: Me, too.

Tribefan: Any plans for your trip to Sydney anytime soon?

Ray: Actually, we just got the paperwork on Friday. And, we have to see on which dates we're gonna take it.

Yolanda: We figured - we found out we don't have to necessarily take it during the year. So, we might try to use it wisely. We had really great prizes - I couldn't be happier. It didn't seem like anybody was gonna get a prize, just running the Race, because it was all just Hippies and Frat Boys.

Tribefan: That would get a little frustrating, I would say.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah. Running the Race, it was getting really frustrating because there weren't a lot of opportunities to kind of jump ahead.

Ray: The first half of the Race was designed, like, once you get stuck in a group, you're pretty much stuck there. There wasn't an opportunity to catch up.

Yolanda: Especially coming out of Segesta. Like, by Segesta - especially - well, the first - the Brazilian leg, yeah - no matter what. Yeah, the people who got the flights out of Denver, that's the group that they were in, basically, for the first four legs.

Tribefan: Wow.

Ray: And we got - in Russia, we had an opportunity to get back in the first bunch, and when the thing that happened at the airport.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah, that was so frustrating. We felt like we were finally in a good position. We came to the airport third, and then we were waiting in line for literally an hour and thirty minutes.

Ray: No, it was like three hours.

Yolanda: It was longer than that?

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: Ok, well, it felt like an eternity. And then all the other teams started to show up. The Hippies arrived. And then the woman, the Russian attendant, said, "It's time for my break now. I must go." And we were like, "What?" We were right in line to get our tickets, and then she said she had to go. She shut down her window, and then it opened up on the end, fifteen minutes later, right in front of Tyler, so he got his flight.
When you’re in the back, you’re hungry. You learn how to race wisely, because you’re used to – you don’t get flustered because you’re used to being in the back.
It's all good. When you're in the back, you're hungry. You learn how to race wisely, because you're used to - you don't get flustered because you're used to being in the back. You know what rules to make to try to get ahead. And there was a point where Ray and I said, "Well, you know what? We're just going to have to work it from the back of the pack," which is frustrating, but we said that's what we're gonna have to do.

miri: I don't know if this impression was helped along by editing or what, but you seemed to have a little bit of trouble with directions and getting from place to place.


Ray: I think every team has, like, a flaw - some type of a weakness. And, I think, with us, our weakness - well, I don't think it was a weakness - but the weakness that was shown was our driving. Actually, we never really got lost.

Yolanda: Well, you know, I was thinking about this, in preparation for this interview. I think we were more ‘generally lost' as opposed to ‘largely lost.' You know what I mean? Like, we never drove for two hours back in the wrong direction. We were more in the general state of being lost, as opposed to being very strongly lost.

Ray: Then on the other side of that, when we were at the Pit Stop, it would be like, we got no more lost than anybody else, but that would be the thing that would be shown from us.

Yolanda: That's true. Ray would ask - he would talk to other people and they would say, "Yeah, we got lost here, oh my gosh, and this and that!"

Ray: But we would - if it was a choice to go left or right, and right was the right way -

RayYo: We would go left!


Yolanda: Oh, I should mention - Fran and Barry were so nice to send us in the mail - a compass!

miri: Oh, that's hilarious!

Yolanda: So we need to send them a thank you card for that.

Tribefan: That was a very thoughtful gift!

Yolanda: It was!

Ray: I think one thing that, probably, why we - a lot of times we went the wrong way, is we would not go with the group. Most teams liked to stay in the pack, in the group, and we would always, like, leave the group.

Yolanda: And I was more guilty of that. Because I was always like, "Why won't you leave? Leave the group!" And Ray was like, "Well, you can probably stay with the group, and then take off in an opposite direction." And in retrospect, I see that that was a good - that would have been a better move.

Ray: But then, at other times, the benefit of doing that is - learning to find your way builds some kind of Race character. It's like, you feel confident in your abilities. Some teams, they feel like they need another team.

Tribefan: Yeah, I mean, I don't think anybody could ever accuse you guys of following other teams.

Yolanda: Yeah, definitely not.

miri: There was one leg, though, where it was very important that you guys not bleed time, and you really didn't. The one when Dave and Lori were eliminated, because that was the only change in position in that leg.

RayYo: You're right. Yeah.

miri: That was the part of the Race, where you guys were saying, everyone was coming in in the same order leg after leg. But you guys really managed to step it up in that leg.

Ray: Yeah. And, it was - the funny thing is, every time we needed to perform well -

Yolanda: That's what we would do.

Ray: We would have to race perfectly because we would be in such a horrible position.

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm. And we're really kind of ‘pressure people'. We like to perform under pressure. There's something very exciting about that.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: We like to feel like the weight is on us, and we're like, "Yeah, we can do it!" Every time that happened, we would always seem to pull through. Except with the last leg.


Ray: And, like, with the statue thing.

Yolanda: The statues, yeah. Oh man, that was -

Ray: It was fun, though!

Yolanda: That was - my most frustrating leg with Ray was the Segesta leg, because, sometimes you can glean a couple of clues from the production staff, depending on what's around. So, we knew, well, I felt like I knew that we needed to go up the hill, because that's where the statues were - the next clue was. And Ray didn't feel that that was the way we needed to go. And I was like, "The production has cars! Listen! They have cars! They wouldn't take the cars into the woods, Ray, they wouldn't!" That travel up the hill was about a mile long, and we went up it at least two times.

Tribefan: Oh, wow.

Yolanda: Up and down, up and down, and then we went into the woods. And I was trying to tell him, "Ray, it's not over here, now just follow me. Damn it, you're gonna get up this hill!"


Tribefan: Step up and make him do it!

Yolanda: Yeah.

Tribefan: Had you done a lot of international travel before you went on the Race?

Yolanda: I had only - the only time I went overseas was to Spain when I was on a national team for U.S. and that was in '99. And it was very - we didn't travel much, we were just there to compete. Other than that, just the vacation spots and national travel.

Tribefan: What about you, Ray?

Ray: Just the vacation spots - Bahamas and Jamaica. And Mexico.

Yolanda: Yeah, Mexico.

Ray: And, Cancun - yeah, Cancun is Mexico.


Tribefan: That's international!

So, when you were heading out, were there any places you were really hoping the Race would go?

Yolanda: Greece! That's why I had my Greece shirt with me! I was like, "We're gonna go to Greece, I can tell!"

Tribefan: The Race had never gone to Greece before.

Yolanda: Mmmm, yeah!

miri: I think when I saw that, I thought that you might have picked it up on the Race or something, but you brought that with you?

Yolanda: Yeah, I brought it with me in hopes to go.

Tribefan: What places were your favorites along the way, besides Greece?

Ray: Italy.

Yolanda: Italy. Ray liked Italy. I was very surprised - pleasantly surprised - in Oman, just because I wasn't very familiar with it beforehand. And then, just going, you see the stark differences in the environment, like the white cliffs. They're very steep and crumbly, and all the rocks against the deep, deep blue of the sea. It was just so - the contrast of colors, and the juxtaposition of the little towns, where goats would roam the streets, kind of like how dogs and cats might roam in country areas of the U.S. It was very, very interesting. I have never seen anything like it. Outside of Oman, I liked Australia a whole bunch.

Tribefan: Were you able to take time every once in a while to step back and go, "This is really cool?"
Probably, whenever Ray and I weren’t talking, we were just gazing out the window, or just gazing around, like, “I cannot believe that I’m here.” It just was so amazing.
Yolanda: Always. Always, always, always. Probably, whenever Ray and I weren't talking, we were just gazing out the window, or just gazing around, like, "I cannot believe that I'm here." It just was so amazing. And then also, sleeping outside in those places. We slept outside in Oman twice, and it was just so amazing. When you book travel, you do not book a night outside! The experience you get from the Race is so - not to be sappy - but, amazing. Because you are put in situations you never thought you would be put in.

Tribefan: That's so cool. Well, that's something you probably picked up from the way Chip played the game, then, too, because he always - he did seem to really appreciate where he was at.

Yolanda: Appreciate. Exactly.

Tribefan: Are there any moments that didn't make it to the screen that you wish we had seen?

Yolanda: (giggles) Oh, yes. I was trying to think about it. I think when I was in Germany - I can't remember the German word for exit, but on the interstate, or, the Autobahn, rather, the exits, they were something like, ‘Ausfart' - ‘Ausfartung' - and I was like, "Ray, would you read that sign?" He's like, "Aum - Ausfartung!" I was like, "You are?" And he was like, "What?" And I was like, "Ray, Ray, we need to get to the Aum - Ausfarting!" And, like, the camera guy and the sound guy - we were all laughing. And he was like, "Wha?" Things like that.

Also, in Brazil when I was driving the dune buggy, my gas pedal got stuck. And then the car was just, like, revving forward - it was a clutch, but it was it was, like, making all these weird noises, and it was stuck. It was like, "Oh my gosh, my pedal is stuck!" And then I just looked around at everybody and I just flipped the pedal, and I just felt like such a stuntwoman. And I was talking about, "Yeah! My god, I'm a stuntwoman!" Because Wanda and Desiree were right on our tails, and I just felt like such a superhero. So, I think that made the Insider Videos. I wish that kinda made the show. But, little things like that.

Tribefan: Yeah, well, that's cool. I'm glad they have the Insider Videos. They give us some extra things. Because we just can't get enough, you know.

Yolanda: The real fans can't get enough.

Tribefan: That is correct!

How did you get along with your fellow contestants? Are you still in touch with them now?

Ray: Yeah. Everybody, like, MoJo - I mean, not MoJo - uh - Fran and Barry -

Yolanda: Dave and Lori.

Ray: Dave and Lori, Hippies, Frat Boys - I talk to pretty much everybody on the phone or email.

Yolanda: Yeah, Ray's basically the guy who -

Ray: Yeah, I liked everybody. Everybody, to me, was entertaining.

Yolanda: I think my favorite, just as far as entertainment, were Lake and Michelle. I mean, Lake is hie-larious. He had a special affinity for Ray. Every time he saw him, he was like, "Ray! Ray!" Like, whenever we were racing, and at the Pit Stop - I mean, it was just amazing!

Tribefan: He did have a colorful vocabulary.

Yolanda: Yeah! You know, we're from the South. We're used to that. We were like, oh, yeah, that's something recognizable amidst all this foreign things - foreign stuff. But I think, for the most part, my M.O. in playing the game was to try to avoid certain personalities that I felt like I might clash with or have a problem with. So that whole - me not being very - I wouldn't say I wasn't friendly, I just didn't offer my time up to certain people, because I just - I was trying not to go off on people, because that would probably happen. It's more my personality. I can't ever really hide my temper.

Tribefan: So, you just knew the people that kind of would be good for you to avoid.

Yolanda: Yeah, who I might need to avoid.

miri: Especially when you're under that much stress, and not any sleep and all that stuff, yeah.

Yolanda: Yeah. Ray and I are pretty much laid back and we started seeing things getting kind of hectic, like, around Italy. Remember that? When we were getting ready to leave to get the train? People were starting to, like, yell at each other and, there was a lot of inter-team turmoil, and I was like, I'm just gonna - I'm gonna stay out of this.

miri: And sometimes I think, like you were saying, I think in the end, that can make you a better Racer, because you're having to make decisions on your own, and so you're learning on your own - since you're not getting involved in all the drama that's going on.

Yolanda: Exactly.

Tribefan: Hey, you feel that you got along with virtually everyone, and you just - you played the game the way you wanted to play the game.

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm. I mean, there was never a bad word shared between me or Ray and anyone else. I'm just like, I'm here to play the game, and just have fun. I don't want to be - I don't want it to be a bad situation, basically.

Tribefan: I can understand that.

Did you follow any of the online discussions about you during the Race. I mean, you couldn't post or anything, but did you read things about yourself?

Yolanda: Yeah, I would read stuff. But Ray doesn't - he wouldn't read. I thought it was funny before anything got started, I remember a post - somebody said I had dirty knees and fat thighs.

Tribefan/miri: Oh my god!

Yolanda: I thought that was so funny, and I was like, "Bring it on!"

Tribefan: I can't - I mean, my gosh, Phil was in love with your legs! He talked about them in every interview!


Yolanda: You know, stuff like that doesn't matter to me. I always think it's funny, because I've been a true competitor for a very long time, and I'm used to people talking shit. It's actually, in a sense, it's very comforting, because it feels like home.

Tribefan: It is a warm, fuzzy place to you, yeah.

Yolanda: Exactly!

miri: Did it bother Ray when Phil kept going on about your legs?


Ray: Oh, no, it didn't bother me at all.

Tribefan: Oh, boy, Phil has a crush here! He was really - he was quite high on you!

Ray: Like, "Phil, give us a good prize!"

Yolanda: Yeah, Ray wouldn't mind, as long as he could get something out of it!


Tribefan: Was there anything you were reading about yourself - I mean, obviously, you don't care about the trash talk - that feels good - but, was there anything you think people had a misperception about you that you'd like to dispel?

Ray: I think, one, I think at times people took - even my friends - well, not all of my friends - but seeing us on TV, it was like, "Whoa, man, they're not racing hard, they're not running fast," but we were like the fastest runners out there, so -

Yolanda: We were running everywhere.

Ray: We run fast, and they might show us when we're finished running, and we're breathing hard. "Why are they breathing hard?" Well, we just ran, like, three miles!

Yolanda: That's true, we ran everywhere. I think us and the Frat Boys. They ran every single place.

miri: I think maybe - you know, you were saying that - people thought, oh, you weren't running fast, or, oh, you weren't thinking fast, or moving fast, or doing things. You seemed to have this cool exterior, and maybe they misread that.

Yolanda: You know, me being a competitor - I've literally competed in U.S. Nationals for a spot in the Olympics - and when you're competing with these people - I mean, they have the most icy exterior. It's just so you can't see what's going on. I remember competing for a spot on a national team, and I was like - inside I was like, "God, please, Jesus," you know, like, really calling on the Lord to help me through what I was going through. But no one else would be able to tell that.

Tribefan: Never let them see you sweat. And that really is important in competition.

Yolanda: Exactly.

Ray: And I think being like we were - like great competitors - whereas we may not get excited when, you know, "Ok, we gotta do this" - we're thinking about what we have to do, and someone may take that as we're not excited, but we were, like, focused. When I was building the statue, I was, like, calm, and the only reason I talked noise when I was building the statue, is because, knowing you're out there - well, one knowing your competitors, I think, had it been the Frat Boys, I wouldn't have talked noise - that's gonna make them better. But since it was Dani and Danielle - I mean, I like Dani and Danielle, but it was girls, so talking flustered them.

Yolanda: Hey!

Ray: Yep.

Yolanda: It wouldn't have flustered me!


Ray: But, you know - it's like, that's why I liked hanging out with the teams, because you kind of get to know the teams, and little things that - ok, well, they may do this or they may make this - like, everybody knew, ok, we're not gonna do a water thing when it comes to the Race. So, those things, just getting to know the teams.
Ray would – I think Ray was good at observing people and trying to – he figured people out based on talking to them.
Yolanda: That's true. Ray would - I think Ray was good at observing people and trying to - he figured people out based on talking to them. Me, I was kinda like, I don't give a damn. I was like, I'm gonna do whatever I gotta do, I don't care what other people are doing and that was my M.O.

Ray: And everybody's personality was pretty entertaining.

Yolanda: What I love about Ray is he has the great ability to kind of hang out with people. He could not really care about them, or he might think they're silly, but he has the ability to be really tolerant. And I think that's awesome. You know, you do learn a lot about people that way.

Tribefan: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

So, what, overall, do you think was the biggest benefit you got from running The Amazing Race?

Ray: Well, one, just seeing the world, and realizing that people, no matter what culture, what race, what part of the world they're from, we're all generally the same. And as far as communication, we might speak different languages, but people are generally nice around the world. I think we just have to keep that in mind, wherever we're at, and respect one another's culture and respect people's differences.

Yolanda: I think, for me - well, the thing about the Race is that you're put in a lot of stressful situations, and they're comparable to real-life stressful situations. I mean, physiologically, your body is - chemically you're going through the same changes - you're - (Ray says something under his breath) - shut up!


Yolanda: You have adrenaline pumping - whether it's something that happened - you have a sick child, or you have to go to the statue in Italy, your body feels - takes in the stress the same way. It's still the same. So, the fact that I got to experience a lot of stressful events with Ray, and watching him perform and make sound decisions, I'm very pleased. I feel like I have great partner for life, definitely. And, the outcome of us doing the Race is that it strengthened our relationship, even though I wasn't looking for that. I think us being engaged is a testament to what we learned about each other, and our experiences on the Race - all positive.

Tribefan: That's so good. I know people - we watch and people overanalyze everything we see on the screen, and I know there was some discussion on our boards about, well, we wonder what's happening with their relationship? They don't seem to be on the same page. Or, Yolanda seems positive, but Ray doesn't. And all is said and done, obviously it was working for you and you're engaged! So, I'm thinking maybe they edited a few things out that we just weren't getting.

Yolanda: Yeah. Plus, Ray and I have two different - we're very similar, but we have two different personalities. I'm more of the hyper, spontaneous one, and Ray is the more laid-back, definitely chill one. That's how it works in our relationship. I'm always, like, jumping around and he's like, "Sit down. Relax." That's us.

Tribefan: Well, that works! That's what one needs from the other.

Ray: And then, I think, too, racing is king of like - you try to separate the relationship from the Race.

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm. You were better at it than I was.

Ray: So, if I'm racing, I'm not thinking about, ok, this is my girlfriend. I'm thinking about, man, I want to fucking win!


Ray: You may say something and then it's like, ok, this is my girlfriend.
Ray proposes during The Early Show<br /><span class="small">Photo by Kanuck</span>
Ray proposes during The Early Show
Photo by Kanuck
Yolanda: Yeah, I like to think I'm one of the guys - I have that kind of personality. I don't think I'm very girly. But what I did learn about myself is that, yes, I need Ray to give me attention and treat me like a woman - or, like, treat me like his girl.

Tribefan: Yeah, and not one of the boys.

Yolanda: Exactly! You know, I'm like, yeah, I'm gonna get in here and kick ass, but please give me a kiss every so often!

Tribefan: That's a good thing!

Well, now, you're all settled in Chicago. What's new with you guys? What's going on?

Ray: We're just trying to plan a wedding. That's like another whole Amazing Race.

Yolanda: Basically. We're thinking about a destination wedding.

Tribefan: Oh, that'd be fun! Have you set a date yet?

Yolanda: No.

Ray: Somewhere between May and July. We haven't figured out exactly, but one of those months.

Tribefan: You're a teacher, aren't you, Yolanda?

Yolanda: Well, I was teaching in Miami, and I don't - I'm not looking to get back into that field. If I have to, then I will - just because it was such a draining, but positive, experience.

Tribefan: Oh, I have friends who are teachers, I understand.

Yolanda: Ok, yeah. I was at an at-risk school for girls in Little Haiti, so it was very draining, but all positive.

Tribefan: Then that doesn't come into your timing at all, because when you said May to July, I thought maybe it was good for school, but -

Yolanda: Oh, yeah - I didn't think about that.

Tribefan: Ah ha! So, were you surprised when he proposed when you were on TV?

Yolanda: I was so damn surprised! I really was, because I had the whole talk with him about - I mean, I'm not gonna lie - I thought people proposing to people on TV - I thought it was cheesy. And we weren't talking about us, when we were talking about that. We were just talking about people in general. I think he found a way to bring the conversation up. I was like, "Please, I know you would never do anything like that." He was like, "Really? I wouldn't?" And I was like, "Please, Ray, I know you're not." And he was like, "Oh, ok, yeah, you're right. I wouldn't do anything like that!" But I think, for him, he had to ask me in that way, because I wasn't expecting it. And usually, I ask like five million questions - usually, I figure things out. So that way, I was completely caught off guard. Like, I just could - I don't know if you could tell from my - if you saw it or if you could tell from my expression, but I was - I was so surprised. I really, really was.

miri: Yeah, I thought I heard you say something like, "You said you wouldn't do this on TV!" or something like that.

Yolanda: Yeah! That's why! I'm referencing that conversation! I was like, "I thought you said you wouldn't do this on TV!"

Tribefan: So was everybody in on it? Obviously they had the champagne ready.

Ray: Yeah, they found out a few days before. The Racers didn't find out until that morning. I think I had told Dave and Lori, like late that night, like three that morning. Like, we were all drunk.

Yolanda: I was drunk.


Ray: But everybody else found out that morning.

Yolanda: I was so shocked. And, plus, I was trying to get out of it that morning, because I was really - I'm a liquor lightweight, and I wasn't feeling well at all that morning, and I was like, "Please Ray, is there any way you think we could get out of this? I mean, we got third place, and it's really not important." And he was like, "No, we're gonna go ahead and go through with it." It was so amazing. It was good. He actually - I was surprised and pleased.

miri: So, Ray, were you nervous about asking her on TV?

Ray: Oh, yeah, I was. I wasn't nervous on the Race, but I was nervous about proposing.


Ray: You know, just because it's like a - I think proposing is like a - that's - for a guy, it's like a - it's a very personal moment. So the fact that it's on television is - that's a big deal. But then, outside of that-

Tribefan: It's a little personal, yeah.
You’re just looking at your target, and you’re like – you’re nervous, you’re about to bend down – you don’t know – you think she’s gonna say yes, but it’s that possibility, well, what if she says no.
Ray: In the moment, it's like you don't even see it. It's like being in a basketball game and you're shooting free throw. You're just looking at your target, and you're like - you're nervous, you're about to bend down - you don't know - you think she's gonna say yes, but it's that possibility, well, what if she says no.


Yolanda: Poor baby! He tried to put it on my - the right hand - the wrong finger, the wrong hand. I was like, "Wait! It's the other hand! It's the other hand!" He was literally in a trance. It was funny.

Tribefan: Well, you got through it together, didn't you?

Yolanda: Yeah.

Ray: And if she said no, I was planning on making it into a joke.


miri: And you had family there, too, so they got to see the proposal and everything.

Yolanda: Yeah! My youngest sister was there, and a friend of mine got to come out, and see it. They had no idea, either. Ray didn't tell them.

Tribefan: Oh, how fun! They just came out thinking, they're gonna see you on TV!

Yolanda: Exactly. It was so amazing.

Tribefan: What's going on with you - are you still a rapper, Ray? I saw that in your -

Ray: Yeah, I record music. We're working on a project - shop it to a few labels.

Yolanda: There's a lot of big things going on with his music right now, so hopefully, people will hear about it very, very soon.

Tribefan: Well, be sure to keep us informed, we'll make sure everybody knows about it.

Yolanda: Yeah, absolutely.

Tribefan: So, now that you're all settled in Chicago, what do you think of Chicago?

Ray: Beautiful city, especially in summertime. The weather is lovely and there's so much to do downtown.

Yolanda: Yeah, it's a really great place to live. We live right in downtown.

Tribefan: Oh, you do, really, yeah, because it's my favorite city. Yeah, Dave - Steve and Dave from Season 4, who are Chicago guys - Dave wanted to know, because he says it is the greatest city in the world.

Yolanda: Well, he's a little biased, but -

Tribefan: A little, yes.

Yolanda. It is really wonderful, and the people are so nice up here.

Tribefan: And living downtown, that's very cool.

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm, which is why we have no need for cars.

Tribefan: That is true! What are you going to do with those Mercedes? It costs a lot to put them in a garage, there!

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly! See, you really know what you're talking about. That's why we don't mind delaying a little bit.

miri: Do you each get one?

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm.

miri: Oh, my, so you have to find parking for two.

Yolanda: I know, and he already has a car up here.

Tribefan: Can you trade it in for the cash?

Yolanda: Oh, no.

Tribefan: No, I didn't think so, no. Mercedes wouldn't like that.

So, did you enjoy TARCon?

Yolanda: Oh my gosh! TARCon was so amazing! I mean, I heard, from some of the Racers, it's really your chance to be a rock star for a night. And those are your fans. Those are the people who make Amazing Race so great. Those are the people who watch the show. And I relate, because I was one of those people. I just had no idea that there was a culture that existed.

Tribefan: Yeah, it is. It is its own little culture.

Yolanda: It was great. I think I was - I was answering questions the entire night. I never made it into the back of the club, and, yeah, I think I was even being filmed while I was answering questions! It was all good - it was so fun.
Yolanda & Ray enjoy a moment after the proposal
Yolanda & Ray enjoy a moment after the proposal
Tribefan: Well, that's good! It's always fun for us, because we like watching the show with a bunch of other people who enjoy it the way we do, and then for you guys to come and share it with us afterward is just - it's a great party.

Yolanda: It was very, very exciting. I was drunk, though. That's why I was sick the next morning.


Tribefan: I think a few people were sick the next morning.

miri: There was a nasty rumor going around at TARCon that you guys had broken up!

Tribefan: Obviously not true!

Ray: I think people said it because we arrived in two separate cabs.

Tribefan: Yeah, I think that was a lot to do with it.

Yolanda: Oh, yeah, well, Ray had his -

Ray: My friends were there, and I was waiting for them, and we all couldn't fit in the first cab.

Yolanda: That's true. Yeah, I took a cab over with, like, a casting agent, Jeremy, my sister Nikki and Chad, and Ray was in a cab - I thought he was behind - but when I got out, I was with those guys.

Ray: Yeah, you know, we - I got lost.

Yolanda: Ha, ha!


miri: Yeah, well that was the big news all around TARCon, "Oh, I think they're broken up!"

Yolanda: Oh, wow! I had no idea!

Tribefan: Oh, you were surprised the next morning? So were we!

Yolanda: My goodness! I had no idea that was going on! I guess we were just spending time with our family and friends.

Tribefan: There is one more really important question I have to ask you, because it came to our attention that you have not yet contacted Steve and Dave to go bowling or anything -

Yolanda: Ah! Hahahahahahaha!

Tribefan: And the question is - why?

Yolanda: Well, you know, that is a good question. Why haven't they contacted us, that's what I want to know!

Tribefan: That would be an equally good question!

Yolanda: Mmmm hmmm, mmmm hmmm, tell them I said that!

Tribefan: All right, I will!

Yolanda: I'm just jokin'!


Ray: I have a question for you guys.

Tribefan/miri: Sure.

Ray: Did you guys hear the rumor about a team from Season 9 being on Season 10?

Tribefan: We read that, and I'm wondering if that reporter was just on crack!


miri: There was actually a correction posted to that article.

Ray: And the other question is - do you guys think there's gonna be an All Star?

Tribefan: I think so.

miri: I think so.

Yolanda: I hope they have one, because I'd be really happy to see who would make it, and -

Tribefan: Oh, yeah. I think - they say - they're still very cagey about it publicly. I think a lot will depend on how well Big Brother All Stars does, which is really no comparison - different kind of show, and it's the summer, when there's nothing else on. I think CBS will - it'll be CBS' decision, whether or not Elise and Bert want to do it is irrelevant. I think they're leaning in that direction, I really do.

miri: I think it's also going to depend on if they have a green light for a season past 10.

Tribefan: Yeah, eleven. Ten is a go, but eleven - we don't have a final ok for season eleven, even.

Yolanda: Oh, wow.

Tribefan: I think they're definitely leaning that way more now than they were even a few months ago.

Yolanda: I think it would be fun to watch.

miri: I think so, too, because it's not going to be, like, Survivor, where it's a game about your relationships with other players, and that's why the All Stars was so painful, whereas the Race is about your relationship with your partner.

Tribefan: Yeah, I mean, like, you don't make alliances and stuff. It's a new Race. And I think they would really have to ramp it up and make the challenges really hard and the next time, more clues.

Yolanda: Yeah, and they should make the challenges more mental, please. Where you actually think about something.

Tribefan: It would be so - It would make them think. Especially when you're tired and you're in a rush. I can't think when I'm tired and in a rush. It would make it much more interesting. So, yeah, they'd - I think they'd really have to ramp it up to really be worthy of these people who would be good teams. They wouldn't cast people who weren't good teams.

Ray: As long as they have us on there.

Tribefan: Oh, absolutely!

Yolanda: Yeah, well, we'd really have to rally for that one.

Tribefan: Then there's always the controversy of whether you have previous winners or if you leave them off since they've already won the big money.

Yolanda: Awwww, I'd actually kind of like to have the winning teams.

Ray: You got to have the Hippies.

Yolanda: Yeah, the Hippies were so wonderful.

Tribefan: Truthfully, the only winners I'd really want to see again are Rob and Brennan from the first season, just because they're the originals. But I would like to see the Hippies again.

Yolanda: The only way I'd want to see Rob and Brennan is if they get beat.


Yolanda: They always talk about how they - you know, the Race has changed a lot since they've been on.

Tribefan: Oh, absolutely.

Yolanda: The people who - the Hippies and the Frat Boys are some of the best competitors, or the best competitors that the Race has seen.

Tribefan: It'd be very curious to see, because, you know, they're going to cast people that we might not think - I mean, like, it might be fun to do, like, Lake and Michelle again. They didn't go that far, but they were amusing.

Yolanda: Right, I would love to see Lake again.

Tribefan: Yeah, I mean, some people - they might not be in the top three or top four, but they would make for good TV.

miri: I want to see the Hippies again if BJ does the whole Race wearing your pants, Yolanda.

Do you know – BJ made me grab his butt so he’d give me some money in Japan!
Yolanda: He looked good in my pants! Do you know - BJ made me grab his butt so he'd give me some money in Japan!


Tribefan: Well, I'm so glad you had the time to talk to us tonight.

Yolanda: Yeah, it was fun.

miri: We really appreciate it.

Tribefan: We like talking to everybody and getting their take on the Race, and as you noticed, it is its own little culture, and it's a great group of people - a lot of whom you probably met at TARcon. I guarantee you didn't meet me at TARCon - I wasn't feeling well that night, and not through alcohol, but I just was kind of hanging out in the back.

Ray: You were upset we didn't win?


Tribefan: I actually was rooting - I mean I was ok with either you or the Hippies. I was not rooting for Eric and Jeremy. But if either if you had won, or the Hippies, I was ok with it, which was fun for a change, because so many times there's been a final three teams I don't care about. This season, it was fun to have people that - I'll be happy if they win! Although, it was hard to watch you kind of trailing the whole time.

Yolanda: Oh, it was so - you know what? We were so tired. We won that Four Seasons night in the hotel, and we did not get any sleep. I got an hour, and that completely washed me.

Ray: Ohhhh, but you guys didn't know what happened at the very end.

Tribefan: What?

Yolanda: Uh oh.

Ray: The cabs. Well, they didn't show this on the show, but it came down to cabs from the Denver airport to the last task, and we all got off the plane about 5:30 in the morning, and we rushed to the cab stand. Me and Yolanda got there first. The Frat Boys were second, the Hippies were third. So we were waiting like 15, 20 minutes for the cab. We're first in line, and the guy's like, "Ok, you guys get the first cab." Then the Hippies jump on the shuttle. But, you know, the clue says -

Yolanda: Take only a cab.

Ray: Yeah, take a cab. So we're like, "No, a shuttle's gonna be a penalty." So we were going back and forth.

Yolanda: But I convinced him to take a shuttle.

Getting on the shuttle could have been the smartest thing, but when we got - we left, they said our cab came, and the Frat Boys got our cab, and they got there first.
Ray: I'm like, "No, we need to go in a cab!" Yolanda's like, "No, no - remember what happened the last time we waited! We need to try something else - the cab's not coming." So we get on the shuttle, and we wound up getting a cab that was, like, super slow. The guy was just waking up. We get to the - after that, I mean, that made a difference. But you never know what's gonna be - you never know. Getting on the shuttle could have been the smartest thing, but when we got - we left, they said our cab came, and the Frat Boys got our cab, and they got there first.

Yolanda: They got there first. And when we got there - to the Cold Creek Park - Cold Manor something park - we asked - we saw BJ and Tyler going away in a taxi, and so we're like, well, we don't know if they got a clue yet or whatever. So we asked the security guard, "Well, is this, you know - "

Ray: Yeah, the security guy -

Yolanda: And he said -

Ray: "Get off the property."

Yolanda: "Get off the property, now." And we were like, ummmm - I was like, "My! Whoa!"

Ray: It must not be open yet!


Yolanda: And we were just - sometimes, you can be conditioned to waiting for things to open. We should have just run inside, when he said what he said, because we were away from the entrance of the park. We should have just run over and gone inside. But what are you gonna do?!

Tribefan: Yeah. Those little things, they add up, though.

Yolanda: Yeah.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: Everybody has a - everybody thinks, "Oh, I should have been on this show! I should have been in the final three! If this didn't happen to me, if that didn't happen to me - "

Ray: And unless you win it all, you're always gonna think about the last decision you made.

Yolanda: Yeah, I don't think about it. I know Ray does.

Ray: You know, but, you know, like, ok - you could have made a third decision. The Frat Boys -

Yolanda: I know - I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to make you take the shuttle.


Ray: That's fine. I'm gonna make millions.

miri: And, you guys got to run every leg, and that's just the coolest.

Ray: Oh, yeah!

Yolanda: That was the best part. When I got on it, I kept saying this repeatedly - I was like, "I know for a fact we're gonna make the final three," - even though I know it didn't look that obvious when we were running the Race - and I was like, "I know I'm gonna make it," and that would be my goal. And that's what happened.

Tribefan: It's tough to come so close and not make it, but still, you got to do everything.

Ray: Yeah.

Yolanda: That's the main thing. I got to do everything.

Tribefan: Well, congratulations for making it all the way to the end!

Yolanda: Thank you!

miri: And for making it to the end of the interview! Thank you guys so much, we really appreciate you taking the time.

Yolanda: It was great having the interview. I appreciate you guys giving us the opportunity.