Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains it All - Episode 11

It was nice that Yolanda gave BJ her purple pants and Eric gave him his sandals. Even though this is a race it doesnít hurt to be nice once in a while.

Hotels shouldnít give away stuff from the lost and found. What if that person who lost their shoes comes looking for them and BJ is wearing them?

The lady who told BJ to take off his shirt for money needs to make up her mind. First she wants it off then before he finishes she wants it back on. I didnít get it.

BJ & Tyler were lucky to get a flight that got in 15 minutes earlier to Bangkok. We all know how important 15 minutes can be.

Joseph & Monica should have rechecked the bus times after that guy told them they couldnít leave earlier. He probably worked for the later bus company and just wanted them to go on his bus.

That was so funny when the monkeys were jumping on the clue box. I wonder what they would have done if one of the monkeys opened up the box and stole the clues.

Eric & Jeremy looked like they were having fun with the monkeys jumping on them. Monkeys can be sneaky so you have to watch your stuff or they might steal it.
My mom could have done the Fast Forward. She eats gross stuff all the time when she doesnít even have to.
My mom could have done the Fast Forward. She eats gross stuff all the time when she doesnít even have to.

Ray & Yolanda should have stayed longer at the Fast Forward. Ray never got a chance to try a bug. Now he will never know if he likes them or not.

I liked when the monkeys kept stealing the food during the Roadblock. It made this one a lot harder and frustrating.

If I was BJ & Tyler I would just stuff handfuls of the bugs into my mouth if you are allowed to puke anyways. It doesnít make sense to just eat them one at a time.

For the Detour I would do worship it because I am just not strong enough to carry all of those pots. It would be a cool experience gold leafing a Buddha since I would never get that opportunity again. I could always carry clay pots around.

Even though BJ & Tyler didnít get the gold gnome they did get an opportunity to be one of the final three teams racing for a million dollars.

Eric & Jeremy have a good plan with Eric putting on the gold paper and Jeremy painting. Now when Jeremy is done with his job he can help Eric.

I didnít like when Monica blessed herself just for greed to finish the pots. You shouldnít pray for stuff like that.

I canít believe Joseph didnít put more than four extra pots on his board. Who cares if you have extra pots in the end?

Yolanda looks really pretty in that shirt from the temple. I wonder maybe if Phil could talk to the shirt people about letting Yolanda keep it.

Even though I liked to make fun of Monica I do feel bad for her and Joseph. She may have cried a lot but she at least always picked the tougher challenges.

This is the first time my absolute favorite team from the beginning has made it to the final three. I canít wait until Wednesday.