The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication Episode 10 Predictions

The final four teams are decided. The endgame approaches. The Con draws near. But before that happens, there's another set of rolls to do. Here are this week's results:

Beach Bums: 33446, 13344, 13344. Chance, 15 points. Another positive result for this team.'s getting old. Both the result and the team itself.

MoJo: 23356, 13345, 13346. Chance, 17 points. This Chance usually indicates teams that just barely get through to the next leg. Probably the same here. Look for a slip and a squeaker.

Hippies: 24556, 11355, 45566. Chance, 26 points. The highest (no pun intended) possible Chance roll. It's also positive, so a likely step up this week

YoRay: 34455, 34455, 24455. Chance, 20 points. A positive result here. They'll make a move away from last place this week.

Looking at the results this week, MoJo is apparently the worst off, so they're most likely on the bubble. And it would seem that we're back to Bums and Hippies in the top 2 spots. Which would put YoRay into 3rd this week.

Another pairs confluence this week coupled with an all-Chance confluence. Something unusual has to be happening tonight. (I know, I've said that a lot this season. This time it has to be.) And it would seem to be some sort of ending to this leg without a Philimination. TBC? NEL? We'll find out in a few hours.