Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All – Episode 8

I almost didn’t get to see the show this week because we were in Boston for a few days so my dad could run in the marathon. Good thing my Dad drives really fast because we got back just in time to watch it.
The buildings in Oman look really beautiful. Even the McDonald’s looks fancy.
The buildings in Oman look really beautiful. Even the McDonald's looks fancy.

It would have been better if there was more than one giant incense burner so that some of the teams might have gone to the wrong one.

I feel bad that BJ & Tyler missed the first bus. At least they are having a lot of fun in their empty bus.

I wonder if they have ever had a team sneak over the gate while everyone is waiting for a place to open. They probably make the camera guys take turns watching the Racers so they don't do any sneaky business like that anyways.

The other teams should have just told BJ & Tyler what time their plane arrived since it was booked anyways. All they ended up doing by not telling was to cause hard feelings.

The guy in Oman who said, "I don't speak English," just did.

Eric & Jeremy were the only team brave enough to drive their cars through the water while the other teams were too afraid to. Monica is such a baby. They didn't cut in line and were too scared to drive through.

I would do Watch Tower because everybody knows that camels are very stubborn and they like to spit like llamas.

If I was BJ & Tyler I wouldn't tell the other guys I found the scroll. I would get them back for not telling me what their arrival time was.

There is always a commercial when a team is in trouble. This is the first time that they are showing Eric & Jeremy before a commercial. I don't like that since they are still my favorite team.

During the Roadblock I don't know why the teams don't just jump on the sand piles before they waste their time digging. I would think their weight would cause the pile to fall in.

I wonder if they will make the teams eat the meat. I wouldn't want to be Fran & Barry since their meat is all covered with sand.

BJ is just like my mom, the first one to the piles and the last one to leave. I know how bored Tyler feels since he can't do anything to help.

Now if BJ hadn't been able to find the meat and it ended up being a non-elimination leg I wonder how long Phil would let them stay out there digging.

I never expected Fran & Barry to be team number 1. I was very proud of them. 

Joseph & Monica don't look very happy to be team number 2. Maybe they were just jealous because Fran & Barry beat them.

I can't figure out which team looks more unhappy at Pit Stops, Ray & Yolanda or Joseph & Monica.

I am just happy that it turned out to a non-elimination leg because BJ & Tyler are my second favorite team.