The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication—Episode 6 Predictions

Again something happened this season that the dice and I didn't see coming: the change in timeslot. Oh well, we'll roll with it. Here's the results for this week:

Hippies: 11234, 11236, 11156. Three of a Kind, 14 points.

Beach Bums: 11356, 11466, 11356. Chance, 16 points.

MoJo: 11346, 11236, 11356. Chance, 16 points.

FranBerry: 13456, 13456, 23456. Large Straight, 40 points.

Lake/Michelle:33346, 23335, 23333. Four of a Kind, 14 points.

Nerds: 11133. Full House, 25 points.

YoRay: 13344, 13344, 33344. Full House, 25 points.

Started out with a snake-eyed confluence, so there could be a NEL or some other unusual circumstance this week.

Other than that, the Hippies should stay on top, but Lake/Michelle and YoRay should make big moves up this week. A slip for the Bums and MoJo to midpack should also follow. That puts the oldsters and the Nerds on the bubble. If it's not a NEL, I think that it'll be the KF'd Nerds to get Philiminated this week. I hope not though.