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Season 9, Episode 4

The continuation of last week's run to Red Square sent teams to Munich, via Stuttgart's Wall of Death, a field full of buried product placements, and a Detour that could only have been improved if the Racers were the ones getting smashed, rather than the bottles. With no bunch points beyond Moscow, airport maneuvering was key, as the teams that got ahead there, stayed ahead. In the end, Wanda & Desiree were laid low by fatigue and the vagaries of Autobahn navigation.

Credit this leg goes to Eric & Jeremy for one long Play of the Week. Their quick finish last leg got them to the airport in time for an evening flight to Frankfurt, catapulting them into a lead which they maintained for the duration. Honourable mention to BJ & Tyler whose coverage of all the bases in the airport got them out of Moscow before morning as well.
Leaving the navigation to another team means that when they get lost, so do you. And unlike them, you might not even know it.
Getting lost is one thing, but letting someone else get lost for you is something else entirely, as Danielle & Dani showed us with their Smooth Move this week. "Oh, let's just follow them," is a bad idea when you're at the front of the pack, let alone when you are trailing. Leaving the navigation to another team means that when they get lost, so do you. And unlike them, you might not even know it.

Which brings us to Where the Wheels Came off the Bus. And that would be on Autobahn 8, somewhere outside Stuttgart. At least, I think it was supposed to be outside Stuttgart. Maybe it was Heidelberg, though. Do I hear Strasbourg? Freiburg, anyone? I'd ask Wanda & Desiree, but it's pretty clear that they don't know. Oh well, there'll be lots of time to study that road atlas in Sequesterville.

Ich bin ein Amazing Racer

Given the butchery that has been visited upon the languages of the world by so many past Racers ("Rapido!" "Mapo!" "Your-name-here-o!"), it's only fair to note the polyphonic achievement of BJ & Tyler-or really just BJ-this time out. (Feel free to make your own joke about a cunning linguist named BJ. I'll wait.) From the first leg, he's demonstrated a real facility with languages, no matter where he's ended up. Thus far, if I'm not mistaken, I've heard him bust out the Portuguese, Russian, and German. I don't know if he ate a Berlitz or if he's just pilfering phrasebooks from airport bookshops, but whatever he's doing, it's working. Even if it's not always totally Race-appropriate ("I would like to go dancing with you!" rarely gets one to the airport on time), his willingness to parlay with the locals speaks to a courtesy and respect for their culture that can translate into a willingness to help on their part. And it probably means that he'll be able to tell the difference between a Teatro and a Tempio. Not that that's likely to become important, Lake.
Leg 9-4 At a Glance

Start pointRed Square, Moscow, Russia
End pointSiegestor, Munich, Germany
Distance traveled2370 km
Distance to date23950 km


Start OrderTimeFinish OrderTime
1Eric and JeremyN/AEric and Jeremy1415
2Lake and MichelleN/ABJ and Tyler1504
3Ray and YolandaN/ALake and Michelle1509
4BJ and TylerN/AFran and Barry1703
5Fran and BarryN/ADavid and Lori1728
6Danielle and DaniN/AJoseph and Monica1752
7Wanda and DesireeN/ARay and Yolanda1848
8Joseph and MonicaN/ADanielle and Dani1928
9David and LoriN/AWanda and DesireeN/A


Find a Gnome
Find one of eleven gnomes hidden in 150 holes in a field.
TeamTaken byRecordInOut
Eric and JeremyJeremy(2/3)11
BJ and TylerBJ(2/3)23
Lake and MichelleLake(3/3)32
Fran and BarryBarry(2/3)44
Ray and YolandaRay(2/3)55
Joseph and MonicaJoseph(2/3)66
Dave and LoriDave(2/3)77
Danielle and DaniDanielle(2/3)88
Wanda and DesireeDesiree(2/3)99


Break It
Slap It
Break bottles on each others head, looking for a marked label.Learn and perform a German folk dance.
Eric and Jeremy11Fran and Barry44
BJ and Tyler23Joseph and Monica*56
Lake and Michelle32Ray and Yolanda*77
Dave and Lori65Danielle and Dani88
   Wanda and Desiree99

*Switched tasks once


Eric and Jeremy1211         
BJ and Tyler2142         
Lake and Michelle5723         
Fran and Barry 8954         
David and Lori4495         
Joseph and Monica6386         
Ray and Yolanda7537         
Danielle and Dani9868         
Wanda and Desiree3679         
Lisa and Joni1010           
John and Scott11