The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication—Episode 5 Predictions

If you look at last week's predictions a certain way, I was right. Granted, that way is to do look at the opposite what I actually said.

But that means that there's nowhere to go but up this week. So here are this week's results.

1. Beach Bums: 11445, 11144. Full House, 25 points.
2. Hippies: 34566, 34566, 35666. Three of a Kind, 26 points.
3. Lake & Michelle: 12222, 22226, 22223. Four of a Kind, 11 points.
4. FranBarry: 23344, 33445, 33344. Full House, 25 points.
5. Nerds: 11445, 11446, 11445. Chance, 15 points.
6. MoJo: 13566, 24466, 23566. Chance, 22 points.
7. RaYo: 13336, 33336, 33336. Four of a Kind, 18 points.
8. DDs: 12446, 14466, 44455. Full House, 25 points.

Looks like a fairly even split between positive and negative this time. Positive teams are the Hippies, Lake & Michelle, FranBarry, the Nerds (yay), and the DDs. Look for these teams to move up from their current positions.

The negative teams are the Bums, MoJo, and RaYo, with the two mixed-sex couples on the bubble. The Bums may slip back to second, and I'd say MoJo is in more danger than the other two.

I also just asked the dice who was going to have the better-received article this week:

Carissa: 45566, 55666. Full House, 25 points.
ATCs: 11566, 11566, 11466. Chance, 18 points.

According to them, it'll be the ATC's over littlebean. So take everything with a grain of salt. Or a shaker.