TAR9, Episode 3

Brotas, Brazil to Moscow, Russia
November 11-12, 2005
Money for this leg of the race $307.

Teams depart the pitstop (which was an extended pitstop, of 36 hours) at the Fazienda Primavera da Serra in Brotas, Brazil, at the following times and in the following order:

4:48 a.m.--BJ/Tyler
5:01 a.m.--Eric/Jeremy
5:18 a.m.--Joseph/Monica
5:28 a.m.--Dave/Lori
6:31 a.m.--Ray/Yolanda
6:32 a.m.--Wanda/Desiree
7:06 a.m.--Lake/Michelle
7:07 a.m.--Danielle/Dani
8:24 a.m.--Fran/Barry

The first clue directs teams to make their way to a nearby farm (2 miles; located at km 114 on Highway 225), and ride a 300 foot zipline for their next clue. The farm doesn't open until 7:00 a.m. Teams arrive there:

1) BJ/Tyler
2) Eric/Jeremy
3) Joseph/Monica
4) Dave/Lori
5) Ray/Yolanda
6) Wanda/Desiree
7) Danielle/Dani
8) Lake/Michelle (who got lost leaving the fazienda)
9) Fran/Barry

When the farm opens, only the first four teams are there. They enter and follow the zipline in the order they arrived. As the others arrive, they travel the zip line in the same order. At the end of the line, they received their next clue. That clue directs them to return to the Brotas Bus Depot. There, they will pull a bus ticket for a bus which will take them to São Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport.

They arrive at the bus depot and take tickets for their return to São Paulo:

1) BJ/Tyler -- 9:15 a.m.
2) Joseph/Monica -- 9:15 a.m.
3) Eric/Jeremy -- 9:15 a.m.
4) Dave/Lori -- 9:15 a.m.
5) Ray/Yolanda -- 10:00 a.m.
6) Wanda/Desiree -- 10:00 a.m.
7) Danielle/Dani -- 10:00 a.m.
8) Lake/Michelle -- 10:00 a.m.
9) Fran/Barry -- 10:45 a.m.

At the airport, teams arrange for flights to Moscow, Russia. All teams are on the same flights. The first, Lufthansa flight #503 departing São Paulo at 3:05 p.m. and arriving in Frankfurt at 6:15 a.m. the next day. They then continue on Lufthansa flight #3180, departing Frankfurt at 7:10 a.m. and arriving in Moscow at 12:10 p.m.

Moscow info:
City overview map
City map with detail
A nice tourism site
Temperature for the day was a high of 35 degrees and a low of 31.
Sunset was at 4:27 p.m.

Teams arrive at Sheremetyevo International Airport, in Moscow, and depart the airport by taxi (average fare 600 rubles--$21.50 US):

1) BJ/Tyler
2) Fran/Barry
3) Ray/Yolanda
4) Eric/Jeremy & Danielle/Dani -- who share a taxi
5) Lake/Michelle
6) Dave/Lori & Joseph/Monica -- who share a taxi
7) Wanda/Desiree

Teams go to the Chaika Bassein (Tourchanov per., 1/3 map; their website--in Russian, but has pictures), an Olympic training facility, where they will receive their next clue.

They arrive there:
1) BJ/Tyler
2) Fran/Barry
3) Ray/Yolanda
4) Lake/Michelle
5) Eric/Jeremy
6) Danielle/Dani
7) Joseph/Monica
8) Dave/Lori
9) Wanda/Desiree

There, they encounter a:

Who Wants to Take the Plunge?

The selected member of each team must go to the changing room and change into swimsuits. Then they must go outside, climb and jump from the 10-meter board. Then they must swim to the opposite side of the pool, and dive to the bottom to retrieve their next clue.

1) Tyler [time on clock was 14:41 at the dive, (thanks to drewfidelic)]
2) Barry [time 14:44]
3) Yolanda [time 14:49]
4) Lake
5) Eric
6) Dani [time 14:51]
7) Monica
8) Lori [time 14:52]
9) Wanda [time 15:10 when she got the clue]

The next clue directs teams to go by taxi to Novodevichy Monastyr (1 Novodevichy proyezd; 3 miles; map) and find the Virgin of Smolensk (Sobor Smolenskoy Bogomateri) for the next clue. Teams arrive:

1) BJ/Tyler
2) Lake/Michelle
3) Eric/Jeremy
4) Fran/Barry
5) Ray/Yolanda
6) Dave/Lori
7) Joseph/Monica
8) Wanda/Desiree
9) Danielle/Dani

There, they encounter a:

Scrub or Scour?

Scrub--Teams selecting this option must travel to a #8 Trolley Park (Eletrolitnyi proyezd, 10a; map; here is a trolleybus from that park; this map, I'm including because it's a good overview of the city, plus, if you follow line #1 - which ends at the bottom of the map in the middle - up to the area between the box with the 1 and the box with the 35, the camera symbol on the left of the line is in the approximate area of the park - click on it for photos) and wash the trolleybus inside and out to the satisfaction of the supervisor. Selecting this option and the order of their arrival was: Wanda/Desiree, Danielle/Dani, Dave/Lori, Joseph/Monica

Scour--Teams selecting this option must travel to Dubrovka [Podshipnikov Zavod] Theater (7 Melnikov Street; this story regarding the hostage situation in the theater has a map showing its location; this map has the location of the theater; this map has diagram of theater; this article has photo of the theater), and search 1,500 Matrioshka dolls for one of ten microscopic clues. Selecting this option and the order of their arrival was: Ray/Yolanda, Lake/Michelle, Eric/Jeremy, Fran/Barry, BJ/Tyler.

Teams complete the detour and receive their next clue:

1) Eric/Jeremy (Eric found it)
2) Lake/Michelle (Lake found it)
3) Ray/Yolanda (Ray found it)
4) BJ/Tyler (Tyler found it)

The last clue directs teams to travel to Red Square (livecam; way cool panorama of the square) and look for Phil behind St. Basil's Cathedral (Intercession Cathedral). The teams find him:

1) Eric/Jeremy who are told the leg is not over, and Phil hands them their next clue


BJ/Tyler [BJ 1, Tyler 1]
Danielle/Dani [Danielle 1, Dani 1]
Dave/Lori [Dave 1, Lori 1]
Eric/Jeremy [Eric 1, Jeremy 1]
Fran/Barry [Fran 1, Barry 1]
Joseph/Monica [Joseph 1, Monica 1]
Lake/Michelle [Lake 2, Michelle 0]
Ray/Yolanda [Ray 1, Yolanda 1]
Wanda/Desiree [Wanda 1, Desiree 1]