Fashion Reports

Fashion Report Episodes 1 & 2

Phil said it - our show is back, complete with Less Faces and More Places. And the fashion report, of course, is here to comment on said faces. And bad hair. And wacky outfits. We ran out of steam last season (read: I didn't have the enthusiasm to rewatch the "lame edition" even with the prospect of Sharpie-decorated t-shirts and mini-shorts to mock), but this season is off to a good start with Phil looking fine and the eyebrow doing its best to win us back.


Right from the start, we have a collection of questionable fashion choices. Lake's glasses have the unfortunate effect of looking like a bowtie/tux. Although the implied impression (that he thinks he's better than the rest of the crowd) is fitting for the character we've seen thus far.


And speaking of unfortunate impressions, BJ and Tyler are trying really hard to remind us that they're wacky guys, between the aviator glasses, the salmon ruffled shirt, the bizarre fur collar thing, and of course the hat, which they seem to be sharing between them.


Eeee, we have matching shirts! And nicknames!

And matching safety glasses!


I've mentioned my backpack theory in past reports, and these Racers are helping to prove it so far (our newest columnist, littlebean, seems to feel the same way). Basically, it goes like this: backpack size is inversely proportional to time spent on the Race (or, the more stuff the Racers are carrying, the sooner they'll be Philiminated). I figure that knowing what to pack (and not to pack) is a decent indicator of traveling experience and mental preparation. Scott and John, for example, had fairly large packs and each was also carrying a tote bag packed full of extra stuff. Lisa and Joni not only had the overflowing packs, but were also carrying sleeping bags as if this was a repeat of TAR: Family Edition, so it's no surprise they were next out. If the pattern holds, the Danis and their big backpacks full of matching outfits won't be around for long. We'll see what happens in the next episode - check back then for more fashion hits and misses.