Location/Culture Reports


TV series and miniseries that have been filmed in Denver include: Centennial, Diagnosis Murder, Dynasty and The Shining (1997). Movies that have been filmed in Denver include About Schmidt, Bowling for Columbine, Die Hard 2, Dumb and Dumber, Every Which Way But Loose, The Glen Miller Story, Ladybugs, The Razor's Edge (1946) and Sleeper.

Books written about Denver include: Denver in Slices, Louisa Ward Arps; Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth, Kristen Iversen; The Beast, Benjamin Barr and Harvey O'Higgins; Denver, John Dunning; Pioneers, Peddles and Tsadikim, Ida Libert Uchill; The City and the Saloon: Denver, 1858-1916, Thomas Noel; Rebel of the Rockies: A History of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, Robert Athearn; and The Best of Denver and the Rockies, Betty Woo Martin and Don Martin.  A large portion of Jack Kerouac's classic On the Road takes place in Denver.