Fashion Reports

Fashion Report Episodes 6 & 7

Welcome back to the fashion report, and thanks to JenEx for covering while I was away. It seems, though, that a certain sight caused her eye to swell shut in protest, so we'll leave it to you to provide your own commentary on episodes 4 and 5, if you dare! The Report will move on to episodes 6 and 7, as the Racers toured Costa Rica and Arizona with the usual mix of lovely views and ridiculous moments and the fashion highlights to match.


To begin, we saw little Carissa relaxing on the bus sporting a T-shirt with a logo to match her family's attitude ("life is good"). With sensible clothes and small, light backpacks to match their attitudes and determination, there's not much to mock with the Gaghan clan, except maybe the dorky headlamps.



Even the Weavers tried to adopt a sensible look with matching long sleeve shirts. Wait a minute, did we actually see the Weaver clan wearing clothing that doesn't expose most of their skin to the sun?! Before the Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention Society had a chance to register their approval, however, the Weavers were back to their usual midriff-baring and itsy-bitsy shorts. Psst, girls, I know you don't listen to outsiders, but trust me on this one-"boy-cut shorts" aren't actually meant to be worn as shorts. Really. Oh, and prolonged sun exposure is not good for your skin. I think these women could use a visit from the "What Not to Wear" gurus, although, of course, the Weavers would loudly proclaim that they were being persecuted and wouldn't listen to a word of advice.


It looks like the wardrobe staff were trying a bit too hard to create a theme look for Phil, as he introduced the leg 6 Detour in an outfit that managed to tie in the colors of both the banana clusters and the rain forest. Well, at least it was an untucked shirt and was paired with jeans.


And, to quote Phil: "Paolo family, you look ridiculous." We couldn't have said it better ourselves (although the Bransens qualified as well).


Finally, we turn to the Linz siblings, who were all about the accessories, including their trademark orange bandannas and sunglasses around the neck and ball caps liberated from the go-kart track (I'm sure the Weavers loved those). And, speaking of accessories, Alex seems to have misplaced his razor as he adopted the stubbled look as well as an unfortunate half-rolled bandanna. Well, at least he's not doing the bug-eyed stare. What fashion disasters await us as TAR-lite continues to explore the USA? Tune in soon to discover what happens when Racers are allowed to sniff Sharpie markers. It's not pretty, folks.