The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication Leg 10 Predictions

Another not-so-hot set of predictions for me last week. I only got 2 things right. It was a NEL, and the Weavers do have LOE.

But that was the last leg, and this is the next one. Here are this week’s results.

Linz: 12235, 22444. Full House, 25 points.

Looks like they won’t be able to start a winning streak here. A slip back down.

Bransen: 12346, 12345. Large Straight, 40 points.

A not-so-surprising tumble back down for Wally and the Girls.

Godlewski: 23446, 12444, 14445. Three of a Kind, 18 points.

A squeal ahead for these self-proclaimed loud ladies.

Weaver: 11246, 11246, 11245. Chance, 13 points.

It seems Phil’s pep talk did some good (damnit), as they’ll be moving out of last place (double-damnit).

Very interesting results this week. Both the first two teams have non-fatal negatives, and the last 2 teams have positives. So it would appear to be the old switcheroo for the finish order:


However, it’s been stated that there’s a surprise waiting at the mat this week. That can only mean one thing. Three letters: T. B. C. So, while the Pinks may hit the mat first, they won’t be staying long.