New Zealand

Filked from "Green Acres" by Vic Mizzy.
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New Zealand is the place for me
It's where I think I'd rather be
"Phoenix" is what the next clue said
But I would rather go to Auckland instead

I thought we'd travel far and near
We never left the hemisphere
This trip has been a big letdown
Yes it's a free trip, but I want exotic towns

… Kiwis!
… Maoris!
… Jetski!
… Bungee!

I want it so
Let's get up and go
Please Phil, just take me there!

Race planners made a big mistake
They thought that they should take a break
From their Emmy-winning formula
And this time 'round locations have just been blah

We didn't think it'd be a yawn
When our family said that we'd sign on
We were happy to be on the race
But I had hoped that we would see Phil's birthplace

... Camping!
... Tramping!
... Elf trails!
... Abseils!

No sledge or slide
No crazy Zorb ride
Please Phil, just take me there!