The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication Leg 9 Predictions

After a double-length episode followed by one week off from this weakest of TAR seasons, we’re back. And since we’re down to the final four teams, it’s time for a little change of format. Instead of saving analyses for the end, I’ll look at each team’s results individually, then examine all of them as a whole

Godlewski: 23455, 22556, 15556. Three of a Kind, 22 points.

A traditionally positive result. It looks like another good finish for the Ladies in Pink.

Linz: 22566, 22566, 22366. Chance, 19 points.

This Chance has a neutral result. Usually non-fatal, but definitely not a move to leading the pack, either.

Weaver: 14456, 44456, 44445. Four of a Kind, 21 points.

A normally positive roll, but has the consistent that tends to flip it negative. However, this team probable has LOE status, which would cancel the consistent and turn the result back to positive.

Bransen: 12556, 24455, 12555. Three of a Kind, 19 points.

Another positive reversed by a consistent, but this time nothing to potentially cancel it. So it looks like Wally and the girls are gonna stay in the basement.

Looking at everyone together, it appears that this will be the finish order:


Now, there is a little confluence of pairs, with each team getting at least one pair on the first roll and two pairs by the result. That could mean NEL or TBC, so we may not be seeing the “end” of the Bransens this week.