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Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Family Vacation Disaster Edition – Pizza

So we’re back here in the lower 48. With teenagers. Trying to find something they and their parents will both eat. Something that didn’t necessarily originate in the States, but is omnipresent and happily consumed by all age brackets. In other words, pizza. We’re going with basic and fancy again. But this time, we’re also including dessert pizzas. (Not desert pizzas, even though that’s where they are. The second “s” in “dessert” stands for “sweet.” And now I’ll stop being the Grammar Lady so we can talk about food.)

Basic Pizzas
Let’s start off with the Brady Bunch party pizza. Of course, today’s teens don’t necessarily like all that meat, and with their boomer parents watching their cholesterol, it seems like someone will suggest the healthful veggie pizza. But we all know they’ll wolf down the Italian sausage pizza first. The white pizza is appealing if you want the subtle herbs, and pizza with garlic and olive oil is also simple.

Complex Pizzas
Let’s start with pizzas named after places previous TAR seasons visited. We have Hawaiian pizza and spicy Mexican pizza. There’s also Thai chicken pizza and, from Jamaica, jerk chicken pizza. I keep wanting them to go to Greece, and TAR3’s Zach was there on a camera crew for the last Olympics, so we’ll toss in Greek pizza in his honor.

Pear and gorgonzola cheese pizza pairs two of my favorite flavors, as does Cooking Light’s caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza. Butternut squash pizza is good for you, while barbecue chicken pizza is good for your taste buds.

Dessert Pizzas
Yes, Halloween has come and gone, but this Halloween cookie pizza is always a good idea – because you can never get too much sugar, can you? Speaking of too much sugar, the chocolate pudding pizza is a strong candidate.

But maybe you don’t want a three-day sugar buzz from tonight’s dessert. In which case, let’s turn to that old standby, the fruit pizza. The apple dessert pizza is almost a pie. Then again, so is pizza. Fruit pizza has kiwis as an ingredient, and we all know how important kiwi is for Race fans.

There are 83 skazillion pizza recipes online. From the usual suspects, we have recipeland, Epicurious, allrecipes, recipesource and, of course, Food Down Under.