Go with the Flo

Flo Pesenti
Flo Pesenti
What's Flo been up to? Is she interested in an All-Star TAR? You might be surprised by the answer.

What have you been up to since the race?
I have been working in fashion at Glamour Magazine.

What impact has the race had on your life?
It was the best experience I could ever hope to have. My life is better now because of all the wonderful people I met on the show.

Before the race aired, did you have concerns about how you would come across on screen?
It never concerned me really. I did not understand the power of editing...also I did not anticipate the exhaustion I would feel and how that would impact me.

Whatís it been like dealing with peoplesí reactions to your appearance on TAR?
It was very hard to deal with at the time. I am lucky to have great friends and family that supported me.

What was your favorite moment on the race that didnít make it to air?
The helicopter ride in Hawaii. And all the moments where I was having a great time and smiling -- not crying.

What, if anything, did you learn from the race that youíve applied to the other parts of your life?
Never give up!

If you had to run the race over again, what would you do differently? What would you not change?
I would not change a thing -- just relax a little maybe.

How is Zach these days? Do the two of you stay in touch?
He is great -- has a great new job a few block away from my office. We just had lunch last week!
It was the best experience I could ever hope to have. My life is better now because of all the wonderful people I met on the show.
The rappelling detour in TAR3 appeared to really upset you. The TAR4 rappelling was on a less-exposed cliff with a lot of vegetation around it. Would that make a difference for you? Enough to be able to complete it? Or would you still have been frightened?
I really canít say. I would love to give rappelling another shot! Maybe later this summer!

Had you and Zach been on TAR4, which Amsterdam detour would you have chosen Ė manure or cheese?
Hmmm - cheese at first I think. Then after realizing that it was so heavy, we would have probably had to switch to manure!

What TAR4 task looks like the most fun? What looks the worst to you?
The bull riding looks like the worst. The elephants looked like a blast!

How do you think you and Zach would have done on TAR4?
We would have won that too!

If you could have selected a TAR4 team to go onto TAR3 and be there for most of the race, who would you pick and why?
The clowns -- they seem like such wonderful people!

What do you wish people knew about you that they probably donít?
That I am actually a very nice, loving person.

What book(s) have you read recently that you have recommended to people? And why?
The Seven Spiritual Paths to Success - you have to read it to know why I recommended it.

Name 3 items you always have in your refrigerator.
Soy milk, diet coke and cottage cheese.

Describe the ideal pet for you. If you have allergies, assume the pet is hypoallergenic.
I LOVE my cats Shumai and Simba.

If you could somehow be a gold-medal-caliber Olympic athlete, what sport would you want to compete in, and why?
Down hill skiing because I have always wanted to be a good skier.

Any other thoughts you want to share with us about anything?
I am dying to be on an Amazing Race face off against other seasons or better yet - against Survivor!