Shut Up Muddah (A Letter From DJ)

Filked from "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter From Camp)" by Allan Sherman
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Shut up Muddah, you've just gotta
Keep your mouth shut and say nada
Fighting won't make us go faster
We just need to focus to avoid disaster

In the first legs, we were lagging
And our racing kept on dragging
Now we have to grab the lead
Trying for the one Fast Forward for some speed

That Fast Forward is quite daring
And it gets me started swearing
Time to brush up on my prayers
As we bungee off our flimsy perch in pairs

First to go are Pop and Brian
While I try to keep from cryin'
I don't think the platform's stable
And you're saying I should trust this tiny cable?

Shut up Ma, there's no need to shout, shut up Ma, you're freakin' me out
Close your trap or there will be a chance I might completely pee my pants
Shut up Ma, I promise I will not yell back or give you so much grief and flack
Oh please we're way too high and I'm too young to die

Dearest Jesus, now we're jumping
I can feel my heart is pumping
Guess I'll never be a good son
All the hurts I've piled on Ma cannot be undone

Wait a minute, I'm alive
Me and my ma did survive
I will live to be an adult
That is awesome 'cause I got more mother insults