Fashion Reports

Fashion Report Episode 3

While the apparel so far this season has been nearly as dull as an all-night bus ride from Charleston to Huntsville, episode 3 did provide a few Waffle House freak-outs of fashion to liven things up.

As the season of the tank top continues, one of these things is not like the other. Pa Bransen won props from many forum posters for his “Late Night” t-shirt, however. And no doubt CBS didn't mind the bit of free publicity.
The Gaghan men break out that ever-popular Racer fashion faux pas, the headlamps-over-ballcaps look. Because when you have only a spoon-fed car and driver to get you to a major metropolitan airport, you have to be ready for anything!

“Stassi, if you don't stop whining I swear I'm going to use this gun that's screenprinted on my t-shirt for no reason whatsoever except to show what a tough guy I think I am.”
Leaving Hunter out of the loop backfired on the Schroeders when they neglected to explain to him their “be brown and blend in” plan for flying under the radar.

Even the shrimp knows how wrong the backwards visor is.
One of the Linz brothers catches a glimpse of his reflection and realizes his sister was right: orange and red together really do make your eyes try to flee your head.

And we end as we began, as at the mat, the bouncy Bransen girls demonstrate one or, er, two reasons for their popularity with a majority of posters in their thread.

Join us next week, when we'll see dubious “period” costumes, a spiffy greeter, Phil's pants attempt to swallow his head.