The Yahtzee Method of TAR Prognostication – Leg 5 Predictions

I’ve been hitting some of the highlights this season, but most of the major points have eluded the 6 of us thus far. Maybe now that we’re leaving the US, things will get back on track. Here’s the results for this week.

Bransen: 22246, 22226, 22224. Four of a Kind, 12 points.
Paolo: 13456, 33456, 23456. Large Straight, 40 points.
Linz: 33335, 23333, 33334. Four of a Kind, 16 points.
Godlewski: 12345. Large Straight, 40 points.
Weaver: 12366, 44566, 14666. Three of a Kind, 23 points.
Gaghan: 23456. Large Straight, 40 points.

Let me start with this. Major confluence this time. All results with at least 3 of a kind or a Large Straight. Plus one initial roll a Small Straight and a second one with one die shy of the same. Add all that to the first appearance of the FF this season and the FF’s recent history, and it all adds up to NEL. But who will be the team saved and possibly Philched from?

Looking at the results, it’s not likely to be any of the 3 teams with an oak. The interesting alliance of Wally’s Girls and Those Guys should be safe and probably pack leaders. The Holy Rollers should also fare well. Maybe they’re better at world geography than US. And it’s always interesting to note that the more religious teams tend to get the triple-six. It amuses me, at any rate.

The Paolos also seem to be safe. I know that the LS is usually negative on the 3rd roll. But this team has what I’m now calling “Romber’s Gift.” In that they turn negatives positive. Thus far, every time I’ve called for them to be out, they’ve stayed. Apparently, it’s an Italian thing. Plus this is the team that we see with the FF. That implies they take it, and based on recent FF strategy, they’re a leading team at the time. So they’ll probably take the leg.

That means it’s either the Pink Ladies or the Rugrats that phind their phortunes phacing a Philching. It may be close, but I get the feeling that we’re not going to see one of our fears for the season realized in having to watch a child beg next week. Instead, expect some screechy pleading from the sisters.