Tian Flying Fast

Tian took some time from her busy schedule of posting on TWoP (heh) to answer our questions. Jaree seems to be having too much fun away from the computer - and really, who can blame her for that? If we get her answers, we'll post them a later date.

Congratulations to you for making it so far in the race!
These answers are from Tian

First, is it TEE-an or Tee-AN?
It's Miss T Anne to you hehehehehe!

Okay, Jaree - just how heavy was your backpack and what the heck was in it?
(Tian answering) a 10 lb bottle of Ben Gay
For me (Tian) I was so sick of fighting, that it was either stop or quit the race. I valued my friendship over the money.
What was the turning point in your race relationship? Obviously things got ugly in Amsterdam, but you turned it around as a team in India. Was there some kind of meeting of the minds, or knock-down-drag-out fight at the pit stop in-between?
For me (Tian) I was so sick of fighting, that it was either stop or quit the race. I valued my friendship over the money

Also, there was some speculation that Tian was unwell during the Amsterdam leg, since she seemed to be absolutely beaten down - is that what happened?
It was the cold weather. Being on a metal boat for over an hour with the wind chill at freezing was just too much for a Miami girl to handle

How did it feel watching yourselves fighting like that when the episode aired?
We laughed and high-fived all the way through it.

Do you think you were portrayed accurately on the show?
Yes and no. There was less total fighting than actual shown, and no because they didn't show that my friend was ill

No other season of TAR has aired so many disagreements about places in line and cutting. What was your impression of those incidents?
We wanted to win the race fair or not at all

You didn't seem to be part of any alliances during the race - do you think that helped or hurt you?
It probably helped that way we didn't rely on anyone but ourselves.

How close to Reichen and Chip were you at that final pit stop?
Extremely - they are wonderful guys with huge hearts.

Whose idea was it to go on the race?
I think mine.

Did you watch previous seasons of the show and did you learn anything from watching previous racers?
I only saw a few during the interview process. I wanted to have a fresh perspective, while Jaree watched more of them.

Did you have a strategy going in? If so, what was it and how did it evolve as the race went on?
Just to try and not make mistakes.

What was your reaction to your competition when you first saw them?
I didn't make any judgments so I wouldn't be surprised later.

What was the hardest thing you did on the race?
The bull pull.

The race seems to be a unique balance of competition and life-experience. Which of those two were more important to you going into the race? (for example, competition 80%, experience 20%).
Neither, I just took it as it came.

What was your favorite race moment that didn't make it to TV?
All the good ones made it.

At the time you were eliminated, which teams were you close with?
Reichen and Chip

What contributed the most to your elimination from the race?
Not being able to hang on to the bulls made two other teams get ahead.

In your pre-race questionnaire, you were asked to list each other's strengths and weaknesses. Having gone through the race, would you change anything about those answers?
We have become much closer and are striving to do the best in our lives.
Do you feel that your relationship was permanently affected by the race? If so, how, and has it continued to change or grow?
We have become much closer and are striving to do the best in our lives.

Do you have any plans to return to any of the countries you raced through?
Not yet, though I would like to see India in slow mo.

A lot of forum posters have been trying to figure out exactly what the matching necklaces you wore on the race were about. They look very similar to a few different symbols. Can you help us out?
Yes I am part Scot and they are Celtic guardian angels that I got to protect us on the race. It seemed to help in the taxi in India

What kind of modeling have you done? Should we recognize you from anything?
I'm focusing on acting now. I have films coming out and am shooting one right now called Dark Queen. It's a sci fi thriller.

There are some entries on the Internet Movie Database for names similar to yours - have you done any film work?
Random hearts, Pure, The Castro Conspiracy

What have you been up to since the race?
Just playing with my poodles, working on my career and wakeboarding, and family.

Had any relaxing mud baths lately?
Very funny!

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[Thanks to CBS's PR Department for arranging this interview.]