Fashion Reports

Fashion Report Episodes 1 & 2

Welcome to the TAR8 Fashion Report!
We'll be trying a different take on the report this season, because as "they" say (although who exactly are they?) a picture is worth a thousand words and we have a great collection of screencaps in our gallery. Oh, and just maybe because the conversational-style reports were fun but a challenge to get done on time...

On to the show...

Fashion lessons from episodes one and two of TAR: Family Edition.

Mmmm, Phil's back! Here's hoping that the evil stylists have been banished. And the extra eyebrow pop? Truly lovely.


I'm not sure where tie-die fits into the coloured-belts system, but it does fill the "team identity" requirement and the Black kids were quite cute (and could probably kick our butts, if the board-smashing was any indication).


If your racing outfit closely resembles your "going out for lunch with the girls" outfit, maybe you aren't really cut out for the race.



Generally, fanny packs fall under the heading of "big fashion no-no," but maybe they're the secret weapon that secured the pink Godlewski sisters their first-place finish.


Pink is not Hunter's colour.
I'm guessing that, just maybe, the Linz siblings are big fans of a certain college's teams.


A Kendra-approved bandanna paired with a "quirky" t-shirt was not enough to save Brock from elimination.


This is certainly the season of the tank top, which I'm sure will make some of our forum posters happy.


Even little Carissa is following the trend.


And as a final note, Phil apparently liked this shirt:

as he wore it to the tour event in Texas as witnessed by miri on her Philgrimage.