They're Driving 'Cross America

Filked from "America the Beautiful"
MIDI file

Oh teams aren't flying 'cross the skies
To foreign lands afar
And since the start they've just reprised
Life in the family car
They're driving 'cross America -
God, it is such a bore
Just showing teams on interstates -
Where's the race I adore?

Still, teams move quickly on the roads
They're rushing 'round en masse
And since the start they've hardly slowed
Or stopped for pee or gas
They're driving 'cross America
At a most frantic clip
But still you cannot hide the fact
It's like a family trip.

And just like family trips we know
There's arguing galore
Though there are some surprisingly
Functional teams of four
They're driving 'cross America
One team did fall behind
Dad Rogers mistook east for west
But claimed his son was blind.

The teams are in Virginia now -
What will they have to do?
Maybe pick tobacco?
What will be the next clue?
They're driving 'cross America
Motoring from place to place
I thought this was a global show -
Where is my worldwide race?