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Bill and Joe at Reality4Diabetes<br />
(photo by miri)
Bill and Joe at Reality4Diabetes
(photo by miri)
Team Guido tells us all about their new book, what they've been up to since the race and their feelings on an All-Star race.

Tell us about your book, "Gay Reality" - how did it come about?
The Author (John Chaffetz, a former ABC Sportscaster, and former husband to Kitty Dukakis) approached us one day after spotting Bill in a parking lot in a condominium complex he was showing homes. He called Bill after he got back to the office and asked if he could meet with us to propose a business deal. That meeting led to a collaboration and the writing of the book.

What can people expect to find in the book?
The book deals with our life before and after the race. There are interviews with family, friends and the best moments are the pages where our mom's chime in! CBS has a strict clause about writing anything to do with Race. We had the attorney's review the book and what you read is what you get. A lot of juicy Guido Gossip!

How has your post-race life differed from your pre-race life?
Not much different, unless you think having Rosie O'Donnell talk about you each week on her show, & have hundreds on the Internet chat rooms comment on your hair and clothes each day, can't go the grocery store without signing autographs, can't go to the shower in the gym without someone saying, "say weren't you that gay guy on the RACE?" Other than that our life is very much the same!

What have you been up to since the race?
We have gotten back to our normal lives as much as possible. Bill sells Real Estate in Laguna Beach ( and Joe plays with Guido all day long. We have been hosting cruises for RSVP and in the Fall for Atlantis Vacations, we wrote the book (that took about 3 months) we have been making appearances for mostly gay charities, and we write a column for and a travel piece for a gay website We enjoy meeting and interacting with anyone who loves the show, as we do!
The cast and crew all had a great time and we will never forget a single minute of how much fun we had.
Since you were on during the first season of the race, you really went in blind. What did you expect? Was it at all what you thought it was going to be?
Traveling around the world on CBS's dime was the best. Being involved with a first season of any new show is challenging at best. The cast and crew all had a great time and we will never forget a single minute of how much fun we had. We had no expectations, we just hung on as long as we could. We were the oldest finishing competitors until last season's Teri and Ian. The Race was much more fun than we anticipated, we were on an adrenaline rush for at least a month after it was over!

Given some comments made about your team on TWoP during the race, were you surprised by your warm reception on the message boards and at TARcon?
YES! We had the best time meeting all of you!

In your post-race interview with Miss Alli, you said that that other teams weren't really speaking to you immediately after the "Flying Wedge" incident. Was that isolation difficult to deal with?
No, Unlike other reality shows, TAR is a Team event. We have enjoyed each others company for 16 years now. So a few days of isolation was not hard to stand, we actually thought it was a "good thing". Now we didn't have to worry about other contestants sitting near us and listening to our strategies.

Did the tensions of the race stay with your during the 12 hours of the pitstop, or were you able to put some of that aside a bit to recharge your batteries?
All of the tension was pretty much during the legs of the race. They never showed much of the great times we had at Pit Stops. We gave the producers so much good footage they didn't use much of the "down time" Although the parties they threw for us were incredible. We spent most of our Pit Stop down time calling travel agencies and getting faxes from them about future possible itineraries.

You've said that you could tell you were going to be edited as the villains of the race. What gave you this indication?
We were on the ferry to Tunisia, and the story editor was taking each team into his stateroom one by one to ask questions. When he came to us he said, "how does it feel to be the bad boys?" This was prior to the flying wedge. Each team told us a different "tag name" after the interviews were over.
The producers and interviewers are masters at the question game... They don't goad you, but they know how to push buttons!
There seems to be a lot of silly sniping about other teams in the "confessional" type interviews. Are the interviewers good at getting that kind of stuff out of you? Do they tend to goad you into mocking other teams?
The producers and interviewers are masters at the question game. The editors finish that process off and piece the story together. They don't goad you, but they know how to push buttons!

When you watched the show, were you surprised at any of the comments other racers made about you during their confessionals?

What do you think was the biggest misconception about you among the show's fans? (Either thanks to editing or people just plain getting it wrong.)
You all got it right! We played the game to win; the "take no prisoners approach", but we lost!

Which places would you like to go to that have been visited by the other Races since your season?
South America

What do you think sets TAR apart from other Reality TV shows?
The Team concept, and the fact it is a flat out race, not a miss congeniality contest!

What qualities do you think make a good racing team?
A very sound, long term relationship of some sort or another. Honesty with each other, and the ability to bring a good wardrobe and makeup bag!

Has any team since Season One managed to live up to the legend of the Guidos?
What legend?

Do you have any dish for us from the TAR4 premiere party that you didn't share in your report on
No, not until the race is over!

What do you think of the current season? Who do you think is going to go far in the race?
We think this is the best since season one! Sorry possums, but it is true!

Many fans on TWoP have been talking about the idea of an All-Star Race - bringing back 4 teams from the first four seasons to race again. What do you think of the idea?
Three words...FAB U LOUS!

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