Clown Al Reports!

The Amazing Race 4.3: Al Looks Back

Ahhhh, this probably wasn’t one of my favorite legs of the race. We stayed right there in Venice and I believe went out for pizza that night, this was one of the first 12-hour layovers that we got a chance to goof around with the other teams and it seemed like the rest of the teams were starting to chill a bit. When Phil mentioned that we had a mandatory rest period you may notice that we were all at a table and eating and Jon and I initiated this game where Jon would cover his eyes and I would pretend to hit him on his forehead with my finger but really it was a spoon…ahhh good times!
As we departed Venice, we actually traveled a bit with Chuck and Millie and got to talking a bit, I guess this was the time we became friendly with them.
As we departed Venice, we actually traveled a bit with Chuck and Millie and got to talking a bit, I guess this was the time we became friendly with them. While waiting in line in the Venice station I know some of the teams ahead of us, for sure Tian and Jaree, were purposely stalling with the ladies in the ticket windows so it would be too late for us to catch the train. We were smart to this and continually asked the ticket ladies to please help us, they finally told the girls to go. Yes, this is where Millie had a bad asthma attack and it really did worry Jon and me and we did miss the train that everyone else got on. In the end I am glad we did but I got LOTS and LOTS of people asking me why did you stay and miss the train??? HMMM. I know ..I know it's a race and if there is ever another time I’m not sure how I would react. Jon and I got to chat with Russ and Cindy and all the teams a lot on the trip to Vienna, so I am glad we got on that train. In the end it really didn’t make a big difference.

Once in Vienna we went downtown and found out we had a lot of time to wait and had to find a place to stay. I remember it was snowing when we got in, really, really nice. After checking in, Jon and I splurged and each spent money on a beer! This is also the time when Millie and Chuck hung out with us and we stayed up almost all night researching Vienna and trying to guess what we were going to have to do. We were all exhausted.

The next day we were ready to go, down to the sewers, it really wasn’t that bad. When we got to the Fiacres, I kept reading the route information and I mentioned to Jon about the pass on the carriage, when he grabbed it. It was a weird moment and I think Chip and Reichen thought we were out to get them but really we would have pulled it off anyone’s Fiacre.

The trip on the Fiacre was fun, we laughed and goofed around the whole ride there. The camera man and sound guy were sitting with the driver. At one point the cameraman actually got off the Fiacre and filmed us from the street.

Once to Schönbrunn, and we read the next task, well, Jon and I have an ongoing years old joke about the word “Figaro” so we kind of knew we were going for that. What ya didn’t see is we ran right passed the Figaro house and the girls didn’t tell us anything….HMF! Jon and I ran around for 30+ minutes with that damn cello, that really put a damper on our spirits and we got mad at ourselves for not being more focused and aware of what was going on.
I knew right off that it had something to do with heights so we knew Jon was doing it. He loved it!
I remember being on the same “metro” on the way to the Donaturaum as Chip and Reichen, and Chuck and Millie and I am not sure if anyone else was on it but we all were trying to be first to the route marker. I think we were told to chill out by the tech team. I knew right off that it had something to do with heights so we knew Jon was doing it. He loved it!

On the ride to Gmunden, it was a bit stressful because there were several teams on the same train and everyone was trying to find out which end of the train will be closest to the taxi stand. Unbeknownst to us, Millie called for a taxi to be waiting for her and Chuck at the Gmunden train station (I sure wish she told us to do that). When we got to the Gmunden train station there were very few taxis, and I believe Chuck and Millie had a little bit of an argument with another team that tried to take their “reserved taxi.” Jon and I just went and called our own taxi. We were so glad when we got to the castle, and everyone COULD NOT BELIEVE that Steve and Dave were still alive and that Russ and Cindy got eliminated. We were happy, nothing against Russ and Cindy but Jon and I really like “The Mighty Sequoias”….I think they were blown away as well, emotions definitely starting to take over a bit here. That night in the hotel, we again were goofing around. Jon had a newspaper as he was reading it and said “oh my gosh look we are in the paper!” Steve was shocked and said “no way, let me see!” Little did he know Jon was about to pull a gag on him. And with that Jon turned the paper around and smashed it in Steve’s face, and it was full of shaving cream! Everyone laughed and shaving cream went flying all over the ceiling and walls of the restaurant…what a blast!