TAR3 Memories

If you are new to the show and don't know the outcome, these moments might give away the action, so tape/TiVo the GSN repeat, watch the episode, discover your own moments and then come back and see if yours match up with ours.(Updated on August 8th to include comments from Ian.)

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Episode One

Detour Psyche - by Ken
We were all sequestered in Miami Florida ready to start the race. Throughout that time we were unable to talk with anyone. Remember that we have seen the other contestants all week at our general meetings/question and answers. We kept seeing John Vito and Jill so many times and they NEVER smiled-in fact they scared the shit out of us. The rules stated that if we were to converse with a contestant, that we could be disqualified from the race. The day before the race we were rewarded with 2 hours to either:

a) Go to the gym/pool and workout b) A walking chaperoned tour of Miami

Can you imagine what detour we chose…Of course, Gerard and I chose the walking tour. Before the walk, a few teams were gathered together in lobby (NEVER LOOKING OR TALKING TO EACH OTHER) when I saw Jill/John Vito standing next to us. I checked to see if any staff was watching us (they had their backs turned) I whispered to Jill "we thought that you guys would choose the gym" She barked back "Does it look like we NEED IT" and made the scariest face. I coiled with fear (we both did) then she just busted out laughing-like she was just kidding. Damn, I should have known that she was a New Yorker.

Go! - by Zach
The feeling at the start can not be described accurately, no matter how many times I try. You are standing shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers, it's 6 in the morning, you have adrenaline pulsing through your body, and you have no idea what is going to happen next. Phil is standing in front of you, there is a massive crane with a camera attached to it panning in and out and all over the starting line. All of a sudden, after months of physical, mental, and emotional preparation, it is finally sinking in that this is real. And just like that, Phil drops his arm and screams, "GO!" Off you go like a madman and the race had begun.

The first night of the race we spent in Mexico City at a really nice Best Western hotel. I remember the entire cast walked to a dinner spot a few blocks from the hotel. The place was really quite lousy and here we were about 30 people including all of the cameras and security that followed us everywhere. It was such a strange scene to be sitting there, completely exhausted yet wired, and talking to these people for the first time and just soaking in the fact that we weren't on vacation, nor were we traveling for business, but were in some other world called reality TV - which wasn't quite real and wasn't quite fantasy but somewhere in-between.

The Flapping Cheeks of Fear - by emjaytee
I loved the flappy cheeked Eve during her skydive. It was so goofy and weird-looking. And knowing that she really didn't want to do it in the first place made it even funnier. "Oh great. I'm pissing my pants AND I look like something out of a Twilight Zone episode."

Those Gods - by miri
It's not often that I fall completely in love with a team during the very first episode. In fact, I believe it's happened only once in the seven seasons that have aired so far. It was during the interview with Ken & Gerard where they were talking about taking the Fast Forward. Their description of Derek & Drew's god-like physical attributes and approach to the task was so funny and good-humored. "They even sweat, those gods." *sigh* I was in love! I remember thinking that if these guys were in the Race for a long time, it was going to be a fun ride.

One-oh! - by Bluelena
Tramel and Talicia think they're last and come trudging up to Phil, dejected. Phil tells them they're team number ten and they go apeshit! NUMBER 10! One - Oh! With their little dance, of course. I have to rewind that moment a few times before continuing with the episode.

Episode Two

Teva Tragedy - by Zach
I had a big scare during the second episode, when we went diving with the dolphins in Cozumel. I was running out of the roadblock and my Teva sandal broke. I freaked out because I was depending on these sandals to last me the entire race - I only had hiking boots and Tevas. Anyway, I quickly realized that I had packed cable-ties in my pack and was able to repair the sandals in a snap - nothing in my pack proved more valuable over the course of the race than that single cable-tie.

Brotherly Love - by emjaytee
I think a lot of my great memories from season 3 involve Kenny and Gerard. Even if it mostly involves another team, their interview segments talking about the other teams were always entertaining. I loved when they compared Jill to a spider (was it a spider?) crawling up the pyramid. These two brothers are my favorite team ever.

Episode Three

Lost Luggage - by Ken
There was a route marker in Potters Field that was not shown while we were in England (it was the same location that was used when Gretchen and Meredith were eliminated-with the bridge in the background). We grabbed the clue and it said to take a train to Cambridge. Unfortunately, since Gerard left our travel (overnight/extra bag) at the kayak (where it was stolen), I had to run in and buy a warmer (waterproof) jacket. Gerard belly ached that we had to spend so much money. Of course he didn't lose anything (except money), so it was okay with him. At the train station, Gerard stuffed his face at McDonalds-that guy can eat! Every time he eats, I get fatter.

Stink, Stank, Stunk - by Gerard
As we were doing the punting thing and as we were a bit ahead on that leg...Ken was really having a relaxing ride while I was doing all the work. After I pushed him in, I can't tell you just how angry he was. We got out of the water and new microphones were waiting for us (our crew said we destroyed over $2,000 worth of equipment by falling in the water...we said "well, did you think for a minute these 2 fat uncoordinated guys weren't going to end up in the drink?"). As soon as the new mikes were on and we were walking to the waiting buses, Ken flipped his microphone off and started tearing me to shreds..."how dare you...blah blah blah." We tried to find a laundromat but could not. So we had a nice 14 hour ride to Scotland in stanky clothes...but it was worth it!

Giggly Punt - by emjaytee
Kenny and Gerard punting. They were so joyous and giggly and having so much fun that I wanted to take out a million dollar loan myself and just give it to them right then and there.

When in Doubt, Punt - by miri
What can I say about Ken & Gerard punting that hasn't been said before? It was pure comedy gold: Gerard going into the drink three times (two shown during the ep; one more on the extra footage at the CBS site), Ken's amusement at the dunking, the crowd applauding, Gerard taking his bows, Gerard's revenge - and all of it accompanied by the perfect light-hearted music from the TAR Orchestra.

Episode Four

Did Someone Say Walk? - by Ken
This was the first time that ALL the teams were on the same train. The reality of the race hit us that someone was going to be eliminated tonight. We all had a feeling that it would be a run to the mat once we collected our clue at the soccer stadium. The feeling on the train was so down-we all kept looking at each other wondering who would be out. The train was delayed about three hours (apparently someone was hit by a train and all the trains were delayed) and the soccer students were bribed (not literally) to stay. We arrived at approximately 1 a.m. on a Monday morning (I think) to block balls. I blocked the ball (barely-and believe me I was willing to pay the player big bucks to go slow) and then we ran to the Torre de Bellem. Gerard noticed it as we exited on the higher part of the field (many teams went out a different exit) and we full out ran. I kept saying "are you sure that's it?" Basically, he shushed me. You cannot imagine how hot it was, as shown by the sweat pouring from each team while they checked in. We were all drenched. Gerard and I were so confused when we saw Heather and Eve with their fleeces on. They actually seemed chilly. Gerard and I were incensed that there wasn't any sweat on them. They said their team checked in first and they started to talk about what had happened, not mentioning they took a cab. Then there was a lot of mumbling so I knew something was up. We had to wait at the tower for a long time while things were being discussed. We were happy because their mistake moved us to first place. Personally, we liked Eve and Heather, and deep down we wanted to see Aaron and Arianne eliminated. They were strong racers until Dieselgate-Take that!!!!

Episode Five

Clues and the Clueless - by emjaytee
I loved the "western most point in Continental Europe" clue. The fact that they were only miles away from it was a bonus. I like when they need to communicate in a non-English speaking country and have something to figure out. It's not like all they had to do was point at a map. They had to communicate. Great clue.

I love when teams make boneheaded moves because I know I would be queen of the boneheaded moves were I to take leave of my senses and actually run the race. I'm just not good at thinking on my feet. But when it's a team I like, I want them to get out of it unscathed. And when I don't like them, I want them to get burned. That's why dieselgate was so funny. My most favorite dieselgate moment was Aaron sitting on the curb crying like a baby and Arianne half-heartedly trying to comfort him. The memory of that just warms my cockles. My least favorite team of that season at their lowest. Doesn't get much better than that. Well, until their elimination. Man, I needed a cigarette after that.

D'oh! - by Ian
I felt stupid, I mean really stupid about putting gas in a diesel, and Teri really thought we were done. But I thought about it and reasoned that if I was dumb enough to do it, others must have as well. In the end we were very proud of the fact that I fixed the mistake myself, however I still felt really dumb for doing it in the first place.

Wrong Way Rotary - by Zach
The drive from Porto, Portugal to the ferry to Morocco was about the hardest drive we encountered on the race. Ignoring the fact that I filled our tank with unleaded instead of diesel, the trip took us almost 12 hours. In the edited version of the show, it looks like a few hours and an easy trip - but this journey was total hell. I remember stopping every so often and buying food, not because I was hungry but because it helped me stay awake. I also changed the radio station incessantly and that bothered Flo a bit. The drive was also a good time to get to know the camera operators, who were all great guys. When we arrived at the ferry terminal I was so exhausted that I drove the wrong way around a traffic rotary. Good times.

Blame Game - by miri
After a tough night of worrying about their ability to recover from fueling their car with the wrong kind of gas, Flo and Zach have purchased their ferry tickets and are trying to find the right ferry. As they rush to find the ferry before it leaves the dock, Flo starts to whine about something and Zach asks her not to yell at him just now - he's tired after having driven 12 hours. Flo yells back that it was his fault it took so long (he's the one that put the wrong gas into the car). For me, it wasn't the whining, the quitting, or the tantrums that showed her at her most negative - it was this moment. She's beating Zach (her Race partner) while he's down.

Episode Six

Hijacked - by emjaytee
When Andre and Damon were hijacked by their cab driver in Morocco, it was the first time that I felt scared for racers. There's a camera crew right there, but they had no qualms about trying to extort money from them. Audacious.

Hunt This! - by Ian
I was very happy taking the Fast Forward in Morocco ending Aaron & Arianne’s run and the twin hunt.

Episode Seven

Zzzzz - by miri
Of all the mistakes one can make on the Race, I can't imagine one more embarrassing then sleeping your way to elimination. Yeah, that wasn't the only thing that caused their elimination, but man, that must have been embarrassing to watch with the family and friends.

Episode Eight

Pants! - by miri
We get our first pants title of the season. Yeah, there's more than one. Go figure! The detour in this episode is one of my favorites. Much like the great "Aussie slang" roadblock from TAR2, this one requires the teams to go out and about in the city. They also have to perform such exciting tasks as counting and addition. I promise, it's better than it sounds. Plus, we get to hear someone say, "Abort! Abort mission!" You gotta love that.

Episode Nine

Who's Retired? - by Ian
First off, we are friends, or friendly with, most of the other racers from our race. But one of the moments we thought was really funny was when Flo, at Lake Geneva, was complaining that she had just been beaten by two retired people (referring to Teri and I) while padding out to the ship. It was a non-elimination round, so the race went on.

Flo, on the plane to Kuala Lumpur, was chatting with some other racers that we were so far behind to forget about us. Actually we were already standing at the Petronas Towers waiting for the clue Box to open far ahead of all of them.

Teri got a real chuckle in Singapore when we had to swim with the manatees. She was undressing next to one of the twins and instead of the camera zooming in on that great looking twin they zoomed in on her paper underwear.

Bollocks to Bungee - by miri
Yep, those clever race people decided to put two episodes with pants issues one right after the other. Is it any wonder they inspired a banner?

I love the look of relief that Gerard has on his face when he realizes that he and Ken can take the possibly slower "chicken" detour and know that it won't put them behind all of the other teams - since Flo & Zach opted for the same detour. I've never seen relief look so gleeful.

I never thought watching people put bicycles together could be so tense. As usual, some teammates were more supportive than others. I'm not naming names; you can figure it out for yourself. We also learn that some pouty young people don't like losing to spunky retired people. In fact, it leads to helmet tossing.

Episode Ten

Shining in Vietnam - by Ian
Teri and I shined in Vietnam coming in first in two legs there. Do you believe in karma? We had a great time on the race and are ready to do it again any time!

Close Call - by miri
The Race brings veteran Ian back to Vietnam. I can't imagine the mixed emotions he must have been feeling during this leg. It seems to mellow him. Either that or the editors decide to show a different side of his personality.

It's a tense and odd run to the mat. Two teams goof up the last task, but one gets a bit of a reprieve when Flo clues them in to what they did wrong. And thank goodness she does - it means Ken & Gerard break the fourth place curse! Too bad it also meant her boyfriend was eliminated.

Episode Eleven

Room Service - by Gerard
After we came into the pit stop on China Beach, we stayed in a beautiful hotel there. We came into the hotel and were really famished, so since the meals at the pit stops are on CBS, we decided to order room service. We each ordered two or three entrees (steak, lobster, shrimp, etc.) appetizers and a few desserts (We ended up eating all of it). Our bill came to over $250. We thought we ate a lot until we were off racing the final leg and Flo & Zach said "Hey we ordered about $350 worth of food last night" They're thin but they can eat!

Tasty Noodles and a Friend of the Kahuna - by Zach
On the train in Vietnam, I ate some of the best noodles I have ever eaten. They cost about 40 cents and tasted great. Everyone else was eating their last power bars but I figured it couldn't hurt to try a little local flavor and it really was good. In the final leg of the race, in Hawaii, I remember arriving at the Big Kahuna with plenty of time to spare. We were all hoping that Terri and Ian were still stuck in Japan. Flo and I went to some near by gas station to get a drink and the clerk in the store asked us if we were part of the big shoot going on at the beach. We did our usual denial bit, saying something about a travel documentary. Then she said that a friend of hers was working down on the beach for some show, and had to dress up in a skirt or some crazy outfit. Her friend, obviously, was the Big Kahuna himself!

How Not to Hail a Cab in Seattle - by miri
This was a tense finale for me because my favorite team had made it all the way to the end - that was a first. I was biting my nails as Ken and Gerard were struggling to get a cab and the tension built during the wonderfully edited cab Race to the finish. I was sad my boys didn't win, but it was such a well-constructed finale that I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy it.

Transportation Tally

Courtesy of Gerard, here's a tally of the modes of transport taken during the course of TAR3.

Planes 20
Buses 7
Taxis 44
Cars (self drive) 11
Boats/Ferrys 12
Car/Van Charter 2
Trains 17
Gondola 1
Bicycle 3
Paddleboat 1
Helicopter 1*

*We did this in Hawaii during final leg and they never showed was awesome racing with the other 2 teams across beautiful Hawaii in a chopper.