The Amazing Race 7 - Timeline

[as told by Enrico, Paris in Spring, grodney, LAXguy, keram, spindotdat, TAR Neobie, Ambi, pianodancer, tarsier, nomipomi, strategery, EddieDean, Slowhatch, BoDiva, Pedaler, Tonytigr, Avi Schneider, honeycocoa, ByeByeBaby, Viajero, Lady V, KathyF, gramcracker]

Day 1 (Saturday, November 20, 2004): Leg 1 begins near the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Teams must drive themselves to LAX and sign up for one of two flights to Lima, Peru.

Day 2 (11/21): Upon arrival, teams must travel by bus to Plaza des Armas, where they find a clue directing them to travel by bus to Ancon. There they travel by rickshaw to Playa Hermosa, where they search in one of three sandpiles for tickets to one of three flights in the morning.

Day 3 (11/22): The flights leave, beginning at 6 a.m., for Cuzco, where teams must take marked taxis to Huambutio and find a particular kiosk. Its owner gives them instructions to continue by taxi across a bridge to the top of a gorge. There they zipline across and down, and at the bottom are presented with the Detour Rope a Llama/Rope a Basket. Upon completion, teams sit in the back of delivery trucks that depart regularly from the police station for Pisac. There they search the market for their last clue, directing them to take taxis to the pit stop at the Church and Convent of La Merced in Cuzco [Ryan/Chuck eliminated].

Day 4 (11/23): Leg 2 begins around midnight, with teams directed to take a bus to Arequipa. They take taxis to the terminal, and leave at 7 a.m. for the 10-hour trip. There they find the Shoeshine Union for the street shoeshining Roadblock. Upon finishing, they are given tickets on one of two flights to Santiago, Chile.

Day 5 (11/24): Flights leave in the morning for Lima, connecting through Buenos Aires to Santiago.

Day 6 (11/25): On arrival, teams must take taxis to the funicular to the Statue of the Virgin, where a clue presents them with the Shop/Schlep Detour. After buying groceries or hauling books to the Library of Congress, they find taxis to take them to the Neptune Fountain pit stop [Megan/Heidi eliminated].

Day 7 (11/26): Leg 3 starts after midnight, with teams instructed to get cars from a garage that opens at 5 a.m., Teams drive into the Andes to Puente Viejo, Argentina, for the Paddle/Pedal Detour. They then drive to a campground near Mendoza for the meat-eating Roadblock. They next drive to the nearby Estancio San Isidro pit stop [Debbie/Bianca eliminated].

Day 8 (11/27): Leg 4 begins pre- through post-dawn with teams driving to a ranch near Lunlunta for the barrel-racing Roadblock. They then drive to Mendoza's airport and catch one of two flights to Buenos Aires. There they must find a man in a raincoat at the Torre Mounumental (English clock tower). The clue he gives them directs them to take the train (from the nearby station) to the town of Tigre and then find the docks. There they perform the Shipwreck/Island Detour. Then they take taxis to the town of Vicente Casaras, and find the pit stop at Estancia La Martina [Susan/Patrick eliminated].

Day 9 (11/28): Probable extended pit stop.

Day 10 (11/29): Leg 5 begins with morning departures and the instruction to fly to Johannesburg. All get on the same flight via Săo Paolo.

Day 11 (11/30): Teams arrive at 6:55 a.m. and choose marked cars to drive to Wild Caves or Lesedi Cultural Village for the Tunnels/Tribes Detour [Ray/Deana choose the tower-bridge FF]. They then drive to the Baragwanath Market in Soweto for the shopping Roadblock, and take the items purchased to the Orlando Children's Home. They next find the pit stop on an overlook near Nelson Mandela's former house [non-elimination; Meredith/Gretchen finish last].

Day 12 (12/1): Leg 6 begins around and after midnight, with teams driving 30 miles to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, where they sign up for an 8 or 9 a.m. shuttle for the lion-feeding task. Then they must drive to the airport and fly to Gaborone, Botswana. There they take taxis to the train station and take the 9 p.m. train to Francistown.

Day 13 (12/2): The train arrives at 6:45 a.m., and teams take the bus to the giant aardvark near Gweta for the spear-throwing Roadblock. Then they must drive themselves through the bush (with a guide on board) to Xua Xarra. Upon arrival they perform the Food/Water Detour, then drive seven miles to the pit stop at Makgadikgadi Salt Pans [Ray/Deana eliminated].

Day 14 (12/3): Leg 7 begins around 6 a.m., teams driving to the water tower in Sanyuko Village, where they are directed to the Carry It/Milk It Detour. They must then drive a path along the Kwhai River until they are given instructions for the "Real Roadblock" Roadblock. Upon completion they drive to the Kwhai River Lodge pit stop [Brian/Greg eliminated].

Day 15 (12/4): Extended pit stop.

Day 16 (12/5): Leg 8 begins pre-dawn; teams must sign up for a charter to Francistown in order to catch flights to Mumbai, India, via Gabarone and Johannesburg, where they have a layover.

Day 17 (12/6): The Mumbai flight leaves Johannesburg at 12:25 p.m.

Day 18 (12/7): Upon arrival in Mumbai at 3 a.m., teams get flights to Lucknow, where they take taxis to Bara Imambara. There they must find the Bouli. From there they must take horse-drawn tangas to the Kohinoor Steel Emporium. There they perform the tin-box-search Roadblock and find a clue that directs them to take a bicycle rickshaw three miles to a garage where they encounter the Solid/Liquid Detour. They are then sent to "Phil and the mat" on the roof of an apartment building. He hands them their next clue, which directs them across the street to Charbagh Station, where they have a private car, departure at 9 p.m.

Day 19 (12/8): At 1 a.m. a porter gives each team their clue, directing them to search the Jodhpur train station upon arrival that evening. There they find a clue directing them to the clock tower, which opens at 10a.m.

Day 20 (12/9): Teams go to the old city for the Trunk/Dunk Detour (Uchenna/Joyce travel to Kailana for a FF that involves head-shaving). They then travel by auto rickshaw to Dedra Krishi Farm, where they find the camel-circuit Roadblock. They then travel to the Jaswant Thada pit stop [Lynn/Alex eliminated].

Day 21 (12/10): Extended pit stop.

Day 22 (12/11): Leg 9 begins just before midnight. Teams must fly to Istanbul, making reservations first at an all-night travel agency. They fly to Delhi that morning, then continue either direct or via Dubai.

Day 23 (12/12): Upon arrival, teams must go by train to the Eminörü dock, then ferry to Usküdar and take a small boat to Leander's Tower. The next clue is at the top of the lighthouse, and each team must find a gnome and carry it for the remainder of the leg. They then make their way to the Galata Tower for a clue directing them to the Columns/Kilos Detour. They then find the Fortress of Europe for the tower-climbing Roadblock. Upon completion, the other partner can join them inside the tower, where the overlook pit stop is located [Nonelimination; Ron/Kelly arrive last].

Day 24 (12/13): Leg 10 starts before midnight, with teams directed to Sirkechi train station to find their clue among whirling dervishes. They fly to London early that morning, direct or via Frankfurt. In London, they must make their way to a famous zebra crossing (Abbey Road). Then they must travel to and ascend the London Eye to look for a nearby flag. Once they walk to the flag, they receive the clue for the Brains/Brawn Detour. After that, teams make their way to the Millennium Dome [Rob/Amber Yield Ron/Kelly], and the double-decker bus-steering Roadblock. Then they travel to Potters Field Park for the pit stop [Meredith/Gretchen eliminated].

Day 25 (12/14): Extended pit stop.

Day 26 (12/15): Leg 11 begins pre-dawn, with instructions to fly to Kingston, Jamaica. Teams all take a flight departing 12:50 p.m., arriving 5:45 p.m., whereupon they take taxis to Frenchman's Cove. There they are directed to perform the Limbo Roadblock, in which their finishing height determines their departure time the next morning.

Day 27 (12/16): Teams get taxis at 8:15-8:30a.m. to Grants Level, where they perform the Raft It/Build It Detour. They next take taxis to Montego Bay, the pit stop at Cottage 16, Round Hill [nonelimination; Uchenna/Joyce arrive last].

Day 28 (12/17): Leg 12 begins with taxis to the Cool Breeze House Onion Shack in Lucea, where teams pick up a sack of 50 onions to take to the Three Dives Jerk Shack in Negril. There they must chop the onions to the chef's specifications to receive the next clue. This directs them to travel (by taxi) to Rose Hall Great House, for the Pony Up/Tee Up Detour. They must next go to the airport and fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they drive marked cars to Castillo San Felipe del Morro. There they get directions to drive to an abandoned sugar plantation in Aguadilla.

Day 29 (12/18): When the plantation opens at 7:30 a.m., teams enter and find instructions for the Roadblock that requires them to jump off a bridge and be rowed to shore. The clue they retrieve from a buoy directs them to fly to Miami. Once there, they get taxis to a clue box on the lower level of the Rickenbacker Causeway, where they are directed to Little Havana and "the King of Havanas." There they get their final directions, to the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, the location of the finish line. [Ron/Kelly finish 3rd; Rob/Amber finish 2nd; Uchenna/Joyce win.]