The Amazing Race 6 - Timeline

[as told by dzo, Enrico, parks, theschnauzers, NCDave, ricknroll, bungle3358, cutecouple, Paris in Spring, MaddieG, Joel, escog, tarsier, Ms. Bean, heliwoman, TPorter2, Krilia, viola98, riafler]

Day 1 (Friday, August 13, 2004): Leg 1 begins at Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago. Teams take the Blue Line "El" to O'Hare Airport, and fly via one of three designated flights to Keflavik, Iceland.

Day 2 (8/14): Upon arrival around 6 a.m., teams find cars with clues that direct them to drive to the Seljalandfos waterfall. There a new clue directs them to drive to Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier, where they sign up for one of three shuttles, then drive by snowmobile to a campsite, and choose a tent by claiming its ticket for a return shuttle.

Day 3 (8/15): Shuttles return them to their vehicles, where clues direct them to Glacier Ice Beach, for the Ice Climb/Ice Search Detour. From there they drive 200 miles to the pit stop at the Blue Lagoon [Avi/Joe eliminated].

Day 4 (8/16): Leg 2 begins with teams driving themselves to the airport to secure flights to Oslo, Norway. After arrival that evening, they drive to the Olympic stadium at Holmenkollen and perform the zipline Roadblock, then drive to the Raukr Viking Village.

Day 5 (8/17): Racers divide into two equal rowing teams to cross the fjord in Viking boats. Upon arrival, they must drive to the train station at Hønefoss and travel by train to Voss, where they drive to a bridge for the Endurance/Accuracy Detour. Then they drive to the Nesheimstunet farm for the pit stop [Meredith/Maria eliminated].

Day 6 (8/18): Leg 3 starts predawn with teams driving to the train station to wait for the train to Oslo, then to travel by bus (Safflebussen) to Stockholm. There they must find the Icebar at the Nordic Sea Hotel and don parkas for the shotglass-sliding task. The ensuing clue directs them to the world's largest IKEA store in Kungens Kurva.

Day 7 (8/19): When the store opens, teams perform the Count It/Build It Detour. Then they walk or take taxis to Skärholmen station and take the train to Häggvik station, where they ride tandem bicycles to the Bögs Gärd farm for the clue-in-hay-bale Roadblock. Teams then ride bikes back to the station and return to Stockholm to find the pit stop aboard the af Chapman [Lena/Kristy eliminated].

Day 8 (8/20): Extended pit stop.

Day 9 (8/21): Leg 4 begins predawn with teams directed to ascend the Town Hall tower. There they find a clue directing them to fly to Dakar, Senegal. Once there, they find a clue with a poem, for which they must find the grave of the author (Léopold Sédar Senghor).

Day 10 (8/22): When Bel Air Cemetery opens, teams search for clues that direct them to Kayar, where they find Vieux Ngom Charpentier for a clue directing them to the beach. There they perform the Stack Them Up/Pull Them Up Detour, then take taxis to Lac Rose for the salt-harvesting Roadblock. Then they must return by taxi to Dakar, travel by ferry to Ile de Gorée, and search the streets for the pit stop [nonelimination; Don/MJ arrive last].

Day 11 (8/23): Leg 5 begins before dawn with teams directed to find the nearby Slave House. When it opens, each team in turn enters and leaves a rose at the Doorway of No Return, then they receive directions to the Berlin Wall. They take the ferry to Dakar and get an evening flight.

Day 12 (8/24): Upon arrival, teams take the S-Bahn to the Wall, from which they are directed to the Broken Chain Sculpture across from the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. The clue there points them to one of two locations for the Beer/Brats Detour. From there they go to the Teufelsberg for the soapbox derby Roadblock, and then drive themselves to the Brandenburg Gate pit stop [Don/MJ eliminated].

Day 13 (8/25): At the start of Leg 6, teams go to Checkpoint Charlie, from which they are directed to the Olympiastadion and sign up for the Hot Rocket Bungee Roadblock. After finishing it, they must get flights to Budapest, Hungary. Upon arrival, each team selects a marked Trabant and drives to the castle at Eger for the Catapult Crash/Cannonball Run Detour. From there they get trains back to Budapest and take taxis to the Net Klub internet café, which they can enter beginning at 10 p.m.

Day 14 (8/26): In the café, which teams enter three at a time, they open an e-mail message directing them to the Heritage Rail Museum, which opens at 10 a.m. They ride the draisine one team a time to retrieve directions [Lori/Bolo choose the blood-drinking FF] to the Nemzeti Sportuszoda for the Swim/Paddle Detour. Then they take taxis to the Gundel restaurant for the soup-eating Roadblock. From there, they find Point Zero, from which they may walk up or take the funicular to the Fishermen's Bastion pit stop [Gus/Hera eliminated].

Day 15 (8/27): Extended pit stop.

Day 16 (8/28): Teams begin Leg 7 around midnight, making their way to the suburb of Budafok. When the wine cellar opens at 10 a.m., they find a clue directing them to Ajaccio on Corsica. Their flights connect via Lyon or Paris and arrive in the evening. They find the house where Napoleon was born, which opens at 10 a.m.

Day 17 (8/29): When it opens, they receive directions to Camp Rafalli at Calvi [Adam/Rebecca choose the underwater FF], for the Climb Up/Fly Behind Detour. Then they drive to a winery in Zilia for the grape-crushing Roadblock. Then they must drive to L'Ile Rousse, on which is La Rousse, the pit stop [non-elimination; Hayden/Aaron arrive last].

Day 18 (8/30): Leg 8 begins shortly after midnight, with teams directed to take a ferry to Nice (it leaves at 11:30 a.m.), where they find the Jardin Albert 1er for a clue directing them to fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Day 19 (8/31): Flights occupy the day and teams arrive at 10 p.m. On arrival, they sign up for one of two charter flights in the morning.

Day 20 (9/1): Flights take them to Lalibela Airport, where each team finds a van with driver whom they must direct to Lewz Village. There they perform the Raise the Roof/Mud the Hut Detour, whereupon they take two donkeys three miles and deliver them to a farmer at St. George's Church. [Adam/Rebecca Yield Freddy/Kendra.] At the church is the pendant-matching Roadblock, and then teams walk to the Lalibela Lookout pit stop [Jonathan/Victoria eliminated].

Day 21 (9/2): Extended pit stop.

Day 22 (9/3): Leg 9 begins post-midnight, with teams directed to return by taxi to Lalibela Airport and sign up for one of two charters for Addis Abbaba, leaving 30 minutes apart. There they find a stadium and select two Ethiopian runners for a four-person relay race. Then they must fly to Columbo, Sri Lanka. All take the same flight connecting at Dubai.

Day 23 (9/4): Upon arrival, teams go by train to Galle, where they take a tuk-tuk to the Galle Lighthouse for the Tree Trunks/Elephant Trunks Detour. They go by bus to Kandy, and find its Art Association, which opens the next morning.

Day 24 (9/5): Each team buys a bowl of rice and takes it as an offering to the Temple of the Tooth across the street, where the monk gives them a clue directing them to travel by bus to Dambulla, and then go by tuk-tuk to the Lion Rock at Sigiriya. A Roadblock requires racers to ascend 1000 steps and look for a flag -- the pit stop. They return to their partners, get driven there (the Hotel Sigiriaya), and swim the pool to the mat [Lori/Bolo eliminated].

Day 25 (9/6): Leg 10 begins at midnight, with instructions to fly to Shanghai, China. All take taxis to the airport and get on the same flight, connecting in Hong Kong; they arrive in the evening and must wait for Yuyuan Gardens to open in the morning.

Day 26 (9/7): They search the gardens for the clue box, and then take taxis to Huaneng Union Tower, where they encounter the window-washing Roadblock, across the street at Hua ZXia Bank Tower. [Freddy/Kendra Yield Adam/Rebecca.] Then they take taxis to the Monument to People's Heroes on the Bund, and find the Tai Chi performers, where they find one of four Masters with a clue. This directs them to Jiang Pu Road, for the Bricks/Ice Detour. Then they take taxis to the Peace Hotel South, the pit stop being on its roof [nonelimination; Adam/Rebecca arrive last].

Day 27 (9/8): Leg 11 begins around midnight, with teams directed to take the train to Xi'an. It leaves just before 9 a.m.

Day 28 (9/9): On arrival at 2 a.m., they take taxis to the Drum Tower and wait for it to open. There, they are given instructions for the Spray/Scroll Detour. They get taxis to travel to the Army of Terra Cotta Warriors, where they must find Pit 1 for their next clue. This directs them to Huashan, where they make their way by shuttle bus and cable car to the North Peak for the key-in-lock Roadblock. Then they return to Xi'an by bus, and take taxis to the South Gate of the city wall for the pit stop [Aaron/Hayden eliminated].

Day 29 (9/10): Extended pit stop.

Day 30 (9/11): Leg 12 begins at dawn; teams book flights to Honolulu, then take taxis to Xianyang International Airport for flights connecting via Osaka or Tokyo.

Day 31 (9/11 again): In Honolulu, teams drive to Puu Ualaka State Park for the Outfits/Outriggers Detour. Upon completion, teams drive to Kamaka Air, for the detour involving skydiving onto a sandbar. Then they are directed to fly to Chicago, the final city of the race.

Day 32 (Sunday, September 12, 2004): Flights arrive around 6 a.m.. Teams take the Blue Line to the Water Tower, then get taxis to Gino's East, where each team must finish a deep-dish pizza. Then they take taxis to Ping Tom Memorial Park for the finish line. [Adam/Rebecca place 3rd; Kris/Jon are 2nd; Freddy/Kendra win.]