TARtunes: Episode 10 - Our Grand Tour

Filked from "When I'm Sixty-Four" performed by the Beatles.
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We surprised many Amazing Race fans
By how far we got
Got a lot of intervening help divine
Really can't bitch, bottled our whine
Traveled the world 'til the London leg
Ended our grand tour

You won't hear Gretchen and all of her kvetchin'
Ever anymore

We moved oh so slow
We shocked all other teams
When we weren't first to go

Though we are older and both retired
Not so long ago
We've got pluck a-plenty and we just kept on
Even when we thought we were gone
Yes, we did make our share of mistakes
We would just squeak by
'Cause we were plucky but mostly just lucky
That we can't deny

Thought for sure that we were going back home after Soweto
Thought we were race roadkill
That was not our fate
Sequester called to us
It would have to wait

We've gotten plenty of race souvenirs
They're our injuries

I fell down a deep cave and cut up my face

Broke three toes in an elephant race

Now this adventure is over for us
No need to be morose
It's been a good run, but now we are all done
We say adios