TARtunes: Episode 7 - Oh Phil Keoghan

Filked from "Oklahoma" from the musical of the same name.
Windows Media sample - RealPlayer sample - MIDI music file

Our man Phil
Seeks out thrills
Lives a life fulfilled

His show has won an Emmy and he's travelled near and far
Produced his own series where he was the star
Wastes no opportunity since he faced death
Almost did Survivor, was beat out by Jeff
A choo-choo Charlie and model of a man
Gracious and modest and grateful to fans!

Oh Phil Keoghan
He's the best damn host we've ever known
He knows how to greet and sure is sweet
When he's telling teams to go home
Oh Phil Keoghan
TARsday nights we're glued to the TV
All along the route 'cause we're devout
About following the Kiwi
He tells us to live life now
With a dramatically raised eyebrow
And when we've seen -
Yeeow! - him smiling on our screens
We've had to just say
You're lookin' fine
Oh Phil Keoghan
Oh Phil Keoghan, O.K.!

Oh Phil Keoghan
He's the host that people want to meet
They greet him with glee and ask to be
Philiminated in the street
Oh Phil Keoghan
When he notes a Roadblock or Detour
Then we do attend, or at least pretend
While we're analyzing his couture
You know he makes grown women fawn
And make sure that their lip gloss is on
And then they sigh
Ahh! Oh what a first-rate guy
You know they're sayin'
You're lookin' fine
Oh Phil Keoghan
Oh Phil Keoghan, O.K.!

Oh K-E-O-G-H-A-N!
Oh Phil Keoghan!