The ATC Report

“In Control (to be continued)”

It was throwback week on The Amazing Race. First, we had a Ron & Kelly throwback to last week, which occurred as follows:

Ron said: “Let’s lighten up the attitude.”
Kelly heard: “Shut the fuck up.”

Of course, the Amazing Editors sliced away the ensuing argument between the two, since we had all seen it previously on last week’s real episode (not that fake episode they showed on Wednesday). We then gave you the scoop on female hearing problems during last week’s column (the real one, not that fake column we put together for the fake episode).

Then we had the throwback “To Be Continued” that we had previously seen during TAR6. Many fans of the show wonder why the producers subjected us to another “continued” episode. Some folks feel that, since it worked so well last season, they just did it again. Others feel that Phil wanted more face time, and this was a way for the producers to give it to him. Still others think that the race was actually interrupted by the tsunami, and the route had to be changed—thus a substitute clue was issued after the Detour, and Phil passed out another substitute clue atop the roof. There is a group that believes that it was obviously due to a “STOP” being issued, just as Steve & Dave told everybody last season. (We like this group a lot.) Finally, there is also a small (but vocal) minority who feel that there really was no continuation. The leg ended with the elimination of Gretchen & Meredith, but no one in America saw it due to recent CBS experiments with mind-altering programming. All those who watched the race had their perceptions altered via subliminal messages planted by CBS so that they saw a continuation instead of the elimination that was actually shown. (Steve & Dave request that anyone who really does believe the last contact us immediately. We have lots of cash and are interested in purchasing some of whatever it is you are smoking/injecting/eating/drinking.)

The truth behind this continuation is really much simpler than any of those. The leg was actually supposed to end on the rooftop. Unfortunately, the local that had been hired to assist Phil in greeting the arriving teams used the advance that production gave him on cheap Muscatel and Colt 45. If you looked closely near the front of the building when Rob and Amber arrived, you saw two members of the production staff trying to revive (what appeared to be) a derelict. That was no ordinary derelict, but was instead the greeter for this leg of the Race. With no greeter, production was forced to remove the sign announcing the end of the leg and hand Phil the stack of clues that would have been given out at the start of next leg. It’s doubtful, but you may even see an inadvertent shot of teams counting the money included in the clue at the start of next week’s “continuation.”

Some of the other throwbacks this week—The Amazing Race again went to India. Rob & Amber led the majority of the leg, Ron & Kelly ran second, Meredith & Gretchen (God bless ’em.) ran last. Lynn & Alex worried incessantly about Romber, shared information with any non-Romber teams that would listen, and plotted new ways to get Romber eliminated (unsuccessfully). Gretchen complained her way through another Roadblock while Meredith told us what a trooper she was (the crowd reaction to them was nice, although we’re still wondering what prompted it). Failure to verify information regarding “earliest” flights hurt three teams (NOT that Steve & Dave know anything about that). And, finally, we’re still trying to figure out what happened to the obligatory racer comments about how poor India is and how bad it smells. Perhaps those have been saved for the next episode.

Here’s this week’s “Spot Romber”:

A Hard Day's Romber
Long rumored to be the “Fifth and Sixth Beatles,” Romber put in an appearance on the original cover to “A Hard Day’s Night.” About 50 of these covers were made before Ringo and George complained. Many Beatles fans remember the “Amber is dead” controversy, further fueled by Rob’s mumbling (what sounds like), “I buried Amber,” at the end of Strawberry Fields, the last song that Romber recorded with the group.

The Apprentice
Could this be Romber’s NEXT reality show appearance? Another non-disclosure agreement prevents Steve & Dave from saying so, but you Romber fans might want to watch The Apprentice next season