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“In Control” – TAR7 Recap Episode (Now With NEW Material!)

[new material]Previously on “In Control”:[/new material]

For TAR7 we are just going to talk about what we thought of each episode. Sometimes we’ll speak from the perspective of former racers, but mostly just from the perspective of fans of the show. As usual, if we decide to throw something else in, we’ll do that, too. Let’s begin, shall we?

Dave: Right off the bat I noticed that these teams seem to be more “normal” than last season. Not a lot of models and actors in this crowd, or so it seems to me. Of course, Rob and Amber were recruited and I suspect the POW/beauty pageant winner were as well, but overall it seems the casting folks have gotten back to selecting average folks like you and me, Steve.
I want to know why the purse strings have loosened up and they’re giving away gobs of cash. $20,000 fer Chrissakes!
Steve: Yeah, regular people, fat guys, no models, blah-blah-blah. Yippee! Who cares? I want to know why the purse strings have loosened up and they’re giving away gobs of cash. $20,000 fer Chrissakes! A trip for every first place last season! Remember what we got for our first place leg? A big can of bupkis. These folks are profiting from our hard-earned Emmy (which must have been lost in the mail as I haven’t received mine yet). And the grapes are probably sour.

So we bid a fond farewell to Peru, and head off to Chile. Something to remember the next time you’re in Peru – here in the USA our service personnel count on tips to supplement their hourly wages. In Peru they count on bribes.

Did you notice that the final clue last week said “will be eliminated,” while this week’s said “may be…” already? We could be seeing another NEL in an early leg. We also noticed that this week’s prize for finishing first was a bit of a drop-off from last week. A trip to Atlantis from Travelocity? What, did American Airlines pull their sponsorship? Of course, the fact that Romber got a trip for finishing first in leg number two beats our prize for finishing first in leg 2 of TAR4 all to heck. We won first dibs on the tuna and artichoke pizza they had waiting for us at the hotel where all the teams stayed that night.

OK, we’re gonna make this brief. The teams went from Chile to Argentina. A couple of them got lost. They all had to eat a bunch of meat until Rob talked some of them out of it. Lynn and Alex finished first; Debbie and Bianca were eliminated.

At the start of this leg there were 8 teams left in the running. Under normal circumstances at least half of those teams ought to be “likable” (or mostly tolerable), but that just isn’t holding true in TAR 7. Go figure, usually we just dislike only the models.

So whom does that leave us to root for? Rob and Amber, who else? We’ve loved Rob ever since his earlier appearance on “Press Your Luck.” They’ve been creative, funny, and fun to watch. (We are using the Royal “they” because all ‘ol Amber is doing is laughing at her fiancé’s antics.) Our guess is if they weren’t well-known, they would be embraced, not scorned by the viewing public. Apparently the shelf life of a “reality star” is exactly two prime time shows.

First to worst in the same episode (sort of). That has to be an all-time record. Shuffling off to Loser Lodge probably wasn’t too horribly bad though, considering Ray and Deanna got to do it with a couple of RAV4’s in hand. We, on the other hand, have now passed well beyond the “we got screwed in the leg-winning-prizes” stage, and have officially graduated to the “CBS had better pony up with something soon or we’re writing a tell-all” point of view.
Are we the only ones who questioned exactly what the “safety officer” in Brian and Greg’s car was doing immediately before they flipped?
Are we the only ones who questioned exactly what the “safety officer” in Brian and Greg’s car was doing immediately before they flipped? We figure he must have been saying something along the lines of, “Trust me, flipping one of these is really a lot harder than you’ve been told. Now floor it.”

He says: “Wow! Your hair looks nice, did you have it done?”
She hears: “I’m horny. Let’s do it.”

As for the rest of tonight’s race – we saw Rob and Amber continue to excel, major mistakes by a couple of teams at the roadblock, and the elimination of Brian and Greg. These two guys turned out to be pretty funny, although TAR aficionados should have figured they would never finish in the top three with the number of errors they had made (and continued to make tonight). Too bad production couldn’t make a snap decision and make it a non-elimination leg. It would’ve been priceless watching those two try to get on an airplane dressed as they were. Furry hats rule. Here’s our bold prediction for TAR7 – Rob and Amber will win the race. You heard it hear first.

[new material]Finally, “Spot Romber” (the recap):[/new material]

The Mona Amber
And this is Da Vinci’s lesser-known work, the “Mona Amber.” (Soon to be a major motion picture starring Tom Hanks.)

Many of the great painters used Rob and/or Amber in their great paintings. This is the original working copy of Michaelangelo’s “Adam.” Many feel that the woman peering over the hill in the background is Amber.