Clown Al Reports!

Double Feature

Fast Forwards, Stitched-Up Heads, Car Crashes, Non-Eliminations, Race to the Finish.....What More Could We Ask???

Wow. I am going to have to keep this one short and sweet and right to the point, Ďcause I have a lot to say.....
It just could not get any closer than that and I was squirming in my chair watching this squeaker.
I thought both of this weekís episodes were excellent, I watched with bated breath, and I was just happy as two guys digging in "cow #$@**!" AND I couldn't get over how the second episode ended...ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! An awesome job by all the writers and editors of the Race! It just could not get any closer than that and I was squirming in my chair watching this squeaker. It was great TV, and it was great racing by all the racers. The teams have to be getting exhausted and antsy. I mean, I am exhausted just watching! It's a good bet that all the teams are just thinking "stay up in the front of the packĒ AND I think the fact that the first prize prizes are so much greater gives everyone incentive to be first!!! These two episodes I think will be the start of the super-competitiveness that we are going to see in future weeks, I just get a feeling that there are going to be a lot more close calls like we saw this week. Hey, I donít mind a bit, in fact I think itís gonna make for fantastic TV. And once again I think itís going to be a close call all the way to the end.

Ray & Deana: Well we all knows what happens to these two, and honestly I just think it is karma coming right back at Ďem. In the last couple of episodes Ray has been so down on other teams and down on Deana as well. How can he expect his teammate to stick by his side and push as hard as she can and be positive when he is being sooo negative? I just donít get what got into him, but I kinda saw a little of it early on.
I guess the most promising moment for me is when he called Meredith & Gretchen "sacrificial lambs" Ė and look who is still in the race.
I am glad they got the chance to do the Fast Forward. It did look very nerve-wracking and Deana did it like a champ! I am happy they got to enjoy a first place finish but it would be a short lived victory. With all his comments on flat tires and ďI should have put tacks outĒ it was all just so uncalled for, and I really think it was just a matter of time until all his negativity blew up in his face. I guess the most promising moment for me is when he called Meredith & Gretchen "sacrificial lambs" Ė and look who is still in the race. I was also kinda disgusted when Ray told Deana "this is your role, do it, don't complain." Hmm, maybe he's just trying to be the next one on Dr. Phil. Anyway we bid them a farewell and I think the timing is perfect. Plus give me a break, they won a set of freakiní cars!!! OH how prizes have changed!

Ron & Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, for the first time I felt like they were starting to enjoy the race and be more competitive. I hope they realize how lucky they were to be in it. They ran a good race, they got perfect directions, and they actually laughed in the episode. They did a great job getting the clue in the market as well. I finally felt like in both these episodes they were consistent and right on the money. Hmmm, lets see how long it can last.

Greg & Bryan: These guys are going to be in the last three, I just know it!! I am all for them. No matter what obstacle is thrown in their way, they always overcome it and they always have good positive attitudes. They seem to me to be the most motivated; they were positive and never, ever gave up, even when they were at the orphanage. They were humble over the whole thing. I mean, come on, they crashed their car and were behind until the very end and still pulled it off. Yes, I think they are Braveheart reincarnated and like I said from early on, these guys are going all the way. I even think if they do get eliminated, they will refuse to go to Sequesterville and still show up somewhere on the race. Go get Ďem, guys!

Lynn & Alex: I think these guys have got the whole gist of how to run the race. It seems like they are enjoying themselves and, as they said, "having the time of their lives." They just need to drop the "I hate Rob and Amber" theme, itís just getting old to me, although they do seem to be getting a lot more serious, LOL. I donít know about their little comment when they said "We can take those bitches!" I forgot who it was towards but I think it was a nice team. Hmm, not very nice. Watch out or else you will get the wrath of Ray & Deana. Oh and when he wouldn't allow Rob on the bus?? Ewwww, I dunno if I would have done that, it really wasn't going to make any difference so I would've just said sure come on. Oh and when they were downtown Jo'burg!! And they were saying that people look like Tupac? YIKES! LOL, I have actually been there, and yeah, itís not exactly a place where you want to make enemies. I still think these guys are very strong contenders and just need stop worrying about Rob and Amber and just run the race like they can do.
It was also good to hear Rob say "I can't do a damn thing right today."
Rob & Amber: Wow, I really think I can write a couple of pages on these two. Yes, by all means they have angels looking over them. It was good to see Rob get a little frustrated over the lead being lost. I didnít see any reason whatsoever why they would have stayed at the Fast Forward in hopes of Ray & Deana losing, is there really that much of a chance of a team not being able to complete the task? It was also good to hear Rob say "I can't do a damn thing right today." It reassures us all that he is just as human as the rest of the teams. BUT I still have to say that these two hustle their asses and don't give up, as well. Yes, their comments about the other teams, especially when Rob said Gretchen & Meredith are the biggest con artists going, and suggesting that he pushed her just so people feel bad... come on, guys, thatís LOW! I think Phil even let them know how low it was when he asked them if they saw an accident and if they stopped. Robís reply, "itís a race, Phil"? Well, yeah, true, itís a race, but if itís not gonna kill ya, a simple sign that you have some human emotions isn't such a bad thing. Regardless, they are running the race like they want to win, they also come from behind like champions and don't allow adversity to get in their way and I do believe they will be there in the end racing for the cool million. Unless of course they meet a huge fan of Survivor that tries to kidnap them instead of help them. Hey, ya never know....

Uchenna & Joyce: Why the heck did they have to check their bags!! I donít rememeber them ever having to check their bags before this, did they? I guess maybe the planes were smaller, still I would have done anything and everything I had to do, even to the point of throwing out stuff to make sure I brought the bags on with me. These guys always seem like they are never in a hurry, they took their time with the map, which I understand, to make sure they know where they are going. But they never seem to act like they are in a race for a million bucks! They were also the last ones to get to the Rhino and Lion park as well. It wasn't until after the lion feed that they seem to figure out the "get directions as quick as possible game." OH for jeezy pete, when they forgot where they put there bags down....oh, man I just know that it is going to be a silly mistake like that that will get them booted out of the race. They seem like really nice people and showed the hearts on their sleeve when they visited the orphanage but I just don't get a feel that they are very competitive, it almost gets me mad because I think if they really thought things out and focused, they could do better. Well, I just hope they get rid of some of their items in their backpacks so they donít wind up hanging out in baggage claim again.
I am without a doubt thrilled to death that they are still in, and they deserve to be in by all accounts, especially after all they have gone through.
Gretchen & Meredith: I am without a doubt thrilled to death that they are still in, and they deserve to be in by all accounts, especially after all they have gone through. What in the world were they thinking when they left that cave without having a clue?? I just didn't get it, didn't their directions say the next clue is in the cave? Ya know what, I have to give Gretchen all the credit in the world. I mean, she took a bad fall and she just kept whipping out the one-liners. LOL...she was definitely the queen of quotes this episode (sorry, Lynn & Alex). Wow, I was so impressed by her great humor with the whole bleeding head situation. I mean her comment about ďitís cheaper than having a face liftĒ Ė too much! Although I think Meredith is losing it a bit, when he had to go find the bushmen, he kept repeating "bushmen"..LOL . Well, I am glad that when they came in last it was a non-elimination round, although the giving up of money AND all possessions?? WOW, thatís a strange one. BUT they outlived Ray and Deana, and I think they have been doing an awesome job. All I am going to say is keep up with the great attitude and never say never die. My hat is definitely off to these two!

WOW! It was a fantastic week and I really donít think we will see a more exciting finish, this season is turning out to be absolutely amazing.

------> By the way, I heard that next weekís episode has a guest appearance by Patrick dressed as a clown, street performing...don't miss it. I got my red nose on, do you???