Clown Al Reports!

Horses, Planes, and How the Heck Did They Do That?

I have to admit Rob and Amber are starting to get a lot more obnoxious, and cockier than ever, yecccch!
My freaking heart was racing this leg of the race… wow, each week is a completely different feel. Awesome. My heart was also racing the whole time when Rob and Amber were trying to catch the 9:30 plane. How the heck did they do that when Brian and Greg just got on at 9:25??? Hmm, I smell producer interference here! That feeling on the plane must have been awful. I have to admit Rob and Amber are starting to get a lot more obnoxious, and cockier than ever, yecccch!

In the beginning of this one I though Rob started to look tired and beat, BUT their first place finish gave him a boost he needed, I am sure. Lynn and Alex I thought were cruising through this one again, but then the damn freakin’ boat motor?? What’s with that? Oh, and Ray and his comments on Gretchen and Meredith and Susan and Patirick?? What’s with that? Okay, lots to talk about.

Oh, by the way, I conferred with Jon on this one and he gave some great input! Read on.

Rob & Amber: Ya know, for the first time since the start of this race Rob looked tired, and even though he said he works best under pressure, when they were lost in the beginning it was fun to watch them deal with it. Again, I can’t believe how lucky they are. How the hell, if Brian and Greg got their tickets at 9:25 and the flight was leaving at 9:30, did Rob and Amber get to the ticket counter, check their bags, and get on the plane in time??? Jon agreed with me when we both thought..”THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!” How the heck did they get on that plane? Hmmmm . . . do ya think that plane could have been held??? Some of Romber’s (thanks, Dave and Steve) comments about the other racers, like “the other teams are striving to be like us” or laughing about how they always get to first, are really making them look obnoxious and stuck up. I still give them credit for pulling it off, though. Jon and I both agree that they need a VERY CLOSE call last place finish to humble them a bit. Actually, as Jon said “They need to come in last place to scare the #@!!! out of them!”

Brian & Greg: I almost lost faith in these guys. It seemed like they were always behind or making mistakes or having strokes of bad luck, like driving too far south.. What happened to the no-mistakes mission? Come on, guys. Although they did a hell of a job making up the lost time and hustling. I still like their drive and motivation and I will still stick with these guys!

Uchenna & Joyce: Their map and direction skills suck, putting it bluntly! They should have been right behind Alex and Lynn the whole time. I don’t know, it seems to me like Joyce doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush throughout the race and always has a face like “ugggh, this is just a pain in the ass!” Watching her on the horse was priceless but to her credit she stuck in there and got it done. Oh, and they really need to improve their “taxi getting” skills as well. Jon thought the same thing: they need to hustle, hustle, hustle. I think the race is going to get tougher and tougher and if they remain at the level they are now, I think their time to say bye-bye is coming up. Who knows, maybe they have been saving it all for the end?? We will see.

Ron & Kelly: I don’t know. Jon and I agree that Ron just doesn’t seem to be into this race, it seems like he’s just going through the motions, but maybe that’s his secret weapon, to make everyone think he doesn’t have it in him and then BAM! In the end he’s the first one there! I also think they need to be happy at the pit stop even though they didn’t get the place they wanted. They just seem so hum drum….I guess we will have to wait and see what happens this week.

Lynn & Alex: You know what? These guys may not have come in first place but they really hustled! And cracked funny remarks to boot. Some comments like “Her horse is crazy!” and “Beyotch” when they got run off the road were pretty funny! What about his “they are like an STD, you just want to keep away from them!!!” Oh man, they have to stay in just for the humor of it all. They did hustle and all and kept their pace up, Rob and Amber followed them from the get go and unfortunately Lynn and Alex had real bad luck with the damn boat, but took it like a sport “I guess luck is part of the game.” Alex kicked ass on the horse and I think they said the best line in this episode, “it’s better to be racing to be first than racing to be last!” How true. I think they will be around for a while. They are good sports and seem to be taking it seriously and hustling all along the way!
Jon is furious over these two – well, mostly Ray, or, as he calls him “karate man”!
Ray & Deana: UH OH! Jon is furious over these two – well, mostly Ray, or, as he calls him “karate man”! I agree with him, the venom of Ray is seething out, comments like “Patrick is weak, you’re better than Patrick.” How about “these people don’t belong in this game with us” or commenting on the “oldsters” or “they are a couple of decades behind us”, “beat the old people”? WOW! Ray truly defined himself in this episode; we don’t particularly care for his comments about the other teams, and unfortunately Deana, although not as mean, is associated with it. What’s with him telling Deana to get mad at the horse?? I think with all his putting the other teams down, he is showing signs of cracking. If they end up towards the end of the pack a couple more times, I think his head will explode. Their time seems to be limited in my opinion and if they went before “the old people” that would be Karma coming back at them.

Meredith & Gretchen: You know what? GOOD for them! I just wish they came in before Ray and Deanna, these two are holding their own and not giving up, although it seems to be getting more and more difficult for them. I am afraid to watch this week’s episode. Jon and I are sending out a whole bunch of luck and good thoughts to these two! Gretchen was even nice when she spoke about Deana, saying “poor Deana, she is having trouble with the horse.” Yes, it is becoming quite a challenge to remain competitive, but we just want them to last until Ray and Deana are out. Wait, did I hear Gretchen say “menage a trois”? Come on, you guys, all I have to say is, “oldsters, kick ass!” Go for it, we are right behind ya!

Susan & Patrick: Oh boy …Hmm, where do I start? Okay Patrick, what the heck was with the “If there was ever a time you wanted permission to run over a clown!!!” Ehhhhemmm…I tried to forgive you for that, I really did. Come on, you should have smiled and enjoyed the moment. Why are you so pessimistic? Your mom had the right idea, remain competitive until Phil says you are eliminated. WOW, I was completely surprised at how you just gave up, especially after the last episode where you devoured the beef! You were astounding then and I really thought you guys were going to start pulling up. I am sorry to say, but it was your time, although I would have voted for Ray and Deana because of his negativity. But I just thought the race was over for ya. Anyway, you did a good run and I think you learned a lot, especially when you said at the end, “maybe I need to lighten up.” HMMMM – in a word, YEP! Come on, enjoy life! Okay, okay, we’ll party at TARCON7. Take care, guys.

WHHHEW!!! And what an episode it was, although from the coming attractions I think next episode is going to be a nail biter as well…